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November 11, 2006

Exciting success stories-- will yours be next?

Dear friends and subscribers,

There's nothing I love more than reading a good success story, so I thought I'd share a few of my favorites with you today. Enjoy!

Hey John,

I have enjoyed your material and been able to apply your secrets along with my own understanding of how women work. You see, I can relate well to your understanding because I was a psych major in college and, like you, along with the book knowledge have experienced the ups, downs, joys, and turmoils that relationships can bring forth. I am probably a bit older than most of your clients and customers, so I have gained a lot in wisdom over the years through trial and error.

I have actually put your material to work, along with my own perspectives, and I am now dating a beautiful woman, a woman that most men, who live in my neck of the woods, could only dream of ever dating. She works in a career field where exposure to the public dominates (i.e., television). I had the opportunity to meet her through a friend, who just happen to know her brother. What's funny is, my friend actually said he would have loved to have met her, but he stated he was too intimidated to meet her because, according to him, "She was out of his league." He said that he preferred "less challenging" women.

Anyway, my friend knew her brother and told me he'd said she had experienced bad luck with men in the past, and was now looking to meet a really nice guy. What "nice guy" meant to her, I don't know, but I wasn't going to take that route, so to speak! My thoughts were centered on how was I going to meet her in a way that would be different than all the other HUNDRED men that had tried before me(?)

Before I actually met her, I read over your material, combined it with what I know about human behavior, and found a solution. Here is a list of the things I kept in mind as I approached and met her:

-Tested the "handshake secret"... which I did! She and I shook hands for longer than a usual handshake should have lasted. Just from the handshake alone I knew she was interested!

-Looked for attraction signals...the smile and gleam in her eye were all there! I remembered to stay focused just on her when we met and chatted...paying attention to her body language and speech... something I hadn't really focused on in the past.

-Got her talking about herself... which I did by asking her "open-ended questions"...this worked great!

-Never once did I compliment her on her looks or how she looked on television! Every man in the world would have made this mistake...how un-original!

-We both had a common bond with the environment where we met...I used this to my advantage by establishing a relationship between us.

-Finally, the "email question" worked great because she never expected it! In fact, the first email I sent her she replied back with her cell phone number!!

Your advice worked great because what I said and did was unique and different than what she was accustomed to hearing from most men. I firmly believe your materials helped me to stand out from the rest!

I wish I could give more details about our meeting, but I don't dare disclose because of respect for her and her profession. However, thanks again for your material!

-Joe C. (profession and location withheld by request)

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Hey "King,"

My life has been changed by your material. Before, I was too shy and afraid to deal with women. I'm not ugly-- I'm actually told I'm handsome by women but before I got your materials I would just freeze. Some women would approach me and start talking, but I would just smile and walk away; hell, sometimes I would just ignore them completely. How rude is that? And some of these women weren't even pretty to me.... they were just trying to be nice.

It didn't matter. Old women, young women, even baby girls would freak me out.. YES baby girls!. So I finally decided to do some thing about it. I have a friend who is good with women; they just seem to walk right up to him. Finally I got the courage to ask how he did it. Well, first he laughed at me, and after about an hour of that he let me have a look at your materials. As I read them, it was like I had a moment of enlightenment... I almost cried. When I left his house I quickly started putting to practice what you teach. And my life has changed. The huge fear I had of women has started to fade. I am more sociable, I can talk to women casually, or I can let them come to me. Not too long ago ago a beautiful women asked me to be her boyfriend. But I refused. Why? Because the girl I really want has started talking to me, now. Before it was just, "good morning" or "excuse me," but now we have full on conversations. My self-esteem, confidence, life, everything has gotten better.

So thank you for showing me how to get women, and for also giving me the right to choose which one I get. You truly are a king in more ways than one !

Your Pal,

-Jose C., (Profession withheld by request)
Bakersfield, CA

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Your materials, along with all your inspiring emails, have helped to ignite a force inside me that will not be stopped. After recently becoming a yoga instructor, I can strongly confirm what you say about creating an 'automatic attraction system.' Women of all ages suddenly respond so favorably to whatever I choose to say. It's like magic, really! They're smiling, willing to carry on conversations, and open up to me mainly because I have taken up the authority of Yoga Instructor. It makes it so easy, I can't help laughing sometimes. This takes some getting used to, you know!

