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April 10, 2006

Imagine, no more heartbreak ever...

Dear friends and subscribers,

Have you ever had a woman who just broke your heart? I mean, she just ripped your guts out, stomped all over them, and left them in the street for the buzzards to clean up?

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-John Alanis
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Attraction is simple-- keep it that way

Hey guys,

You want to know a big secret to attracting women? It's this: you have to genuinely women. That's where a lot of guys go wrong--they start thinking about women as objects, instead of people. If you want to succeed with women, you must first start by genuinely liking women. If you like them, you can understand them, and when they know you understand them, they put you in a special category--an "attractive man."

Here's the email that sparked today's discussion--read it, and my response carefully.

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I have a situation, needing for advice. My friend and I was were chilling at Starbucks when I saw this a 2set of 9 and 7. Although looked very approachable, but they were in the middle of something, like doing lessons or other serious task. Maybe it's just my own fear kicking, but that was the reason why I kept postponing the approach. I thought I would wait at least until they put down the pen and start talking to each other.

But it never came. After 15minutes, they went out and gone. I'm left with a heavy grunts and rage to myself. Why the hell can't I move my lazy legs there and open like usual. I'm very mad and trapped in an extremely low frame. It's like I want to delete all of my knowledge about inner game, pickups etc and just be clueless newbie who don't know anything about the game.

I don't like what I'm feeling now. This is quite rare to happen, but I can trace one or two similar events happening in the past where I was hanging with this pathetic frame for days. What should I do to stay away from this emotional breakdown IF one day I have this approach anxiety or miss the approach for any other external reasons?

LH at Boston

JA: Thanks for the email, LH. Reading your email, you're using a lot of language from the "Pick Up Artist Community" and in my experience, it's not a good mindset. Most guys from that "community" are adept at getting phone #'s, but never have a real relationship with a real woman in their lives (yes, there ARE notable exceptions, but you'll find most of these guys have long ago abandoned the "pick up" mindset).

If you want to succeed with women, you can't think of them as "sets" or "hb's" or "9's or 7's" or objects to "pick up." Furthermore, when you see a woman you find attractive, it's a bad idea to start thinking about all the strategies you're going to use "on her." It's somewhat dehumanizing, almost like dealing with a slick used car dealer, instead of a true sales professional who genuinely wants the best for his customers so they'll continue to buy again, and refer others.

If you see two WOMEN (not a "set" not some "hb's" but women) you find attractive, just go over and start a conversation with them. That's it. Don't worry about strategy, or a "phone # close" or an opener with a "neg hit," just go talk to them because you think they might be interesting. The act of simply approaching a woman and talking to her as a real, human being, and having fun in the moment doing so is extremely attractive to women.

I talk with a lot women, women on my list, and women I meet in the real world, and they all tell me their biggest frustration is when they see an attractive guy, and he won't come talk to them. They want you to talk to them. They're silently begging for you to talk to them. So just... go... talk... to them. Start a conversation. If you're having a good time, and so are they, give them an opportunity to continue the conversation elsewhere.

When you get in the habit of simply starting conversations with women everywhere you go, with no ulterior motive whatsoever, you'll lose the fear of talking with women. Why? Because you'll discover they really like talking to men, AND they appreciate you coming over and talking to them like real human beings instead of trying to hit on them or pick them up. You'll find all of a sudden you have lots of great female friends in your life and that it is completely natural for you to talk to a woman when you see her. It's a reflex--you see a woman, she seems interesting, so you talk with her for a bit. If there's an attraction, then you continue the conversation elsewhere. That's it.

Also, keep this in mind. Every now and then you're going to run across a woman who, for whatever reason, doesn't want to talk to you. Who cares. Just politely end the interaction, and move on. It happens to me. Not very often, but occasionally. If she doesn't want to talk with me, I know just around the corner, there's three great woman who'd love to talk to an attractive guy. So, I go talk to them, simple as that. I don't "open them" or "neg them" or any of that--I just go start a conversation with them. And things tend to go from there...

On with the fun--

-John Alanis
The King of Let 'em Come to You

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