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October 15, 2006

Auto-pilot attraction

Dear friends and subscribers,

Would you like to attract desirable women, automatically, where ever you go? You can do this IF you understand how to implement "automatic attraction systems." They are actually very easy once you understand how to use them, and in fact, you have to be careful not to use too many, or you may attract too many women too fast.

Whether you want to just hang out with lots of fun women, or you want to meet that special woman for a long term committed for life relationship, these automatic attraction system secrets are essential, known by few men.

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On with the fun,

-John Alanis
"The King of Let 'em Come to You"

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Do these two things and good stuff will happen

Hey guys,

I'm not a morning person. I hate mornings and I hate getting up. I've gotten my wake up time down to 9:15 AM, but anything earlier than that just doesn't work for me. Getting up is not a pleasant thing for me--but it's never a good idea to start your day doing something unpleasant.

So, as soon as possible after waking up, I do two things: I write my daily emails for you guys, and I go to the gym. This does several things for me.

A whole new approach to dating, women, and relationships that allows me to choose my own relationships with women, anytime, anyplace, anywhere, devoid of all heartbreak or misery, and I'm convinced any man can copy what I'm doing, no matter your looks, age, or income. Why would any sane man reveal these secrets if they were true? To discover the answer go to http://www.johnalanis.com/ultimate_system.htm right now.

First off, sitting down and writing wakes me up, and engages my brain. I'm foggy when I sit down to write, but as soon as I write the first word, I'm awake--I've conditioned my body to do that.

People think that writing two emails a day is a lot of work, but it's not- -I look at it as a "mental sprint," a morning mental workout before my physical one. As soon as I finish my emails, I go to the gym.

I either do a conditioning workout or a heavy weight workout--and when I'm done with either of those, I'm really awake, in a good mood and ready to face the day. I have a mental and physical advantage over others because, no matter what happens to me, I can always say I got two productive, important things done. And that thought sets the frame for my day.

When I don't do either of those two things, I'm grumpy--because I haven't been productive. And until I do those, I'm not in a great mood. But as soon as I do, I am.

This good mood is very attractive to women. Because I've already had a productive day, I feel loose, and ready to have fun. They pick up on that mood and attraction is the result.

Many guys don't attract women because they're constantly in a crappy mood. Your mood affects your ability to attract women, and mood is mainly determined by how you start your day.

You don't have to do what I do, but I do recommend doing something as soon as you wake up that makes you feel good, makes you feel productive. You'll be amazed at how this carries with you throughout your day, and how many good things happen because of it.

On with the fun....

-John Alanis
"The King of Let 'em Come to You"

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