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February 08, 2007

Do you live in the land of "should be" when it comes to women?

Have you ever gone on a date where you thought things went really well--you were the "perfect gentleman," took her to a nice restaurant, opened all the doors for her, pulled out her chair for her, and even gave her a good night kiss on the cheek, only to have her never see you again?

Why does this happen, especially when you did everything you were "supposed to do?" Because what "should work" is not what works in the real world. And, despite what society wants us to believe, attraction takes place in the real world, not the land of "should be."

If you want to attract women in the real world, you need real world tools that produce real world results. You need what works, not what should work. Most men know what should work--few know what really does. But the few that do are getting all the outcomes they truly desire with the women they truly desire.

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On with the fun...

-John Alanis
"The King of Let 'em Come to You"

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You're under no obligation...

One thing I can't abide is people who are tied to their cell phones, PDA's, and lap tops. Instead of increasing productivity, people misuse and abuse them, killing their productivity. When one beeps, their "owner" comes running like a trained pig, eager to see what or who is causing the beeping.

There was a great article on the time magazine website a few weeks ago talking about how interruptions were destroying productivity, that interruptions had actually taken the place of work. In other words, the purpose of the workday was to be interrupted!

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Like all technology, cell phones, PDA's, beepers, etc. are all "morally neutral." And, used correctly, they can help you be more productive. But they are rarely used correctly.

Just yesterday I was in the gym, enjoying a quiet workout, when the woman beside me started cursing loudly. At first I thought she'd dropped a weight on her foot, but, no she was using the swiss ball with no weights in sight.

After I determined she did not drop a weight on her foot, I thought she might have been cursing at me--but then she had another outburst that was directed at no one. Just as I was about to reach the conclusion that she was a crazy loon, I noticed she had a cell phone plugged into her ear.

Not only that, but she was working out while cursing an employee (or one of her kids), and she continued to do so for the next 30 minutes, moving from exercise to exercise, getting more and more animated. I walked out of the gym refreshed and relaxed, she walked out frazzled and pissed off. This is obviously not the correct use of technology.

Most people think that when a device beeps they are obligated to answer it. They are not--I learned that a long time ago, and it's been one of the smartest mindsets I've adopted. Others find it annoying, but I could care less.

I unplug my home phone, turn off my email, and give my cell phone # to only a few select people. Business phone calls are handled by appointment, and I only take personal calls when I feel like it. Rarely do I answer the phone when it rings, unless of course, I'm taking a scheduled call.

The result? My time is my own. People respect it and know that if they want to talk to me, it's on a scheduled basis. If someone calls me or emails me, I'm under no obligation to return that call or email--it's a very freeing feeling.

Here's an interesting side effect of this philosophy: it's very attractive to women. Why? First off, I have uninterrupted time to spend with them--the first thing I do is turn off my phone when I'm spending time with one. This is very unusual in this day and age.

Secondly, because I'm inaccessible, I obviously have an interesting life--unlike most guys I'm not calling them all the time. I end phone conversations quickly--better to spend that time in person than jawing on the phone. I am a scarce resource.

Most people let other people and devices run their life. But when you get control of your time and dictate to others how they will interact with you, your whole life instantly gets better--you have something very few people have, and that's time to enjoy your life on your terms.

On with the fun...

-John Alanis
"The King of Let 'em Come to You"

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