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May 20, 2006

An amazing success story-- will yours be next

Dear friends and subscribers,

Read the following email I received closely. There's a lot of good advice in what this man has to say:


I've wanted to email you for some time now to give you my thanks and let others know your system truly does work. I am married and purchased your system to keep my relationship with my wife going strong...and it has done that as advertised. We remain loving, naughty and playful as ever. My thanks to you for that!

I haven't used your methods on another woman but I know with 100% certainty that they would work there as well. How do I know? When I first read your material, I looked back at my past relationships with women, seeing what I did wrong with the ones that went nowhere and what I did right with others that were great at the time. I didn't have to look far to know you were right on the money...I just compared two women I wanted a relationship with before meeting my wife and the proverbial light bulb in my head went off..

With one woman I wanted, I tried using the approach of being her friend to get her to want me. I ended up showering her with praise, buying her stuff, being at her beckoned call to help her fix things around her house, and confessing my feelings for her desperately thinking this was the way to her heart. You know what it got me? Nothing but heartache. She repeatedly spurned me to go sleep with waldos, eventually coming to me for a shoulder to cry on when she realized they were jerks. We ended up parting ways in an ugly, nasty way and I wasted a lot of my life for nothing.

Then there was another woman I met after the disaster above. She was a bit older than me, very attractive, successful...someone who I thought was way "out of my league" and would never be interested in me. Boy was I wrong. One day an email she sent me had a little suggestive tone to it. I would normally have discounted it, but I decided to take the ball and run with it. I started being funny, cocky, naughty and authoritative with her, but always respectful and never a jerk. Next thing you know we were incredibly hot, steamy adventure partners. She was amazing and the time we had together was incredible. Although our adventure partnership ended, we remain good friends to this day and she still tells me I will always be someone special to her even though we are both in committed relationships with someone else.

What a difference my attitude and approach made! And this was before even I had even heard of you or your methods. I really didn't realize why the first one failed miserably and why the second one was so amazing until reading your material. Then it became so painfully obvious. Thank you for showing me the light and the error in my past ways. I will never make those mistakes again! Keep up the great work!


P.S. Just an observation with many of the emails you receive...a lot of guys need some remedial training in the English language. Many of them, especially the ones who write you to complain, are practically illiterate. I don't know of many, if any, beautiful and successful women who are going to be attracted to illiterate men. Being able to express yourself in spoken or written word, especially in the cocky, naughty ways you suggest, puts one at a distinct advantage over one who cannot. Just a thought.

JA: Thanks for the great email, Chris and congratulations on your success. My favorite success stories are always guys who use my system to make an existing relationship even better.

Your observations about the two past incidents with women almost exactly mirrors my own experience. The first one is valuable in that it shows the behavior to AVOID, and the second one valuable in that it shows what behavior to engage in. Yes, as you have proven, this attraction stuff really does work.

You are also dead on about the ability to write--it is incredibly important, and a lot of guys fall down in this category. That's why I have included some copywriting references in my Deluxe Ultimate System--the same principles that work in writing great copy work when it comes to creating attraction via the written word. The good news is, they're not that hard to master.

Again, congratulations on your success.

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-John Alanis
"The King of Let 'em Come to You"

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There is no "it" in success

Hey guys,

A few days ago some goofus called my customer service manager Randy, whining that "it" didn't work. Now, Randy does customers service for several different companies, many of which who sell "how to make money" products to what's called the opportunity seeker market.

The opp seeker market is, in many respects, an amusing market. It's filled with people who are looking for a magic pill (or magic money chant) that will make them rich immediately. They have no interest in doing what it takes to truly build wealth, and the truth is most would not be able to handle the responsibility wealth brings.

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Randy takes a lot of calls from these people, and what they say is always the same: "it didn't work for me." Occasionally a true doer slips in, gets the same product and sends in a success story. There is never an "it" in a success story--only "I's." "I got your product, took action, and here are the results I got..."

So, Randy is used to hearing "it didn't work for me" from people. Imagine his surprise when he heard "it" from one of my customers. But after listening to the guy, he knew why: if "it" wasn't to blame, there could only be one other person... "you." And I can assure you, this guy did not want to hear he could be the one responsible for not getting results. I can also assure you he will never attract a woman, ever.

As I have preached over and over, personal authority is the lynchpin to attraction. One of the most important aspects of personal authority is accepting personal responsibility for all your outcomes. If you didn't get a result, it's your own damn fault. That's great news because it means you're in control of your own outcomes, not some vague "it" and that if you just make a few adjustments in behavior, you'll get the results you want, not "it."

People who going around looking for an "it" and then blaming their outcomes on an "it" tend to die alone, and tend to die broke, bemoaning their fate, blaming it on the world at large. People who accept full responsibility for all their outcomes tend to eventually get the results they desire, even if they have to fight through outcomes they don't want (that's where the real learning occurs).

So, if you truly want to succeed with women, get the word "it" out of your vocabulary, and replace it with "I." In time, that will be the most attractive thing you could ever do. No woman ever dated an "it"--but they sure date plenty of "I's."

On with the fun--

-John Alanis
The King of Let 'em Come to You

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Posted by john at 10:06 AM