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September 14, 2006

Say goodbye and good riddance to rejection forever

Dear friends and subscribers,

If you've ever been rejected by a woman who you know should be attracted to you, you know what a horrible, gut wrenching feeling it is. It makes you question yourself, makes you wonder if you're really attractive to women.

Luckily, there is a new way to get rid of rejection forever, and it works no matter your looks, age, or income. What is this "rejection removal secret?" Simply this: for her to approach you first! Think about it--when she approaches you, you're the one who gets to make the "rejection decision," not her!

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On with the fun...

-John Alanis
"The King of Let 'em Come to You"

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Have you ever been "used" by a woman?

Hey guys,

It's always funny to me to see how different people view the world. Some believe their outcomes in life are at the whim of random chance, while the truly successful realize they can create their own outcomes.

I received an interesting email from a man who says he's been "used" by women, over and over. He believes women will use him, and they do. I believe women respond to behavior on the part of men, and if you have a particular set of female behavior you want, all you need to do is engage in the male behavior that produces it. That's why I've never been "used" by a woman, because I don't want that outcome, and I know how to control it.

What I want to do is share his email with you, then comment on it--look for how his "map/model" of the world controls his outcomes.

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I have a problem approaching women, as do many men, BUT, in my case it is more due to past hurt, than anything else. I do not want to go into details, but I have been the pawn of a number of women, who were just using me, and then, discarded me, after they got what they wanted(educational help, another man, put up to "acting" like they cared about me, as a practical joke, etc), and in a couple of cases, they threatened me, when I tried to find out why they were ignoring me.

After enough of these things happen, one tends to "work to prevent" further hurt. SO, to prevent being hurt anymore, I just shy away from apporoachng women. I would like to get my confidence back, and be able to approach women, but for fear of repercussions (legal and emotional), I am unable to do so, at this time. What advice would you give, to a man like me, (and I am sure I am not alone, in the "been used and abused by cruel women" department.), other than "you are a hopeless case, and you will die all alone".

(Oh, and BTW,I recall you saying women LOVE writers. I have written a novel,a technothriller type, it just has not been published yet. I have also written a few poems, and such.)


JA: Jack, thanks for the email. Reading over your email I can instantly see what your problem is, and if you go back through it you may be able to as well. You have a chronic case of letting the woman control the authority in the interaction, something women hate. Everything you described is the end result of a woman presenting you with more and more extreme tests, hoping and praying you'll finally have enough of her silliness and display some authority.

None of these women were "using you." They wanted to feel attraction, and when they didn't they began doing things to evoke a display of authority on your part, and you never delivered. In other words, you keep doing the same old things and getting the same old results. I've never been "used" by a woman, nor have any of my best doers because we make it perfectly clear early on that we refuse to put up with such silliness--other guys may, but if she wants to spend time with us, she'd better behave.

What you need to realize is this: your outcomes are your own fault. You're responsible for every outcome in your life, and that's the best news you've heard all day. Why? Because if they're you're fault, you're in control of them. If they're not, you have no control and that's an extremely scary place to be.

What you need to do is simple as well: get your hands on my materials and learn how to create attraction and define authority. Once you understand the attraction creation process, go back over all your past relationships and analyze your own personal behavior from beginning to end. You'll see all of your recurring patterns, and understand what you need to do to change them.

Right now you have a recurring pattern on behavior that produces anti-attraction in women, and leads to the exact same result every time. All you need to do is replace it with a recurring pattern of behavior that leads to the result you desire. The process is the same, the outcomes are dramatically different.

There's one last thing I want to bring up: when a woman is attracted to you, she will not behave like the women you describe. Why? Because what she wants more than anything is to feel that magical feeling of attraction, and she knows few men can give it to her. If you're one who can, she'll do anything in the world for you, and the world of women will be open to you.

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On with the fun....

-John Alanis
"The King of Let 'em Come to You"

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