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May 06, 2006

I need your help with this guy

Dear friends and subscribers,

This message is not for everyone--it is only for people interested in making more money. If this isn't you, then stop reading. If so, then pay close attention to what my friend Derek has to say.

If you're at all serious about making money with your own online business, then it is essential that you carefully consider the deal I want to make with you today...

My good friend Derek Gehl has publicly released the newest edition of his famous "Insider Secrets" online wealth-generating system... and I was wondering if you would mind testing it?

You see, I'm considering partnering with Derek (he and his team have made over $54.7 Million in online sales, and he really *gets* how to be successful selling almost anything using the Internet) -- but before I team up with Derek, I want to make absolutely SURE his system will work for my customers and subscribers.

So here's what I'm proposing:

I've worked out a deal with Derek, and he will ship you (via Federal Express) a 10 lb. box.

In this box you'll find 2 DVDs, 6 resource CDs, 2 guidebooks, and 2 thick binders containing in excess of 1,385 pages explaining the step-by-step instructions on how to start and grow a wildly profitable Internet business.

All I'm asking you to do is follow the instructions. If you do this, one of two things will happen:

The system will work for you, and you'll start living the dream of "passive" income with your very own Internet business. You'll be literally making money while you sleep!


The system won't work for you. If this happens, Derek will personally write you a check for $200 as our way of apologizing for wasting your time.

In other words, the absolute WORST thing that can happen if you take us up on this is that you'll come out $200 ahead!

The best case scenario is something far, far more exciting... luxury vacations, new cars for you and your family, paying off your mortgage... It's up to you!

All you need to do today is tell Derek where to send your package by clicking the link below:


All the best,

-John Alanis
The King of Let Money Come to You

P.S. By the way -- do you want to meet a few of the people who are *already* using Derek's system?

-- Rory M. from Ireland made over $1,000,000 last year selling a
VERY strange gizmo from his simple little web site. (I still
don't understand exactly what it does!)

-- Barbara J. is making a steady $8,500 a month telling people
how to rearrange their old furniture. (She's a 60-year-old
grandmother, and she works LESS than 1 lousy hour a day!)

-- Chris E. must be the envy of his Australian surfer buddies
down at the beach... He makes over $200,000 a year working
about 9 hours per week. Not bad for a 23-year-old kid!

You can read more of their stories, and find out all the details of how YOU can get started too by visiting:


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She's approached you-- now what?

Hey guys,

As you know I'm in the business of teaching men how to get women to approach them first, no matter your looks, age or income. And when most guys get their hands on my secrets, they are startled to discover that yes, women really will approach them first.

They also discover that's when the work really begins. Why?
Here's why: just because she approached you doesn't mean she's automatically attracted to you... it's up to you to turn that tiny initial spark into a big fire.

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When she approaches you, she's signaling her interest... and telling you that if you want more than just an approach, you'd better take the lead from there. One thing women simply cannot stand is when they show a bit of interest in a man, and he expects them to take the lead.

This kills the attraction because there's no authority on his part... and authority is the lynchpin of attraction (see http://www.johnalanis.com/authority.htm for details on my Secrets of Personal Authority System).

When a woman approaches you, it is vital you immediately continue to create and build attraction. When a woman approaches me, I take her hand and hold, all while looking her in the eye and giving her a taste of my fun, naughty boy personality and smile.

If I have time, we go elsewhere from there, if not I set up a time and place to meet in the future, then exchange contact information (not a "phone number"). This always works because the initial spark she felt has now been increased dramatically... and her decision to approach me was justified. In other words, I turned out to be who I appeared to be.

So, while women will approach you, it's up to you as a man to immediately increase the attraction... else she's going to think you're just another waldo and move on.

On with the fun--

-John Alanis
The King of Let 'em Come to You

PS Want to know all the secrets to creating and increasing attraction with the women who approach you? Then go to http://www.johnalanis.com/ultimate_system.htm right now.

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