"Here's How the King 
Will Send YOU Big Fat Checks!"

Would you too like to receive FREE MONEY Month in and Month Out for Doing Little or No Work Whatsoever?  If so, read my message to discover how you can do just that...

Dear Friend…

    As you may or may not have figured out by now, I usually ask you for money in my afternoon emails. I do it in the morning as well, but in a less blatant way. And you know what? When I ask, you guys give me money… because you know I have GREAT information, and deliver value far in excess of what I charge for it. But, make no mistake, I do charge for it, and I do happily take my “well earned” money!

       No, I am not afraid to toot my own horn. Not at all. However, I have good news for you today! I am not going to ask you for any money in today’s afternoon email. Nope. Instead, I am going to give you an opportunity to “turn the tables” and get me to send YOU big, fat checks instead. Sound good to you?

How I Will Send YOU Big Checks...

Here’s the deal: I’ve just set up what’s known as an “affiliate program.” Now, I know some of you guys reading this know what an affiliate program is, but for the sake of those who don’t, let me explain how it works, and how you can get big fat checks for literally doing nothing.

          An affiliate program is really like a “referral/rewards program.” When you sign up as an affiliate (which costs you nothing) you are given a special “affiliate link.” When a visitor clicks on your link, they are taken to my website. The “affiliate management software” puts a small bit of code (called a “cookie”) on the computer of the person you referred. Don’t worry, this isn’t “spyware” or any of that other invasive crap. “Cookies” are quite normal—they’re what lets a company like Amazon.com display your “personalized web page” when you go to their website. They’ve been around for years and years. 

      When the person who clicked on your affiliate link orders my product, my “shopping cart” does a search to see if your “cookie” is on their machine. If so, you get credit for the sale, and 50% of the purchase price. And the good news is, the “cookie” stays on their machine for three years, so even if they order a year after they clicked on your affiliate link...

...you get paid!

Now, I want to tell you something very important here. When most so-called “internet marketers” set up an affiliate program they give you an affiliate link, and maybe a few crappy banners. They don’t give you the proper “weapons” to get the job done. Not me. I’m different. When you sign up as member of MY affiliate program, I give you an entire “treasure chest” of tested, proven emails, e-zine ads, banners, text links, and strategies that I should charge you thousands of dollars for. But, as an affiliate, you get these all for free, plus step by step instructions on how to use them. These are all the EXACT SAME marketing “weapons” I myself use… and as some of you guys know, I am a damn good direct/internet marketer and copywriter. 

         Why would I do this? The answer is simple: I want you to succeed! When you make money, I make money, plain and simple. I continually test, tweak, and refine my website for maximum sales, and you get to benefit. If it works, you’ll get to use it, if not you’ll never hear about it. 

         I Do All the Testing, You Get to Make Money Off the Results!

         Oh, yeah, one other thing: when it comes to marketing, the biggest weakness almost every website has is a lack of testimonials or testimonials that are just plain unbelievable. Not me. I have a huge pile of “outcome specific testimonials” that are real, believable and detailed, while protecting the privacy of the writer. 

         And, I can tell you this from my years in direct marketing: well written testimonials are the most important part of a sales piece. Plain and simple. As an affiliate, my testimonials work for you, and I continue to add new, REAL ones every day. Not to brag, but I can count the internet marketers on my right hand who have the quality and quantity of testimonials I have… and these guys are my friends, people I communicate with daily.

        Does all this sound exciting to you? Do you like the idea of getting checks for doing little or no work whatsoever? All you have to do is use the “already done for you tools” to get visitors to my “tested and proven” website, and then my “conversion machine” goes to work for you. You get to “ride along” with my two emails a day, with my tested, proven websites, with my continual testing and improvement. Bring me the visitor, and I’ll SHOW YOU THE MONEY!

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Simply follow the "brain dead simple instructions", and you can literally be making money within minutes.

On with the fun, in with the dough…

-John Alanis
“King of Let ‘MONEY Come to You”

P.S.This doesn’t apply to most of you guys on this list, but I have to say it anyways, because there are always one or two idiots who thing they’re going to put one over on the system. If you sign up as an affiliate and then order my book under your own affiliate code, hoping to get a check for half, I will run you off my list for good, fire you as an affiliate, and never allow you to do business with me again. I track all my sales very closely, and I have a special, “anti cheat” code written into my software that instantly identifies any cheapskates. 

My e-Book is worth far more than $39.95 I charge for it (that’s why I have so many testimonials), and if you want it for yourself, invest the full amount. You’ll ALWAYS get better results by playing fair than trying to “put one over on the system.” Always. Now, again, the above does NOT apply to all you doers on this list, I just have to say it for the few dingbats who think they’re getting away with something. Guys like that never make real money, and they never meet real women. ‘nuff said!

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