Auto Biography:  John Alanis, aka, "The King of Let 'em Come to You"

  I suppose you clicked on this page because you wanted to know a bit more about me, my background, who I am, and just how I got to be known as the "King of Let 'em Come to You."  Fair enough.  It's an interesting story and I don't mind telling you parts of it.  Not all of it, but parts.  If you want to know the whole story (and only those who are truly close to me know that one), you'll have to get to know me.

Every biography always starts off with where and when a person was born.  Who am I to argue with that convention?  I was born January 12, 1971 in San Antonio, Texas.  Born in Texas, raised in Texas, currently live in Texas and I'll probably die here too.  Not a bad place... I like it.  And yeah, now that you know my birthday, you can feel free to send me cards and gifts.  I like people who send me cards and gifts.  And,  just for the record, January 12 is the same birthday as Howard Stern and Rush Limbaugh, both "Kings" in their own right.  I guess you could say it's a "royal date."

    Onward.  I started in San Antonio, moved to El Paso, to Corpus Christi, back to San Antonio (where I finished High School), then went on to Austin where I attended the University of Texas on a Four Year Naval ROTC Scholarship and graduated in March of 1994 with a BS in Electrical Engineering.  Even had a 3.05 GPA, but between you and me I didn't learn a damn thing in school.  I spent my college summers in the Fleet, preparing to be a Naval Officer.  Learned a hell of lot there.  A hell of a lot, and it has served me very, very well to this day.  

   I spent two of my summers underwater, onboard two Fast Attack submarines-- "boats" as we called them. I liked Fast Attack-- it was "seek and destroy".  I wasn't a "boomer" guy (missile boats).  Somehow "hide with pride" didn't do it for me.  The first boat I was on was a Sturgeon Class Boat-- the USS Pargo, SSN 650, and it was a "special boat" for any of you smart guys "in the know."  I was out of Groton/New London, CT a big sub base before they  scaled back to celebrate the "peace dividend."  (Remember that?)  Learned a lot from the Captain, a man I will always have great respect for to this day.

  The second boat was another Fast Attack, this one an  "LA Boat"-- SSN 750, the USS Newport News out of NOB (Naval Operating Base) Norfolk, VA.  Learned a lot there too.  The Navy was a great experience and in the Spring of 1992 I was selected into the Navy's Nuclear Power program, choosing to go subs.  For you smart guys reading this, yeah, this is the program where you get to interview with the 4 Star Admiral in charge of Naval Reactors, and he lets you know on the spot whether you make it or you don't.  If the name Admiral Rickover means anything to you, the was the guy who originally did the interviews, and he routinely threw guys out of his office.  He was the guy who locked Jimmy Carter in a closet during his interview.

  But that was way before my time.  I interviewed with Admiral DeMars, who growled at me and asked me why my GPA wasn't higher, but that was about it.  He selected me for Nuclear Power School-- where only the best of the best go.  I'm not saying this to brag.  If it's true, it ain't bragging, and Naval Nuclear Power School is the toughest training in the US military.  That's why I wanted it.

  Obviously it wasn't to be.  Three months before my graduation and commissioning, an Army doctor found an eye problem on my final physical.  Automatic medical discharge.  Oh, I fought it as hard as I could, but to no avail. At least I got a free education-- the Navy let me keep all the money they spent on me.  I also kept all the stuff I learned.

   What does this have to do with meeting women?  Keep reading, I'll tell you in a minute.  If you and I are going to do business together, it's important you know who I am and the experiences that shaped me.  I'm not for everyone, and it's better you know that up front.

  So, I went looking for something similar to the Navy.  Got me a job as a field engineer working for an oil field services company.  I thought it would give me the same "esprit d'corps" (camaraderie)  that the Navy did.  It was real "tough guy" work-- a chance to work outdoors with a bunch of rough and tumble guys.  And I did work outdoors-- in Alaska above the Arctic Circle, in Michigan in the summer (beautiful) and in Oklahoma.  I hated every second of the eight months I did it.  Hated the work, hated the people, hated the fact I had to be a civilian.  The money was good, but I didn't give a shit.  So I left.  Just told them I had enough, and I wasn't going to give my life to the oilfield.

