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March 18, 2006

What you are missing out on...

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Posted by john at 04:36 PM

How to look at women

Hey guys,

If you look at a woman the wrong way (and most guys do), you'll have no chance. Look at her the right way, and she'll immediately think of you as an attractive man. Luckily, this is an easy skill to learn--most guys don't know it, simply because they were never taught how.

But, pay attention to the email that sparked this discussion (from a "fine looking woman") and you'll see how easy it is to look at women the "right way" and avoid looking at them the "wrong way." In fact, it's so easy, you can put this secret to use right after you finish reading this episode.

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Hi John,

I'm a woman, a very fine looking one at that and I just want to share my observation about men, like if they joined your program does it contain any mention that these men develop a bit a class? All too often they search my body with their eyes and then many stroll up and instead of looking at my face, my eyes, their's gaze at my breast while speaking and most times with some sort of crocked smirk. Such a turn off. I don't have large breasts but ample enough. And I'm writing you to relate what many women feel namely that even good looking one's have no clue what moves them: subtlety! Unbelievable though it may be but I've actually had some that would place a finger to caress my breast or nipple IF it was cold. And these fools think that be the way to score. Most haven't realized that it is the woman who decides and picks.
Oh well....

JA: Thanks for the email, Lee--always good to hear from the "fine looking women" on my list. I have written about this topic several times, and you bring up some good points men need to pay attention to. If you look at a woman the wrong way, she'll categorize you as a creep or a "boob-starer," and you're finished. If you look at her the right way, she'll categorize you as an attractive man.

I've said exactly the same thing as you have to say, Lee--when a man looks at a women, he should concentrate on her eyes, looking for a spark of energy, smiling a naughty boy smile at her, and watching for her to smile back. I deliberately avoid looking at her other parts (until the appropriate time) and concentrate on moving from a returned smile to a full blown conversation.

If you look at a woman's parts instead of her face, she'll get the feeling you're looking at her like a piece of meat, a creepy feeling at best. Look at her face, catch her eye, smile at her, and get her to smile back, and she'll feel like you're looking at her like a genuine human being.

Women like men to look at them, but only in the right way (as I described above).

Thanks for bringing up this topic, Lee--it's an important one. Oh, and don't forget about the tradition on the King's list, especially since you've identified yourself as a "fine looking women"--all women on this list should send the King a picture of themselves (which will be kept private).

As far as who chooses goes, it depends who has the most options.
If I'm an attractive guy and I have several women interested in me (plus the skill to attract more), I do the choosing. If I'm part of a group of guys interested in the same woman, she does the choosing. It's simple supply and demand.

On with the fun--

-John Alanis
The King of Let 'em Come to You

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