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July 28, 2006

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Dear friends and subscribers,

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Can romance and attraction co-exist?

Hey guys,

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Recently I received one of the best questions to date, and today I'm going to explore it in a bit of detail. Pay close attention because I'm going to get into some very sophisticated stuff.

Everywhere you look in society we're taught the way to win a woman's heart is to be "romantic"--shower her with compliments, send her flowers and cards on a daily basis, buy her nice things, etc. Yet, when you do this, you're pigeon-holed as a "nice guy," and the "romantic behavior" we're taught works actually backfires, creating "anti attraction."

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So, how do you reconcile romance and attraction? Read the email below, and then we'll delve into the subject.


A topic I have not seen you discuss is romance. There are a lot of romantic ideas on the web, just search on "Romance". I also know women just eat this stuff up, so I would like to use some of it (obviously!), but appropriately.

Unfortunately, most of this stuff seems pretty wussy and supplicating to me. (Make her a love candle, 365 days of I love you notes, etc.) How do you reconcile romantic acts with an alpha male personna? It seems to me most of it would only make the male seem needy and clingy, sudden death for any serious nookie notions (been there, done that, and never going back).

Is romance just for after you have found the woman of your dreams? If this is the case, won't this just drive her away if you attracted her by the strategies you advocate ? (Which, by the way, work very well.)

Help me reconcile the fact that women just love this stuff with the basic wussiness of most of it, and that wussiness being so out of character for the seducing male they also so very much desire.


JA: Paul, thanks for sending in this email, and bringing up a very intriguing topic. I think just about every guy has experienced what you just described--attempting to be "romantic," then having it blow up in your face. That being said, romance and attraction can co-exist, and the answer actually lies in your email. It's not that the "romance" stuff is wussy in and of itself--it isn't. Like any other event, it's neutral. It's the meaning she wraps around it that determines the outcome. And the meaning she assigns to the romantic event is determined by the frame you set. Heavy stuff? Let me explain in clearer detail.

If you do something romantic, like sending her flowers, in an attempt to win her favor, she'll pick up on that in a heartbeat. You're a "wuss sending her flowers," and therefore the "wuss frame" is set. No matter what you do under that frame, she'll still react negatively. IF, however, you're the type of guy who enjoys sending women flowers because it's something YOU like to do, AND you do it in the context of the seductive behavior we know works, it can be very powerful indeed.

Women don't want a romantic wuss. They want a romantic MAN. If you don't like doing romantic things, don't do them. If you do, do them because you're that type of guy, a guy who creates attraction for her and every now and then, does something romantic. It's not predictable, it's not regular, and it's done when YOU feel like doing it.

If you want to see great examples of the above in action, just pick up any romance novel (written by women for women) and pay close attention to the male hero. He's "mad, bad, and dangerous to know." Does he do "romantic things?" Sure--in the context of being the maddening, unpredictable, "alpha male." The chain of emotional states the heroine goes through in the romance novel are always the same: she hates him, she loves him, she hates herself for loving him because of all the "bad things" he does. The bad boy behavior creates the attraction (tension), the "romantic behavior" in the context of continuing bad boy behavior enhances the attraction. Without the bad boy behavior (in the real world, it's more like "naughty boy" behavior), his romantic actions would land him clearly in the "wuss frame." But because he has set and upheld the "attraction frame," romantic behaviors under this frame create a "hyper attraction," which women crave like a narcotic.

So... the answer to your questions is, yes, attraction and romance can co-exist as long as the so-called romantic behaviors take place in addition to (NOT in exclusion of) the behaviors that create attraction.

Again, thanks for the fantastic question, Paul--if you come up with any more like this, please send them my way.

On with the fun....

-John Alanis
"The King of Let 'em Come to You"

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