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February 18, 2006

Always the zero, never the hero?

Dear friends and subscribers,

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-John Alanis
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Pay attention to behavior, not words

Hey guys,

Many times if you ask a woman for advice on attracting women they'll tell you to "be yourself, be a nice guy" and all that other stuff that doesn't work. (Note: this doesn't seem to apply to the women on this list--all the ones I've talked to so far for my Conversations with Women product are straightforward in revealing what really works).

But when you take this advice, you fall flat on your face and wind up with a bunch of female friends. How can you get around this? By paying attention to how people act, not to what they say. Here's the email that sparked this discussion...

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Dear John,

I have a question concerning dating.

How come when a girl shows interest in you in a subtle way, and you ask male friends who are successful with women about it, they tell you well this shows that girl is way into you, just go for it, what are you waiting for, she simply just wants you.

But when you ask a female the same thing, explain the situation, and then ask whether it means that this particular girl is sexually interested in you, they will always respond with answers like : That doesn't mean anything, she is just being nice, why do you interpret this as sexual interest, Why do you look for interest behind every sign, this doesn't mean she is neccesarily into you, don't give yourself false hope etc.

I once read that you should never ever ask a female for dating advice, because their advice is crap, they give you advice such as oh tell her you like her, be nice to her or things such as buy her flowers. I was wondering what you have to say about this.



JA: Thanks for the email, Brad. You bring up a good point, and that's this: attraction does not take place on a conscious, logical level, it takes place on a subconscious level. That's why the same women who tells you she won't sleep with a guy for six months, and that you should be nice and sweet and bring women gifts is going home with a jerk she met two hours ago.

There is a larger issue here, though, and it has to do with authority. Your friends are right--when you "go for it" you're CREATING attraction because you're showing some authority. If you're looking for signs you're killing attraction because you give up authority... you're looking for something else (a "sign") to take action instead of just taking action.

This is easily fixed by adopting the following mindset: you believe that ALL women are attracted to you. If you carry this belief, you don't have to look for any "signs." Because you showed up, she's attracted. I don't look for "signs." When I meet a woman I find attractive, I simply employ my "naughty boy" methods and give her the opportunity to spend more time with me. That's it--my attitude and belief alone creates attraction.

So, quit worrying about what some "sign" means or doesn't mean. If you find a woman attractive, give her the opportunity to spend time with you, always maintaining a sense of authority. Don't make this too complicated--it's not.

(Note: see www.effortlesscommunication.com/enter.htm to discover how to stop worrying about what women think and how to start attracting them, automatically).

On with the fun....

-John Alanis
"The King of Let 'em Come to You"

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