Many years of mediocre relationships, mostly brought about by chance, and many hours of longing for-- and confusion about-- women have made me ripe for the kind of quality information you put out. You get right to the core, emphasizing the most important points to work on,. No B.S., gotta love it. It's been a few months since I've "closed the deal" but now, with the steady flow of cute girls approaching me and all the information you provide in your materials, I can tell you, the tides are turnin' fast and there ain't no stoppin' it.

Thanks for doing what you do. A lot of healing is taking place on many levels as a result.

-Marcos M., Yoga Instructor
Miami, FL

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Hey John!

Here is a little about me... I'm 23 years old, and have been studying psychology, dating, attraction, all that jazz since I was 16! I was pretty much the nerd in school, and had that whole "nerdy self image" going on... I first realized how some of it all worked when I was in grade 10. I wore glasses, and then one day switched to contacts. From that point on, all the girls treated me differently.

I've been defining myself for the past couple years, and everything you have to say is TRUE! GUYS, BELIEVE HIM WHEN HE SAYS YOU CAN HAVE GIRLS APPROACH YOU. I discovered this in high school, but a few personal difficulties that happened later on in my life threw my game totally off. I've been trying to get my "game" back, and it was your materials that helped me. A lot of your teachings changed my perspective on a lot of things. I'm a graphic/web design instructor, and I know from experience that beautiful girls will approach you if you appear as some sort of authority figure. It is truly powerful stuff, and John Alanis gives you the attitudes and mentality that you need to build attraction in a woman. It's amazing how women will chase you like you were the hottest item since sliced bread. The only problem is that women may become obsessive with you, and John also teaches you how to get rid of girls you don't want. We don't live in scarcity, there are thousands of women around us everyday, and he has helped me to see that I can have my pick of the litter, so to speak. IF you want this kind of success, and want to get this area of your life handled, then you must get his information! You have to! IF knowledge is power, then with John's information, you'll be truly unstoppable in the dating scene!

Anyways, I have a success story that will make you proud! I teach graphic/web design, I'm 5'5" small build, but I know how to create a strong presence and command respect when I'm teaching. There was this really gorgeous girl in my class... I mean, she was smoking. As soon as I saw her my heart started pumping rapidly, that's how hot she was.

After class, she came up to me and asked if I could help her out with some questions she had... so I did. Now, the whole class had left and here she was still hanging out, literally standing around trying to talk to me, while I cleaned up the classroom. Finally I finished, and she straight out asked me if she could call me! Guys, it is an amazing feeling when you have a girl asking you "if" its ok for her to call you! Powerful! Of course I said "sure, just don't call me 10 times a day! 9 is ok, but not 10!" Again affirming my "status" in her mind a this powerful man!

For a couple of weeks we had lunch together, because her work was close to where I was teaching, and about twice a week went out for drinks. I would tease her about stuff, make her laugh, etc, kiss her and pull back, etc, just playing with her in general. She would love to ask me these little "test" questions out of the blue, but because of my attitude I aced them all.

One day she asked me to come over and she'd cook me dinner. I already knew there was a huge possibility I would score. My philosophy is, I like to wait for sex, and hold back till the breaking point. You'll see why.

I came to her house, we had dinner, she said her neck was sore, so I whipped out the oils and gave her neck a massage... then off came her shirt so I could do her back, then off came the bra, and she flipped over on her back, and I have her upper body a massage, etc, meanwhile she's getting so turned on that she rips off my shirt (tore off my buttons... oh yea!) and then my pants came off, and so did hers, then at one point were both naked, and I'm playing with her (trying to keep this email PG) and boys, she literally pushed me on my back, and jumped right on my manhood, like she was a crazed animal and couldn't hold back anymore.

That's why I like to postpone sex for as long as possible and tease the crap out of the girl in the meantime, because there is no better sex than when you both are dying for it and just can't control yourself anymore!


