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October 16, 2006

Where will you be three months from now?

Dear friends and subscribers,

Where will you be three months from now with women--enjoying life with the woman you really want or doing the same old things and getting the same old results?

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On with the fun...

-John Alanis
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Why the most beautiful women are usually the loneliest

Hey guys,

A while back I was out with a group of friends, shooting the bull like guys tend to do. While I'm not much of a bar guy, that night I actually went to a few, had a few drinks. Not many, as I'm a real lightweight (you can ask anyone who knows me--two beers gives me a hangover), but enough to have fun.

Anyways, we found ourselves at an upper scale bar in Austin (do "upper scale" and "bar" really fit in the same sentence), and at about the same time, we noticed a stunning women sitting down at the end of the bar all by herself.

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We all figured she was waiting for some rich guy, or at the very least Joe Cool, but no one every appeared to meet her. A few guys sent her drinks, but she pretty much ignored them.

We got to talking about what it was we thought she did, how she lived her life, all the exciting things a truly beautiful woman did. We figured she spent her life flying cross country with incredibly rich guys, going to fancy parties, and hanging out with the jet set.

When we left to go to another place, she was still there alone. Had I known then, what I know now, I would have gone up and talked to her in a heartbeat.

A few days later, much to my surprise, I saw her in the gym, working out with weights. Since we were doing the same exercise, we got to talking, and she opened up a bit. Turns out she didn't spend her life dating rich guys--in fact, she wasn't dating anyone at all. Most of her nights were spent by herself, wishing she was with a fun guy. While she as a high income professional (lawyer), she didn't do anything glamorous, nor did she want to.

She was actually very lonely, something that is common with a lot of beautiful women. It wasn't that men didn't ask her out--they did. But they were either scared as hell of her beauty or sleazy jerks who wanted to parade her as a trophy. Few guys connected with her as a human being.

Unfortunately this was before what I knew what I knew now, and I switched to nice guy mode and killed the attraction that was starting to develop. But, I learned a huge lesson from her and that's this: even the most beautiful women want a real man, a fun, naughty guy who makes them feel attraction--and most are starving for a guy like that. Looks, age, and income don't matter to these women, they just want to feel attraction, something that, strangely enough, their looks often prevent them from getting.

Now, I learned my lesson after that, and have spent time with several stunning women since then. They all appreciate my fun, naughty side, something they rarely got with other men--who knew such hot women knew so many good fart jokes?

So next time you see a stunningly beautiful woman by herself, keep in mind there's a good chance she's dying to meet a man who knows how to create attraction. Talk to her correctly (from a naughty boy perspective) and you just might find yourself spending time with a woman you used to think was out of your league.

The funny thing is this: she'll appreciate you more than any other woman will because you'll be one of the few guys to ever give her what she really wants... that wonderful feeling of attraction.

On with the fun--

-John Alanis
The King of Let 'em Come to You

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