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I had purchased your E-book a couple of months ago, and let me tell you, it's truly a God-send! What I love about your instructions is they are very open-ended in how one can implement your techniques. One doesn't have to worry about "Oh shit, am I doing what such and such page instructed me to do correctly?!" - it beautifully managed to conjure up a bigger, practical "what to do" picture by the time I was finished reading it that, frankly, I doubt few other e-books on the matter will be able to pull off in their readers' minds. Needless to say, my results with women have been pretty amazing! The "smile your way through" technique alone is incredibly effective. Definitely smacks of the good ol' "small hinges turn big doors" maxim, and does so beautifully! It amazing how it's small things like this most of us men take for granted, instead trying desperately to put up some fake Al Pacinoesque or Johnny Depp look to attract women (and for the record, two gorgeous ladies I know of like neither of these actors :)! Most importantly, what I REALLY appreciate about your ebook is that the methods you implement can cater for men coming from ALL backgrounds - whether they are your average "free spirited" schmoe in the street, or even religious, spiritually inclined types such as myself. You may find this funny, but to be perfectly honest, before purchasing your product, I went through some trepidation before buying it, thinking it was wholly based on "best ways to flirt with women" in bars and so on - a practice that's strongly shunned by the culture I was brought up in. But upon finishing your book, I realized there are some fundamental truths about male / female dynamics that NO one in their right state of mind can deny... and us "religious" freaks have this thing for "truism" :) haha Once again, thank you very much for this awesome e-book. Two more semesters, and I'll be done with college - so, no more tuition fees! Which means you'll be looking forward to having at least ONE person purchase your Deluxe offer from my neck of the woods ;)"

September 16, 2006

What women are saying...

Hey guys,

A few days ago I sent out an email entitled "why men fail." As you may or may not remember, I asked all the ladies on the list whether of not they would date the guy who's email I printed.

Well, the response was overwhelming... and very educational. I'm going to reprint some of the best emails below. What I want you to do is read them closely, and look for the commonalities in the answers--very valuable information for the man who wants to attract women.

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Hey John-

Would I be attracted to T. Lawless? Not even if he were the richest, smartest, best-looking guy around. The whiney tone of his letter completely lacks the charm and dynamism that draws a woman to a man. He's saying 'I failed every time and I just dare you to try and make me win'. Um, I think I'll pass and move on to the next fella - the one with the grin and the swagger. And if I'm feeling generous, maybe I'll let HIM rock my world.


JA: Yep, whining is a big turn off, and this guy is a world class whiner! A grin and a swagger, however, is a different story--as all the guys who have taken action and invested in my system know.

Hey John,

lol! That was good stuff! Well I absolutely agree with what you said about this guy! Loved the comment of you eating steak tonight whether or not he bought the product! LOL!!!! That was great!

Sounds like he has looked for someone to blame for his own shortcomings and failures - probably his whole life! There is really no bigger turn off to me personally than some one with a "dead beat" attitude that has the mentality that every owes him something. Trust me....being and woman myself......I would pick up on his negative attitude, insecurities, anger, etc., within just a few minutes of the conversation - if not even before the opened his mouth. Just like people can read (pick-up on) someone's open, receptive, approachable body language; unfortunately the opposite is also visible! Truth be get what you talk/dwell upon. If you constantly say you are a failure or a success.......either way you are right!

Coming from my own personal experience of being approached/hit on by men - if a guy is "real" with me and talks to me like a person instead of coming at me with some overused come-on line; he definitely stands a better chance of actually getting my attention. If I could say one thing to this would be: take some time, work through those underlying issues that he needs to deal with, stop thinking that there is going to be one key phrase out there that if he could just find it....he'd have all the booty he could handle, and do some self-evaluation - find out where he is comfortable and use that. If he has a good sense of humor.....go for trying to make her laugh! You can NEVER go wrong with that one! Just be who he is and eventually when he stops trying so hard....someone will take notice! Focus on having fun and enjoying the people instead of that "got to have a women" mentality! Just as you know John.....women pick up on neediness just a men do!

