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February 28, 2007

An insulting idiot emails the King!

As you guys know I consistently preach your outer world is a reflection of your inner world, that success, whether financially, or with women really is a result of your belief systems. If you read this mornings email, you'll remember I talked about map/model of the world. Here is a perfect example of a guy who is constrained because of his belief systems. As you read the email, notice his map/model in regards to women... with a belief system like this, how can you get nothing BUT terrible results? Why would any woman want to spend even one second with a guy like this?

Here we go...


You are a smart guy, no doubt. But let's face it, women are as much hassle as they are a blessing in our lives. Yeah, sex is great. I love it, but for the other 23-1/2 hours of the day, when you are not in bed with them, you are basically helping them live in their own fantasy world of complete, total unconditional love. Women, at least in America, are so self-absorbed, so completely selfish in their outlook, excluding married women with children, although they are selfish and self-absorbed in their own way, that being with them is like putting your brain on permanent hold just so that you can tolerate them.

Yeah, I'm one of those guys who will never buy your program, because it just ain't worth the time or effort chasing women around only to put yourself in the position of being some chick's personal Ken doll. Most women see sex as a secondary aspect of their lives. Yes, if you get their engine revved up enough, they get all excited, but who's doing all the work? The guy, as usual. Women are just like cats. The more you pet them, the more they expect it. There is no way around it. Like the bible says, God created Eve from one of Adam's ribs. She is a subset of male creation and always will be. I don't care if its 2007 b.c., or 2007 a.d., women are a big pain in the ass, unless you train them like pets to do what's not only in your interest, but their own. Women's liberation has been nothing but an unmitigated disaster for modern man. Women have assumed all of man's prerogatives, while retaining all of their feminine priviledges.

It's a lose-lose proposition for men. If we assert our natural superiority in every category of human endeavor except child-rearing, we are male chauvinist pigs. If we give in to them, we are weak, effeminate ass-kissers.

My hand works just as good as any vagina, and when I'm done, I still have the other 23-1/2 hours to call my own. Pull my name from your mailing list if you want, because I know the real truth and nothing's going to change that.

Have a happy future.


JA: Funny, the women in my life are a joy to be around, genuinely caring and giving. In fact, there are many women in my life who I am not sleeping with who I enjoy spending time with. They're free, open, fun and genuinely care about themselves and others. Those are the kind of people (not just women) I attract, because it's a reflection of my belief system. If I adopted the insane map/model of the world you have, I'd have nothing but misery and heartache.

Of course you won't buy my program, nor any others. It's not in your self image to do so. Buying requires taking action and then taking responsibility for using the information you just acquired. Much easier to gripe and pee and moan about how bad other people are, blame them for all your failures, and spend 1/48th of your day playing with your hand. Your belief system doesn't allow for success and happiness, only failure and misery. Go back and read what you just wrote--why would any woman want to spend even one second with a guy who views the world as you do?

Luckily, most guys on this list are not anything like this goofus. I know for a fact most of you have strong healthy self images when it comes to women, all you need is the right information to get the results you desire. Luckily, I have compiled it all in one place-- http://www.johnalanis.com/ultimate_system.htm

On with the fun...

-John Alanis
"The King of Let 'em Come to You"

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The truth about those fat sorority girls

When I was a senior in high school, I went through the application process to secure an appointment to the US Naval Academy. In order to get an appointment, you first had to be chosen as a candidate by your local congressman. I was able to do that (even though the congressman later went to jail), but then I was faced with another obstacle.

I was too fat. Yep, according to the US Navy's height and weight requirements, I was too fat at that time for an appointment. So, they told me either to get fit or go away.

What if everything you ever thought you knew about dating and relationships was just plain wrong? Would you keep doing the same things and getting the same results? Or would you try something new and radically different? To stop dating, and start living, go to http://www.johnalanis.com/ultimate_system.htm before this site is removed.

What did I do? I got my ass in gear, adjusted my diet, did some exercise, and voila--I easily made the height and weight requirements. And, I did this at a time when I knew very little about nutrition, diet and exercise--- I just ate less and exercised more. I really wanted that appointment, and I was willing to do anything to get it.

I did not wind up getting the appointment, but I did get a four year Naval scholarship to the University of Texas which, in retrospect, was much better than going to the Naval Academy.

I've always had a body that is prone to getting fat. Now, since I don't want to get fat, there are lots of things I have to do. I have to carefully watch my diet, be diligent in my workouts, and take the right supplements at the right times. The reason I drive a crappy (but paid for) car is because I spend the equivalent of a Porsche payment each month on workouts, health, and supplements. I'm willing to pay the price for fitness, literally, and I'm here to tell you it's a heckuva lot harder at 36 than it was at 26.

Last night I turned on CNN and heard Paula Zahn talking about the latest injustice to strike at the heart of this country--fat girls getting booted out of a sorority for being too fat. Now, Paula is rail thin, and it looks to me like she pays the price for fitness every day--good for her.

But these girls she was interviewing were a wreck. They were 20 year old fatbodies, and they were whining and crying about how unfair it was they were asked to leave. One even said that "image is the new discrimination." Translation: I like to eat ding dongs, hostess twinkies, and fat burgers but I don't want to pay the price for those.

The attitude of these girls was indicative of the attitude of most people today: their conditions are not their fault. Everyone else is to blame but them. The sorority administration, the college, fraternities, food manufacturers, everyone but them.

One started crying about her "self esteem." Self esteem is not built by other people tolerating bad behavior--it's built by hard work, taking responsibility for your outcomes, and willingness to pay the price to get there. At 20 years old, the price of fitness is damn cheap.

The lesson here is this: most people in today's world want things handed to them, want their bad behavior excused by others. Don't you dare fall into this. If you adopt the attitude that every outcome is your fault, and you're willing to pay the price to get it, you will succeed.

I don't think it's any accident that Paula Zahn is trim and fit, nor is it any accident that she's hosting a national news show. If you were to dig deeper, I'll bet you find she worked very, very hard to get where she was--umlike the fatbodies she was interviewing. Success is not an accident.

On with the fun...

-John Alanis
"The King of Let 'em Come to You"

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