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February 02, 2006

You only get two shots

Hey guys,

Since I did the teleseminar earlier today, I decided to send out the usual morning email this afternoon. I have heard from several of you guys, disappointed that you missed it, but I do have good news--I will be rebroadcasting it, so you'll be able to catch it if you missed out.

Today I want to share with you an email from a guy who's had an experience I myself have repeated many times. It has to do with closing the deal when you have a chance, or losing the opportunity forever. The specifics of his story track with my experiences, so read carefully--you don't want to miss out because you waited.

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Hi John,

As always, I'm always cautious of internet scams, bad sales that don't work, etc. However, I am finding your site interesting.

I haven't dated in years because I'm just tired of the women games and now that I have an up and running business, I'm very cautious of women who either want me because they think I'm rich (which I'm not), or for some other temporary reason.

Here is my event:

Two years ago a neighbor moved in next door to me. She had lived there for about 2 months before I actually got to meet her at a neighborhood party. After I met her, I really thought she was a nice gal, but I really didn't have any natural attraction to her nor did I think about her much (other than waving as I would see her outside). The next day after I formally met her, she walked on over to my shop and I would offer her a beer, pop, coffee, whatever and we would just sit and chat for a bit.

Then one day she took a day off of work and popped in and asked me about a problem she was having with her house. So I had a friend of mine go over and fix it as he was in construction. But as she stopped in she mentioned about her being able to use some extra cash. (Even though she had just bought a house and was living comfortably). Well, I asked her if she'd like to work at my shop for a few hours now and then and she was like "yeah! that would be great!". So I figured, well maybe she just likes being around me. I was making her feel comfortable.

The first day she came over, she was all decked out in her nice pair of white tight shorts, and that was the first time I was actually like "whoa!". I mean, she really grabbed my attention. Well I played it cool and didn't say anything or act like a silly wolf with his tongue drooping out of his mouth. We just worked the night, had a few laughs and then she went on home.

About 2 weeks later, she happened to be walking uptown and past my house. Well, I quickly jumped in my car and drove up to her and offered her a ride. She allowed me to and I dropped her off. About 5 hours later ..about 11PM she came home and called me. She asked me if I'd like to come over for a beer. I responded with "sure". Her next response was "well, you don't have to if you don't want!" Well then I was pretty sure she liked me and was a little insecure about how I would react. Well, I went over, had a few beers...about 4 hours worth of talking, and being a gentleman, went home.

About 2 days later, she called me up again with some silly phone problem excuse she was having. She called me three times in about 10 Minutes! I kid you not! Finally I said to her; hey, why don't you bring your Scrabble over tomorrow after we work, and I'll play you a game (It's her favorite game and I knew it so that's why I brought it up). Her response was "or you could come over now". So I did. Had another few hours of talking, playing scrabble and a few beers...and yes, I left again.

The next day here at my shop she got all pissy with me. I thought at first maybe it was just some things I talked about that she wasn't interested and maybe because I kept going on and on about it. But then I wondered if it wasn't the fact after 2 invites to her house, I kept walking away.

I'm sure as every guy and even many women have told me...that you're going to say the same thing...yeah, um, she's pissed you didn't move on her!

Now I can't even get her to talk to me. She came up with some silly excuse why she can't work here anymore, but it's not a guy. She's not dating anyone. She did however, get back with her ex for a very short period right after she got pissy with me. But it didn't last more than about 2 months, which I figured it wouldn't. Sure, she'll wave and all when I see her. She even calls me about once a month on the phone for something. But it's not like it was, and I really liked her and I don't know what to do.

I hate to spend alot of money on something because I know she was already interested. But I know you know something I'm missing and I don't want to spend months or years trying to figure it out.

That's why I'm writing you. I need you to give me some starting info on what you think I did wrong, what she really wants, and what I need to do. I get so nervous talking to her anymore, I can't hardly be around her too much. The odd thing is, I wasn't like that when I first met her because I was the one who knew she was calling me.

If you can give me something to start with...anything to get her to react to me even in the slightest way, I'd purchase one of your programs.

I've been stuck on her and this situation I've gotten into for months now...it's affecting my business, my social life, and my everyday thinking because I really like her so much and now I can't even get her to look my way.

Please fill me in on some helpful hints here to get me started, and I will be willing to go further with the information I can purchase from you.

I hope you'll respond soon, as I'm in a desperate state here to patch things up and get her thinking about me once again.

I need some helpful advice that will work, to show me that this method of yours isn't a scam, and I can really get her to look my way again.



JA: Mike, thanks for the email. This is a difficult situation to overcome. Why? She offered herself to you twice, you wasted her time, didn't show any authority, and now the attraction's gone. She thinks you're a nice guy. I've had this happen so many times myself I've lost count.

Here's the deal: you've got two chances to close the deal with a woman. If you don't the first time, you get one more chance. If you blow it the second time, she's gone for good. I have proven this over and over and over--you get two shots. So, for future reference, it's much better to have her tell you "not now" than for you to be a "gentleman." Women don't want gentlemen- -they're boring. They want naughty boys and men because they're exciting.

It's going to be exceedingly difficult for you to re-attract this woman, but not impossible. The thing to do is to take action, and start seeing other women. Develop the skills of attraction. One of two things will happen. You'll discover that since you're coming from a place of abundance with women and not scarcity that you're no longer interested in this one. Or, she'll see you with other women, and all of a sudden become attracted to you again. This doesn't apply to all women, but reading over this woman's behavior, I would suspect it would apply to her. When she sees you with other women (the hotter the better), she'll start to wonder why you're so attractive all of sudden--and if she gives you another opportunity, you'd better close the deal.

One other thing: you need to get rid of your "is this a scam" mindset. It's a scarcity mindset and it kills attraction. If you have the idea of "how can I get one good idea from every transaction I make" you can never be scammed. If you know how to make money, you can easily replace that if you buy a product that wasn't as valuable as you initially thought. I have invested in some horrible products in my time, but because of my "one good idea mindset" I have gotten value from all of them, some incredible value.

On with the fun....

-John Alanis
"The King of Let 'em Come to You"

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Posted by john at 04:07 PM

Here's the info about today's call

Hey guys,

Here's the info for my attraction breakthrough teleseminar, happening in a few short hours.

Don't share this, it's for you only.

You can access this special live call at:

Your private access code is:

Note that on some phone systems you may have to press # twice

Date: -Today-, Thursday, February 2, 2006

Time: 2:30 PM Eastern
1:30 PM Central
12:30 PM Mountain
11:30 AM Pacific

-- Need Help on the call ? --

Do you get the "call is full" message?

Just wait on the line, an operator will help you.

Look forward to talking with you today.

Please call in 5 minutes early as there are only so many lines available.

Hope you get to be on today's call.

On with the fun,

John Alanis,
The King of Let 'em Come to You

P.S. Be ready to take lots of notes when you call in...!

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