   I learned a lot in the oil field about human nature, and none of it was good.  I saw a lot of good in the Navy.  Not all of it was good of course, but most was.  The oil field was different.  I saw nothing good there.  Nothing.  The best description I ever heard applied to the oil field actually comes from one of my favorite movies, Star Wars.  It's the scene where Ben Kenobi and Luke are on their way to find a ship to take them off Tatooine, after Luke's Aunt and Uncle have been slaughtered by the Empire.  They're looking toward Mos Eisley spaceport, and Ben Kenobi turns to Luke and says, "Mos Eisley spaceport.  Never will you find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy."  That pretty much sums up the oilfield for me.

So I left, not knowing who I was, or what I was going to do.  Went back to Austin, and found the CIA was hiring.  Went though all the interviews, went to Washington DC (got to take a "psych profile"  and polygraph test-- pretty cool), and damn near made it.  Damn near.  They were going to hire me, and then budget cuts came.  And we all know how damned smart those were.  Doesn't matter though, that was in the past, way in the past.

   So, I started my own business, an art business of all things.  And I hate art.  It was kind of fun at first, because I made steel wall hangings-- got to cut them out with a big Plasma Torch.  More tough guy stuff-- I had all kinds of neat power tools.  Along with my mother, we'd go to various art shows and sell my steel art in the streets.  It was hard work, and I wasn't making any money.  So I moved out of my apartment, and into the office space of my shop in Buda, Texas and lived there with no shower and no hot water for the next two years trying to make that business work.  1996-1998.  Not fun years.  I used to drive 20 miles to the gym everyday to work out and take a shower.  I got in pretty damn good shape.  And I learned a lot. 

  See, when you don't have money, you have time.  Now I could have been like most guys and spent my time getting drunk, running my mouth in the bars and chasing women.  I could have done that.  But I didn't.  I wanted to succeed.  So I spent my time in the University of Texas library reading book after book on the subject of making money.  And I finally found what I was looking for.

    I was so desperate for money that I was actually going to participate in a "chain letter" scheme.  However, I'm a careful guy, and while the chain letter I'd received assured me it was quite legal, I wasn't so sure.  So, I schlepped off to the library (it's that big building where they keep all the books) to research chain letters.  And, to my dismay, I opened a book on "mail order" and found the exact chain letter I'd received... the book said it was quite illegal, and didn't work anyways.  While I was dismayed at that news, I was fascinated by what I started to read in the book.  And the more I read, the more fascinated I became by this thing called "mail order" and "information marketing."  I'll never forget that book-- I still have a copy of it.  It's called "Building a Mail Order Business" by William Cohen and it's still a great book today.

  Here's what got me so excited in that book:  you could take "how to" information, put it into a book, a course or a tape set, write a sales letter, mail it, and people would send you money.  And the more you mailed, the more money you made.  I was hooked.

   So, I went back to my shop (with no shower and no hot water) and following the advice in the book, wrote a simple sales letter to all the people who'd bought my art, offering them some more art.  I had just over 100 customers by that point, and it cost me about $30 to put the letters in the mail.

  I made $150.00.  I was hooked.  For life.  Spend $30, make $150.00.  Got it.  How often do you do that?  As often as you can.  And the best thing was this:   I never saw my customers.  They sent me checks in the mail, and called in orders over the phone (the internet was just a baby then).  They came to me, I didn't have to go to them.  And that changed my life forever.

  See, I discovered something when they called to order.  They apologized for bothering me.  They were surprised they even got to talk to me.  They thought I was a "big time" artist and treated me like a celebrity.  Little did they know I was living in my shop at the time, with no shower and no hot water.