I think he need to strap on a pair, take ownership and just say, yes all the approaches I used in the past haven't worked so far....all the material/education he gotten this far....can't be all bad. Looks to me like he is the common denominator in that equation. If he woke up this morning, he has another chance! Let the buck stop here and make a decision to work on himself. To try and focus on the positive aspects of his life rather than dwell on the negative/past failures. Hey, you can drive a car looking in the rear view mirror the whole time. What make him think he can move forward in his own life/relationships if he is stuck in the past! Falling down doesn't make him a failure.......staying down does!!!

O.k. thanks for letting me get that off my chest - ahahahahaha! I feel better! LOL!!! - jk!!!!

Have a wonderful and blessed day!

Appreciate ya ~~~ you're awesome!

Big smooches,

JA: Couldn't have said it better myself, Jen--thanks for the great contribution!

You hit the nail on the head - this guy is a total downer. He's the last person in the world I'd want to go out with. I'd bet he's the guy that takes you to an expensive restaurant and spends the date complaining about his food, sending it back, talking down to the waitress/waiter (total turn off by the way), then starts telling you about every "idiot" he works with - then wonders why you have the car door open jumping out before he's even in the parking space (done that before by the way)! Yuck!

Mary Ann

JA: You know, I've had some friends like the guys you describe--whined, and peed and moaned about everything. They were broke and had no girlfriends then, and I imagine their lives are pretty much the same now--haven't talked to them for a long time, and I don't plan on doing so any time soon.


Hail No!!!!! Who would be attracted to a negative ned. Tell ole Ned he needs to lighten up and quit trying so hard. The less a guy tries the more results he is going to get. Just picture this......If your in a bar type setting or any setting for that matter, your with your friends, family whoever......Do you think a woman is going to be attracted to a man that is totally obvious about trying to "score" with a woman??? I think not. The woman is going to be totally drawn to the man that is having a great time with whoever he is with, even if he is there by himself! That is someone who is strong and confident in who he is. I'm hoping this is making sense!!! I find my self to be a pretty attractive woman, and I instantly know when a man is desperate. It's a total turn off. So come on ole Negative Ned, work your charm and make it happen brother! Otherwise be prepared to be miserable forever:)


JA: Man, is that ever some great advice, Jeni. The guy who has a great time no matter the situation gets the women (because he has an abundance mentality), the desperate guy gets nothing, due to his scarcity mentality. All women can instantly sense when a man is desperate, and desperation is the ultimate attraction killer. Well said, Jeni.

Thanks for all the submissions, ladies. I'm still going through all of them to determine who will be the winner, but I will announce that later next week, along with some more of your submissions. These are very valuable for all the guys on the list to read, so please feel free to email in your comments at any time.

Also, thanks to all the ladies who sent in their pictures, keeping with tradition on the King's list--I always like to know what the ladies on my list look like, and I must say, there are a lot of hot, sexy ones. If you want to send in a picture, send it to and, as always, I will keep it private and not share it with anyone.

On with the fun....

-John Alanis
"The King of Let 'em Come to You"

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Quite frankly, there are very few people I have any respect for when it comes to dispensing money-making advice. Most spend their time talking about things they'd wished done, not anything they could ever do. I hate people like that. I hate talkers. I hate bullshit artists-- you guys know that. I like doers. Listed below are three top-notch doers, people who I know and spend time with personally, both in public and behind closed doors.

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'Nuff said.

- John Alanis, "The King of Let MONEY Come to You"

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5. Thinking that just because she's "with you" she won't dump you in a heartbeat for another guy.

6. Thinking that just because you have money, a fancy car or a big house sexy women will be attracted to you.

7. Going on "dates." with sexy women.

8. Hoping she'll "let you kiss her" at the end of a "date."

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