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October 05, 2006

The King receives a complaint letter

Dear friends and subscribers,

Wow, I just couldn't believe it when I checked my email and saw the following complaint letter. What this guy has to say is so outrageous, I had to share it with you guys. Here it is:

Hi John,

I have a complaint. I bought your materials and I first applied the suggestions regarding placing an ad online. You may recall in my first email to you that my online ad had precisely 1 response in 10 months. By changing the ad to some (just Some) of what you suggested I began to receive an average of 5 responses each week. I then posted an ad on a different site using additional recommendations you provided and I now am getting an average of 4 responses each Day!

I also mentioned that to actually try your techniques in the real world had filled me with trepidation, but I would begin shortly. After Christmas my thought process was - "this stuff isn't going to work" - "I can't do it - it doesn't work" - Without even trying it! But I decided that would be unfair to myself, to you and the material itself. So I went through it again and gave it a shot. I am now flirting effectively with a really cute girl at the coffee shop who is about half my age.

I also notice now that women are approaching me! Some very beautiful, all intelligent and just very nice people. The woman I liked years ago suddenly began calling me again. Women at the places I go seem to start flirting with me. John, this is amazing! I was such a loser with women, that I thought I would never figure women out or get any dates with beautiful, intelligent, fun women. But it's happening.

So my complaint is this. I now have too many women to choose from, I'm only one guy - I can't keep up with them all (I mean that literally) I want to devote more quality time with just a few women, but there is so many now it is hard to choose. So that's my complaint - Too many women! John, and for all you guys out there, this stuff works, there is no way any guy could be in a worse position regarding women than I was when I bought John's course. It's taken several months, but by study, application and facing my fears - it works!

Perry J.

P.S. And this stuff isn't pornographic, immoral, manipulative etc. It's the rules of the road. That poor loser who demanded a refund just doesn't have a clue!

JA: The nerve of this guy--investing in my materials, studying them thoroughly, going out, taking action, and getting results... and then writing me an outrageous "complaint letter!" Why, I oughta...! Seriously, Perry, congratulations on taking action and getting results. What you report is actually not that uncommon, and is, in all seriousness, a problem you run into when you really start to implement this stuff... so many women, so little time. You find yourself actually trying NOT to attract women at times, just because there's no more time in the day.

Another interesting thing you hint at Perry, is this: when you know you can attract women, all of sudden more start approaching you out of the blue. They can just pick up on the fact you know you're attractive to women, and since it's such a rarity to meet a man with that knowledge, they gravitate towards you... and you get to where you EXPECT them to!

Great job, Perry, and please be sure to send me your next "complaint letter!"

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On with the fun....

-John Alanis
"The King of Let 'em Come to You"

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Posted by john at 04:29 PM

*Important* Be careful what you write-- others are watching and waiting

Hey guys,

If you've been paying attention to the news the past few days, you've heard the story about former Representative Mark Foley, and his "warped" Instant Messages to young house pages. Not only has he gotten himself in trouble, Dennis Hastert, the Speaker of the House is now under fire for his handling of the situation.

Whatever your political leanings, you need to pay close attention to this situation.

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Why? Because in this day and age of electronic media, the things you may think are private are not. If you write it, it stays around for years, just waiting for someone to pull it up, and distribute what was meant privately for one other person to the general public.

Thirty years ago if someone wrote a private letter, it was pretty hard for it to get public attention. There were more stories than there were media outlets, and the newspapers and the Big 3 networks had to bypass lots of stories.

Not so today. Any goofus with a cheap computer and internet connection can post something for the public to see, and if it's exciting enough, it will spread like wildfire. The media has developed a pack mentality, with their goal to report the story (any story) first, regardless of its truthfulness. They way they figure it, the truth will come out during the talk-show aftermath and that makes their reporting OK.

The lesson to learn is this: be very, very careful what you write, whether by email, Instant Message, blog or any other electronic media. Someone else is lurking, waiting to take your words and twist them to their own ends.

This is yet another reason to meet a woman in person as quickly as possible with a minimum of electronic communication. What you write to her stays around, and it's NOT between just you and her. The whole world is watching and waiting for the next salacious story--be sure you're not it.

On with the fun....

-John Alanis
"The King of Let 'em Come to You"

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