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March 04, 2006

Warning: don't talk to another woman until you read this

Dear friends and subscribers,

Did you know what you say in your everyday conversations with women could be killing any chance you have of creating attraction with the one you desire?

It's true... you can never tell when the tiniest thing (like asking for a phone number) can obliterate a newly formed attraction. See, what is "everyday" and "natural" to us as men, is confusing and unattractive to women. So, if you talk to a woman like you talk to your guy friends (and most of us do), you may be killing any attraction she had for you.

Luckily there's a new resource available that will allow you to "turn the tables," and use what you say to now create attraction while avoiding the things that destroy it. How great would it be to talk to a woman, knowing you can "flip" her attraction for you on or off, just like you'd flick a light switch? Would you like to know how to do that, at will? Why then go to www.effortlesscommunication.com/enter.htm to discover how to just that, plus many other secrets to creating attraction.

On with the fun....

-John Alanis
"The King of Let 'em Come to You"

PS Don't lose another relationship with a great woman because you said something that killed the attraction... and didn't even know it. Go to www.effortlesscommunication.com/enter.htm right now.

PPS Tired of rejection and heartbreak with women? Are you ready to put all that nonsense behind you, step up to the Big Leagues and lead a lifetime of power and success with women? If so, then go to http://www.johnalanis.com/ultimate_system.htm right now.

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The evil that lies in the hearts of men?

Hey guys,

Sometimes, just for amusement, I'll sit down and read the correspondence I get. I can't read it all because there is so much of it, but I'll read a chunk of it every now and then.

Most of it is pretty good stuff--insightful questions, success stories, emails from naughty women (like to get those), witty observations, etc. All in all, there are a lot of pretty sharp men and women on this list. But every now and then you get one goofball...

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I'm going to share with you today what a goofball wrote me three times in a row. What's so amusing is that what he has to say is so far off from reality it can only be a reflection of what's going on in his mind. Read what he has to say carefully, and see if you can uncover his map/model of the world.

Hi John

This sounds like a scam. Why would any man, who is serious about a relationship with a woman, want to "control" women, purely for the purpose of using them for our temporary pleasure? It sounds like this system is playing into a man's selfish desire to use women, regardless of what happens to the women. After reading your email, I realized that you have a very cynical and negative attitude toward people, which is why I guess you are promoting a system that takes advantage of people, both the women involved and those who fall prey to your system.

-Greg L.

Hi John,

Thanks for the offer, but I choose not to do business with anyone, who cuts down other people and businesses and who seeks to profit from using other people and degrade women in the process. Have a nice day!

-Greg L.

Hi John,

Please take me off your list. I don't care to hear about your "success" with women. Have you ever thought about having a genuine relationship with a woman, rather than using and abusing women, just for your own temporary pleasure? From the way you promote your "business", you evidently haven't

-Greg L.

JA: Well, let's check the ol' database and see if Mr. Greg has actually bought any of the products he so loudly condemns. Has he
invested in my Platinum Package which contains the section on how to have a fulfilling long term relationship (http://www.effortlesscommunication.com/enter.htm )? Nope, and I doubt he's even read the letter, especially since it starts off with a story from a man who turned his marriage around using my system.

Has he invested in my Ultimate Unlimited Lifetime of Power and Success with Women System (http://www.johnalanis.com/ultimate_system.htm ) where I reveal how to sustain attraction in a long term relationship? Surprise--he hasn't!

And looking back over my writings, I don't see anywhere where I advocate controlling, abusing, or using women. I talk about authority, naughtiness and attraction, but anyone who's taken ACTION with these concepts knows they have nothing to do with controlling or abusing women; in fact they have everything to do with making women feel really, really good.

And, just a few weeks ago I started (and am close to finishing) product where I talk to women on the phone, women I've never met in person, women who read my emails. Now if I was mean, abusive or controlling I doubt very much I would have gotten one woman to talk to me, much less the flood of offers I got. And, all the women I talked to had a great time with me, and pretty much ratified everything I have to say, wishing there were more men who got it.

Here's the truth, Greg: I doubt you've ever had a lasting relationship, and I doubt you have a woman in your life. I doubt you've been on a date (you probably try to date because you haven't invested in my system) and if you have I doubt you've been on a second one. Why? Because your map/model of the world is an unattractive one. Instead of taking action and bettering yourself, you're spending your time running down something you know nothing about, delighting in accusing others of "scamming and controlling" yet getting no results of your own.

Isn't it amazing how you can tell how someone will behave in the future based on a few simple words? You can instantly tell that this guy would be a detriment to your life, that he'd seek to poison any success you might have. One of the biggest skills you can develop in attraction is the ability to disqualify those ill suited to you as fast as possible. When you get good at that, you'll start to get 'round you those like you, both men and women, then create the reality you truly desire. In my case that reality does NOT involve any whiners, talkers or scam searchers- -Mr. Greg is now removed from this list.

On with the fun....

-John Alanis
"The King of Let 'em Come to You"

PS Ready to step up to the Big Leagues and lead a lifetime of power, success, and choice with women? Then go to http://www.johnalanis.com/ultimate_system.htm right now!

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