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May 13, 2006

who else wants women to approach you first?

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On with the fun...

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Posted by john at 04:36 PM

Doe "no" really mean "no?"

Hey guys,

Most guys give up way too quickly. They hear the word "no" and figure that since everyone's always been told that "no means no" they're a very bad person if they don't immediately cease what they're doing.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Does "no" really mean "no?' It does--but only for a brief moment in time.

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See, what you need to understand is this: due to time and circumstance, decisions are constantly made and re-made. Time after time I've had a woman say no to me, who eventually would up saying "yes" as time and circumstance changed, sometimes within seconds.

Now, does this mean you force yourself on a woman, whether physically or verbally just because she said no? Of course not. I don't condone that at all. It's stupid, dangerous, and not persuasive. But you need to think of it this way: when someone says "no" it doesn't mean they won't give you what you ask for. It means you just have to ask in a different way. Sometimes you have to ask in a lot of different ways. Sometimes only once more.

Two reasons for this: first off, many women just need to be asked a different question to get the answer you want. If, for instance you ask a woman for her phone number and she turns you down, all you need to do is ask a different question... i.e. "let's exchange contact information." Many women feel "cheap or easy" or just plain pressured if they give you a "phone number" but feel perfectly OK with "contact information" because few women ever had a bad experience exchanging contact information.

The second reason is this: many times a woman is testing you to find out if you're a strong, authority-defining guy who doesn't easily give up. So, instead of a single question, she needs to hear a lot of different questions. In this case, the cumulative effect of asking DIFFERENT questions shows her that, hey, you're not easily discouraged, and many women find that attractive in a man.

So, the next time you hear the word, "no" whether it's for a coffee meeting or a wild night of passion, just look at it like this: "She really wants to say yes. What series of questions do I need to ask her to make it OK for her to say yes to me?" As long as she continues to speak to you in a fun, playful manner, she'll eventually say yes. You'll know when she really means "no" because she won't engage you in conversation any more. That rarely happens if you just keep being a persistent naughty little boy... she'll eventually say "yes!"

On with the fun...

-John Alanis
"The King of Let 'em Come to You"

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Posted by john at 10:39 AM