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February 23, 2007

Confused and frustrated by women?

I've said it many times. When it comes to success with women, looks don't matter, age doesn't matter, income doesn't matter, and social status doesn't matter. The only thing that matters is if you can make her feel a powerful sense of attraction. That's it. It really is that simple. If you make her feel a powerful sense of attraction she will give up friends, family, food, anything just to be with you. It's that powerful. And when you understand that fact, all your confusion and frustration disappears

See, most men fail with women because they believe this powerful sense of attraction "just happens." Or that if you have looks, money, or social status these things will create attraction. But this is not true. Any man can CREATE attraction for women... if you know how.

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On with the fun...

-John Alanis
"The King of Let 'em Come to You"

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Why won't she call you back?

This is something that's happened to just about every guy--you meet a woman, hit it off, she gives you her phone number, and you can't wait to see her again. You wait a few days, then give her a call.

What usually happens? Nothing. You leave a message, and she never calls you back. You call again, and the same thing happens. Why is this? Read the email below, and my answer to discover the reason why... and what to do about it.

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Hey John,

Your material is awesome. I have a question about a familiar situation to most men, im sure. I go to this club once in a while on Friday nights.

This beautiful shot girl gave me her number on Friday night because I used your techniques. I talked to my brother who works there and he mentioned that she doesn't ever give her cell # out. She was nice to me by saying things like "Ill be right back" and she was hugging me, etc. Before I left, I told her that I would call her the following day, Saturday and she said "ok". I called her in the late afternoon and left a voice mail.

She never called back. Monday, I called again and said "Hey Laura its Fred. Listen, I know you're a hard working girl, but you can take 2 minutes to call me and say hi, alright? Talk to you later, bye." I said it in a authoritative yet friendly way. I haven't called her since and she never called back. How do I act next time I see her? Do I act as if its "her loss" or do I pretend it never happened and continue to attract her or do I ignore her and move on?

Thanks a lot John,

Fred, NY

JA: Thanks for the email, Fred--this is a very common problem, but with several easy solutions. First off, the club environment leads to a lot of unreturned phone calls. When she gives you her phone number, she's in a much different environment and emotional state than when you actually get around to calling her. She may have been drunk at the club, she may be having fun teasing guys, she may have given a bunch of guys her number. But when you call, there's a very good chance she has a scant memory of who you are, how you met, and why she gave you her number in the first place. You're just another guy she met in a club who's calling her the next day. What made sense in the club environment to her, makes no sense in the environment of reality.

The best advice, of course, is to avoid clubs and bars if you want to attract women. That's why I'm a big fan of "automatic attraction systems," that bring women to you "pre-attracted" so you don't waste time with worthless phone calls (see http://www.johnalanis.com/ultimate_system.htm
for a discussion of automatic attraction systems).

But, if you do happen to meet a women in a bar or club, the best thing you can do is get her out of that environment as soon as possible. The more time you spend with her in "reality," the more likely she is to call you back. The other thing to do is to set up a future meeting when you meet her, and get her to commit to being there--NO "calling to confirm." If she won't agree to meet you again, her phone # is worthless. Even if she agrees to meet you, there's a good chance she'll flake if she's in a club environment.

If you happen to see this woman again, just behave like you did the first time--don't mention you called her. Set up a meeting with her, and see if she shows up. If she does, great, if not, she's not interested.

The truth is this: the bar and club scene is where people go to escape reality, and when you try to follow up with them in reality, very often they're not receptive. Better to meet them in reality, then follow up in reality.

On with the fun...

-John Alanis
"The King of Let 'em Come to You"

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