I get more girls than I could have ever imagined possible. Powerful stuff! Thanks again, John! You're the man!

-David V. Instructor
Toronto, Canada

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On with the fun...

-John Alanis
"The King of Let 'em Come to You"

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How do you view your world?

Hey guys,

I'm in a very unique position in my "women approach you" business. In a sense, I get to sit on top of the world of attraction and success with a viewpoint few other people can have. Why?

Because I get to see, on a mass, statistically relevant level" how different people respond to the same stimuli. I get to read the emails of people who have taken my materials and gotten results with them, and I get to see the recurring patterns. I also get to see the recurring patterns from people who can only be described as failures.

Same input, different output. Same patterns of success, same patterns of failure. Amazing. Obviously it's NOT the input I give that creates success or failure. It's how each person individually views and interprets the their world (map/model for all you NLP'ers out there) that dictates the results they get. Inner world affects outer world.

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What I'd like to briefly do today is share with you the commonality of viewpoint of those who are successful vs those who are not. That way you can adopt "success viewpoints" and remove "failure viewpoints," and create the external results you desire.

The successful person is, at heart, and optimist. He or she believes, as Ronald Reagan did, that "the best is yet to come." However, he or she also acknowledges there will be stumbling blocks along the way, and hard, tough periods. In fact, the successful person has the philosophy that Robert Ringer calls "the sustenance of a positive attitude through the expectation of a negative result."

In other words, you realize that, in reality, "most deals don't close," BUT that if you "work on enough deals" some are CERTAIN to close in the long run. So, you expect short term failure (interpreted by the successful person as unemotional "results") knowing that eventually you will hit a success that much more than makes up for all the failures.

The unsuccessful person believes the opposite--hoping and praying for short term success, then falling into despair and quitting when each one doesn't work out. They believe a person can't possibly succeed the way the "system" is set up, and that those who do must have done so by hook or by crook.

The successful person recognizes the value of their time, and that it can be increased only by learning, studying and taking action. He or she also realizes there is a price to be paid for this, and is willing to pay it. That price often includes giving up leisure time in the moment to have more of it later.

The unsuccessful person places no value on their time. They'll spend hours and hours to save a few bucks, to get something for free, or to complain loudly to others who will listen, often at happy hour in a bar or nightclub. They refuse to give up their leisure time to improve themselves, and while they will run up a $100 bar tab to pour cheap beer into their fat bellies, they won't even invest $50 in information that can improve their lives forever.

The successful person is an "associative thinker" taking information from different areas, and applying it to whatever part of their lives they wish to improve. If something isn't working, they use the philosophy of FIO (Figure It Out), allowing nothing to stop them.

The unsuccessful person balks at any associative thinking, and whines if the information isn't laid out step by step, not wanting to realize that nothing can truly be laid out step by step. In fact they do everything in their power to relieve themselves of the burden of thinking (a line from the ancient movie "Time Bandits"), and place the onus on others to "show them."

Successful people do not care at all what other people think of them, and are "uninsultable." They do not let other people's narrow viewpoints dictate their own outcomes.

Unsuccessful people are obsessed with what others think about them, and take action based on this. "What will she think, what will my family think, what will my friends think?" they continually ask themselves. They are like little puppets, with their strings pulled by what they think others think of them.

Successful people do not give unsolicited advice. They only give advice if asked (and compensated), because they realize that no one takes--or appreciates--unasked for advice. They realize it is a complete waste of time, and spend their time on other things.

The unsuccessful person does nothing BUT give unsolicited advice, then squawk about how dumb the other person is when they don't follow it. They spend an inordinate amount of time giving unqualified advice to those who don't want to hear it, instead of using that time for self improvement.

Are these all the differences between successful and unsuccessful people? Certainly not, but they are vitally important ones. Have a look and see how many of these viewpoints you have, then assess the people in your life and see what viewpoints they have. Slowly ease out the ones with failure viewpoint, and replace them with those who have success viewpoints. You will be amazed at the heights your life will reach when you do this.

On with the fun....

-John Alanis
"The King of Let 'em Come to You"

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