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April 11, 2006

Do you know the "big secret?" Would you like to...?

Dear friends and subscribers,

Guys ask me all the time, "John, what's the big secret to success with women, tell me, tell me!" And you know what? There IS a "big secret," one very few guys ever discover. Would you like to know what it is? OK, I'll tell you... but first let me tell you what it
is NOT:

It's NOT about looks, dress or hairstyle.

It's NOT about money.

It's NOT about age or social stature.

Can these things help you with women? Sure, but the guy who know the "big secret" will trump you ever time, even if you have all these so-called advantages.

The secret is this: women will do anything to be with a man who can make them feel a powerful sense of attraction, and I mean anything--they'll give up food, friends, family, money just to be with a guy who makes them feel the narcotic high of attraction. Every man has seen it--a beautiful, desirable woman who throws her life away just to spend time with some broke, ugly, socially inept jerk everyone knows will wind up hurting her in a big, big way.

Why would she do this? Because the jerk knew how to make her feel a powerful (and misguided) sense of attraction. But don't get the idea being a jerk is the way to be successful with women--it's not. Jerks usually move from woman to woman as their "true motives" are found out, leaving behind a trail of broken women who hate their guts. Not my idea of success.

Luckily, there is an even more powerful secret than the "big secret." It's this: attraction is not some mysterious thing that "just happens"--it can be created by any man, no matter his looks, age or income just by following a few simple steps. And the good news is, these steps can be learned quickly and easily, and once you know them, you can simply "turn them on" to meet as many women you want, as fast as you want.

To discover more about these two big secrets, and learn the Five Myths about succeeding with women, go to http://www.johnalanis.com/ultimate_system.htm right now. You must hurry, however--I am seriously considering "closing off" this website very soon. I have a lot of competitors trying to "knock me off" and I don't want them getting their hands on my closely guarded secrets. Don't delay, go to http://www.johnalanis.com/ultimate_system.htm immediately.

On with the fun...

-John Alanis
"The King of Let 'em Come to You"

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Posted by john at 04:49 PM

Sometimes you just get blown off...

Hey guys,

The weather here in Austin is fantastic, so I took the opportunity to go to the pool and do some research for you guys. As I walked out there, I noticed an attractive woman (in a white bikini) doing a crossword puzzle.

So, I simply walked over to her and said, "Doing the newspaper crossword--that's something I don't see very often." Her response, was tepid, to say the least. I made one or two more comments, but it was pretty obvious she wasn't interested in talking to the King.

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So, I simply ended the interaction, went to the other end of the pool and found a more interesting woman to talk to. No big deal.

What you have to understand is this: no matter how skilled you are at creating attraction, no matter how many women like you, sometimes you're going to get blown off. There's no way around it.

Truthfully, I don't mind getting blown off. It's actually a good thing because it keeps me from wasting time with a woman not suited for me. It's a fast disqualifier. But getting blown off does not emotionally affect me in the least--it's just an opportunity for me to talk to a more qualified woman.

Some guys take getting blown off as a personal insult, and let it affect their self image. They think because one woman didn't respond well to them, that all of a sudden all women don't like them. This blow to the self image affects their future success with women.

The way around this is simple: realize that, the more women you talk to, the more often you'll get blown off. BUT, the ones who blow you off are a small number compared to the ones who want to talk to you. And when you get blown off enough times, you'll find that it bothers you not in the least.

That's when you've reached a milestone in succeeding with women.

On with the fun--

-John Alanis
The King of Let 'em Come to You

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too late!

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