  Why did they treat me this way?  Because they came to me, I didn't go to them.  I got it.  I understood it.  And it has forever changed the way I live my life.  People come to me now.  I don't go to them.  Ever.  What happened next?  I put my new mail order knowledge to work, and got Robert Redford's Sundance Catalog to put my art in their mail order catalog.  I sold 5,000 pieces, with my cut of the action being $40 per piece, plus I got a lot of new customers to sell more stuff to.  Do the math-- you can see how I quickly went from dead butt broke to flush in a matter of a few months.  I was hooked.

  Now, onto the good stuff.  I started getting into information marketing, selling "how to" stuff to other business people, speaking at seminars, teaching other people how to make money.  Lots and lots of money.  And I'm very good at it.  Occasionally I even consult for businesses.  But my rates are astronomical, and you probably couldn't afford me.

   But this "auto biography" isn't about making money.  It's about how to get women to approach you.  See, the one thing I noticed early on in my direct marketing career was, that women started approaching me as well.   They saw an article about me in the paper (which is really easy to get, anyone reading this can do it), read something I'd written, saw me speak at a seminar, or "heard good things" about me from a friend.  And when they approached me, it was always easier.  They were already attracted to me.  I didn't have to impress them.  They had to impress ME.  I met-- and continue to meet-- lots of really great women. 

   I took note of all this.  Careful note.  And I started engineering situations where they'd approach me.  When the internet came into full bloom I put my "mail order" and "information marketing" knowledge to work and started writing online profiles.  And you know what I found?  What works to get people to send me money, works to get women to answer my online profile.  I had lots of friends who tried the "online thing" but they could never get a response.  Me, I had more than I knew what to do with, and I never wrote any of them first-- they all wrote me!  I don't say this to brag, I say it because it's true.  You've read my "women approach you" website, and seen the responses to my online ads. 

   So, using my "information marketing" knowledge, I've now started up a little website, teaching other guys what I know about getting women to approach you.  It's fun for me, and I like helping good-hearted guys who have lots to offer a woman-- but bad luck meeting them-- get the woman of their dreams to approach them.   I've got lots to say on the subject and I enjoy saying it in a way that's fun for almost everyone.  Like I said, though-- I'm not for everyone.  If you've read my daily emails (which are now posted on John you know that.  And I'm not going to "change" for anyone.  You get me, warts and all. 

    But that's what makes it fun.  I'll never BS you or tell you what you want to hear.  I'll always give it to you straight.  Some guys can't handle that.  Fine with me, I just fire them as a customer.  I want to do business with guys I like, and quite frankly I like most of you guys.  Bright, fun guys who are doers, not talkers, who want to meet great women and have an extraordinary life.  Those are the kind of people I want to spend my limited time with, and that's the biggest reason I started this thing.  I want to be around, and spend time with, good guys, doers, who are ready to learn.  Making money is great, no doubt about it.  I enjoy doing it.  But much better than that is having a group of people around you who you like, trust and appreciate.  That's really my purpose for starting this little business.  To get 'round me those who are like me, those think like me, those who want to live life the way I do.  I hope you're one of those guys.  There's damn few of us left, and those who are aren't getting any younger.

  Thanks for reading this.  Thanks for being a customer.  Thanks for being a good guy. Or a great woman. Thanks for making my life just a little bit brighter.  In the end, it's not the money, not the fame, not even the women that you remember, it's the group of guys who were part of your life when you had your greatest successes and your worst failures.  It creates a bond unlike any other.  And I want to create something really special for all of us, not just how to meet great women, or make lots of money, but to have a truly memorable life with a truly memorable group of guys, and a truly great group of women.

  Welcome aboard.


-John Alanis
"The King of Let 'em Come to You."

PS  Any feedback, questions, comments, etc. send them to  I get a lot of emails, obviously, so I can't personally reply to every one of them, but my staff forwards the best ones to me, and if I like what I read, I'll answer it in an upcoming daily email.  I encourage you to get involved-- we'll all have more fun in the end.

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