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July 01, 2006

Why did she leave?

Dear friends and subscribers,

Whenever I do a phone consultation with a student, it usually regards a woman leaving. The first thing I'm always asked is, "Why? Why did she leave?" I usually know the answer, but I always ask a few questions, just to see if it's different this time.

It rarely is. In fact, the reason women leave men is almost always the same: he has no personal authority. No matter how much she tries to get him to show some personal authority, he just won't do it... and frustrated, she leaves.

The sad truth is, most men are confused by a woman leaving because no one ever taught them how important personal authority is. There's not a class taught anywhere in high school or even college on it. Yet is the THE most important thing in a relationship.

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-John Alanis
"The King of Let 'em Come to You"

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Vacations and attraction

Hey guys,

Well, here we are, right at the beginning of the 4th of July weekend. It used to be one of my favorite times as a kid, especially when I got old enough to get the "good fireworks." I used to love them (even had stupid wars with them--it's a wonder I still have any limbs left) until I ran a fireworks stand, and I got real tired of them real quick.

But I never got tired of the time of year. It just had a good feeling to it, a feeling that everyone seemed to share. Vacation time is good time.

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Vacation time is also a great time to meet women--that's when "normal rules" go out the door. Women who are on vacation tend to do things they don't do in their "real life," dismissing it as a "vacation fling."

Why do they do this? Compressed time, and a lack of social disapproval. When you're on vacation, you don't have time for the "six dates" nonsense. You're leaving in a few days. Also, there's no one around to gossip about you--you'll probably never see any of these people again. Its urgency and removal of negative social proof, allowing true desires to come out.

A friend I used to know made it a point to hang around upscale hotel bars, and local vacation destinations. He met a lot of women, and had a lot of adventures--in fact, women who he'd met before would often call him when they were about to come into town. He had a whole list of them, and they all viewed him as just another attraction in their vacation. He loved it.

So, as this vacation weekend gets into gear, be on the lookout for attractive women on vacation--you might just have the time of your life. Oh, and if you're already in a relationship, take your wife or girlfriend on vacation, and watch how she lights up.

On with the fun....

-John Alanis
"The King of Let 'em Come to You"

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