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May 16, 2006

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Beware of the "overwhelm"

Hey guys,

Awhile back I was talking with one of the leasing agents at the apartment complex where I used to live, and the topic was her new boyfriend. She said, "He's smitten with me, that's for sure. He calls me every few hours. I'm smitten too, but I wonder if it will be like this forever."

I knew exactly what was going to happen. I didn't tell her, but I knew--he was already on the way out the door.

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A lot of guys make this mistake, especially younger guys. Why? They think they're supposed to shower a new woman with attention, they're under the impression it creates attraction. But they're wrong.

This type of "overwhelm" gradually kills attraction. Because you're calling all the time, it removes any mystery or anticipation, and she gets tired of it very quickly. This is what happened in the case of the leasing agent I was talking too--a few weeks later she wouldn't even answer the phone because the attraction was gone, killed by overwhelm.

Here's the correct thing to do when you first attract a woman: use the phone only to set up meeting times, and only for brief--yet fun and naughty--conversation. You want to leave her wanting more, eagerly anticipating the time you're going to spend together.

Now, if you get to the point where you're in a real relationship, that changes. Then you can call her several times a day, just to check in, see how she's doing, etc. It's a reinforcement of the relationship, something women appreciate. The attraction has already been well established. Now, you don't want to spend hours talking with her--just a brief call is fine, and that works wonders for keeping the attraction alive within a relationship.

So, keep this in mind: when you've just met her, limit the phone calls so you'll avoid overwhelm. Once in a relationship, use them for reinforcement. Just don't get the two situations confused. Not even I will be able to help you then!

On with the fun--

-John Alanis
The King of Let 'em Come to You

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