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June 02, 2006

Introducing the "best of the best"...

Dear friends and subscribers,

What if I were to tell you I know the guy who is the BEST in the world when it comes to attracting women online? And, what if I told you he was willing to share his "step by step secret method" to literally getting hundreds, of hot, desirable women to email you, day after day, begging to meet you in person, until you say "enough!"?

If you're male, and your breathing you'd be interested. Well, what I just told you is not an exaggeration--the guy I'm about to introduce you too literally has a "cut and paste" system any man can use to have hundreds of drop dead gorgeous women after him at once... and I've seen him do it.

The man I'm going to introduce you to is my good friend Chet E. Rowland. I've known Chet for six years now, and I've never met anyone as good as he is when it comes to attracting women, both online and offline. His "war stories" are legendary, and they're all true--I've even watched him in the middle of one (he disappeared with two hot girls he met walking down the street and wasn't heard from for three days!).

Look, I could go on and on about Chet. But, after much prodding, he's finally set up his own website where he reveals his "cut and paste method" of attracting women. You've got to see it to believe it. Here's the link: http://www.chetsdatingsystem.com/cmd.asp?Clk=1445098

Don't say I didn't warn you...

-John Alanis
"The King of Let 'em Come to You"

PS There's a reason he's know as the "Chetinator"... and a reason he wears his "goofy Elvis glasses"... see http://www.chetsdatingsystem.com/cmd.asp?Clk=1445098 now

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Why do women give you their phone number-- but never call you back?

Dear friends and subscribers,

Back when I first set my mind to figuring out the art and science of attraction, I went through a phase where I got very good at getting phone numbers from women. I was literally the "King of Phone Numbers"--in fact I still have stacks of old numbers.

What I was not, however was the "King of Meeting Women Who Had Given Me Phone Numbers." Wasn't even a prince--more like a peasant. Now, I wasn't one of those guys who got fired up about a "number close," I was a guy who wanted to spend time with the women who gave me phone numbers. It took a while, but I finally figured it out--as you'll see when I answer this man's question.

Do you HATE rejection by women? Imagine a life of no heartbreak or misery, only fun and joy with the women YOU choose to have in your life on your terms. For a whole new approach to dating, women, and relationships, go to http://www.johnalanis.com/ultimate_system.htm to discover how to lead a lifetime of power, success, and choice with women

Hi John,

I been reading some of your emails for a while, got your system and put to practice some of your advice and it really works. Thanks for all the good tips and advices that you give. On today's email you talked about the phone number issue, why women go cold when guys ask for their phone numbers. Your point is well taken about getting the next date setup first and get the phone number as an after the fact deal... My question is why some women actually give their phone number, either cell or home number and when you call, they never pick up, you end up leaving message and they never return your calls? Also, how many times can you call somebody without a call back? I use the 3 times rule, is that too many?

Thanks in advance for your feedback.


JA: Thanks for the email, and congratulations for taking action, investing in my material and getting results. Here's why women give you their #'s and never call you back: women don't like to make other people feel bad. They don't like for guys to feel rejected--but they also don't want to spend time with guys they're not attracted to.

The easiest way for them to do this is to give you their phone number (so you won't feel rejected), but then never call you back, figuring you'll "get the message." Right or wrong, this is how women think.

Here's the truth: if she doesn't call you back, or answer when she see it's you, you did a lousy job creating attraction. If she's attracted, she can't wait for you to call. She may not answer because she doesn't want to seem "too eager" (yes, women think that way too), but she'll call you back if she's attracted.

That's why I'm a big fan of securing a meeting FIRST, then exchanging contact information. If she calls to cancel, she has to actively reject you, something women don't like to do. Due to commitment and consistency (a psychological persuasion principle), she's very likely to show up... and you have one more shot to create attraction with her.

Your three times rule is not a bad one. I don't have any sort of rule--if she doesn't call me back, I'm already out there attracting another woman, so the way I look at it, fast action is necessary on her part. But, like I said, if you set up a meeting first, you won't have to worry about her not returning your call.

On with the fun....

-John Alanis
"The King of Let 'em Come to You"

PS Frustrated with women, dating, and relationships? Don't be--go to http://www.johnalanis.com/ultimate_system.htm to discover how to put an end to that for good.

PPS It looks like a lot of my email is being blocked again, and I'm trying to run down the problem. Let me know if you get this email, and let me know if you've been missing any episodes lately, or if they're going into your bulk mail folder.

PPPS Soon, very soon, I'm going to be releasing a limited number of my "Real Conversations with Real Women" CD set where you can actually hear me creating attraction with women as I talk to them on the phone. If you've ever been at all confused about how to implement what I teach, these CD's will demonstrate exactly what to do and how to do it... stay tuned!

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