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March 03, 2006

Why this is your last chance to be first

Dear friends and subscribers,

Today is the last day to get on the priority waiting list for my brand new product, the King's Keys to success with the women you desire. Hundreds have already registered, and since I am only releasing 30 copies in the first batch, it's time to close off the priority notification list. While there are a few slots left, these will be gone I hours.

To get in on this list, all you have to do is go to


If you can't register, that means the list is full, and you missed out. Fast action on your part is necessary.


-John Alanis
"The King of Let 'em Come to You"

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Q and A with the King

Hey guys,

Looks like I've got a ton of questions from you guys, so today is as good a day as any to do Q and A.

Keep in mind that I'm literally flooded with emails and can't possible answer (or read) every single one, so I try to pick the best, most relevant. So, if you have a question, send it in, and I'll see if I can get to it. Let's get started

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Say John:

What do you think about some of the approaches and advice given by friends in the "40 Year old Virgin". I know its a film but what about some of the techniques like the scene in the bookstore?


JA: Thanks for the question, Andrew. I think the 40 Year Old Virgin is a great movie, and some of the advice is pretty good. What I've been discovering is that pretty much anything you do that defines authority with a woman, AND shows you have a playful, "naughty" side will create attraction. Women are starved for a man with these characteristics, and if you show her you have them, you'll get results like, well, the "bathtub scene" in the that movie!


I've heard several different theories on this, but wanted your opinion. When do you think is the proper time to tell a girl who you've attracted and seen more than once about a medical problem you have?


JA: While I'm no Doctor, Mike, that's something you'd better do sooner rather than later. You're going to have to tell her eventually, and it's something I'd say is best done as soon as possible.



JA: Uhh, who's list are you on, Robert? This is about attracting women, not men. Can't help you there. (Yes, Robert has been removed).

Hey King,

I've been an email subscriber for some time now and also get your "Doers' Club" insider material. Thanks for all the great advice! I don't need to tell you that it works.

But here's a specific question that I don't know if you've addressed:
buying beers on the first date.

I read somewhere that under no circumstances should the guy buy beer, or anything else, for a woman on a first date, and that the moment he does, his chances of getting her in bed go way down.

Now I would guess that you would say that the guy can do whatever he wants as long as he's confident about it and it's clear that he's buying the beer or whatever because he wants to, and not because he thinks it will "get him somewhere" with the woman. Anybody who's read your stuff knows that you shouldn't try to use any gift as a way to get a woman to like you.

The truth is I've got a first date with a woman coming up (she approached me, by the way!) and I suggested we go to this pub that we both know and which is a very comfortable place. Left to my own instincts I would probably buy the first round just out of courtesy, and I don't think there's really anything wrong with that. Still, the prohibition about not buying beer in this particular circumstance is a rule I've known about for a long time, and I have to admit it's got me second guessing myself.

So have you heard of this supposed "rule"? What do you think about it?


JA: Thanks for the email. There's an old saying about experts (modified slightly) that applies here: "An expert is someone who can tell you 365 different pick up lines, but can't get a date Saturday night." Anyone who is throwing around hard and fast rules like "never buy beer on a first date" is someone who it just running at the mouth, trying to make themselves feel important. While I usually don't advocate alcohol with women on a first meeting, I can think of several memorable experiences that started out with a few beers and ended up elsewhere. As long as you're defining authority, and acting fun and naughty (hell, get her to buy you a round or two to prove to you she's "fun") with no "ulterior motive" you'll be fine.

What's the Doer's Club? Go here to find out:

Thanks for the great questions, guys, we'll do it again soon!

On with the fun....

-John Alanis
"The King of Let 'em Come to You"

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