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October 31, 2006

Frustrated by women?

Dear friends and subscribers,

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On with the fun...

-John Alanis
"The King of Let 'em Come to You"

PS Don't delay, as this article will be removed soon:

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Halloween Havoc

Hey guys,

I hate to tell you this, but this year it's going to be a mild Halloween for me--at least in comparison to a few years ago. Some of you may know this, but here in Austin, Halloween is a big deal--it's the largest street party in the US.

The city blocks off 6th Street (the downtown college club district--when you graduate and "grow up" you get to hang out with the 22 year olds in 4th street instead of the 18-21 year olds on 6th Street), everyone dresses up, drinks a lot, and pretty much mills around looking at each other.

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This year, I'm not going downtown--I'm going to a marketing seminar in Atlanta. A few years ago though, I was in town for Halloween, and my friends and I had an incredible time--what we did may prove useful to you, now and in the future.

Here's what happened: as you may or may not remember, "Ah-nold" had just been elected governor of CA, having successfully overcome (or benefited from) the "groping issue." By the way, he reframed that issue perfectly, saying in his best "very naughty boy" voice, that he had indeed been guilty of "behaving badly."

I dressed up as Arnold (some friends of mine had a rubber Terminator mask), and three friends dressed up as "Secret Service Agents," wearing suits and phony "wires." They carried a sign that said, "The Grope-inator" and "cleared the crowd" for me as I walked around.

The reactions of people were striking--they LOVED us. But, what was even better was when I sent my "agents" to ask women to come and be groped by "The Governor." No one, and I mean no one, turned us down--I literally spent the entire night inside a club having hot woman after hot woman sit on my lap and let me feel her behind, just to make sure she was "of high enough quality for the Governor." Needless to say we met a lot of women, AND a lot of female bartenders remembered who we were weeks later.

Why were we such a hit, and why did we attract so many women? No big secret, really--we were fun, unique, different and confident. Everyone wanted to be associated with us, a part of the group. But, we only let a few in--if it ain't exclusive, it ain't a group. You can only be part of the "in crowd" if there's people on the outside looking in.

This is a powerful psychological trigger--the desire to be part of something, part of an elite group. If you really want to attract a lot of women to you, just do what we did (without the costumes)--create your own fun, unique group, and then make people qualify to spend time with you. And maybe I shouldn't tell you this, but if you keep the ratio 2:1 women to men (2 women for every guy), some very interesting things start to happen--but you've gotta figure the rest out for yourself...

Happy Halloween!

On with the fun,

-John Alanis
"The King of Let 'em Come to You"

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