New, From John Alanis! Revealed:  the “missing link” to finally mastering attraction with the women you desire, even if you are awkward and unlucky with women!


Other Men

Will Envy You

for This:


Imagine having a microphone wired to a hugely successful ‘ladies man,’

eavesdropping on his conversations with women,

hearing exactly how he creates attraction, uses the ‘naughty boy technique,’

defines authority for women, subtly tests and qualifies them until they are begging to spend more time with him… hear how they respond to his each and every “move,”  experience  EVERY detail… if YOU could do this ONE thing, how much more successful would YOU instantly be with women?


Dear Friend,


            There’s nothing more frustrating than spending your hard earned money on information from an “attraction expert,” spending days, even weeks, diligently studying their “system”, taking it out “in the field,” and having it all blow up in your face, with the first woman you talk to.  Then having it happen again.  And again.


            Or worse yet, trying to implement everything you learned, only to wind up confused, tongue-tied and embarrassed as the woman you lusted after walks off with another guy who obviously knows NOTHING about attraction.


            What did you do wrong?  Was the information bad?  Or is it “just you?”  After all, other guys are getting results with the same material, why not YOU?


What’s the missing piece?  Is there even one?


The answer is “yes”—yes, there is a missing piece.  That’s good news for you, because it means your struggles with women are NOT your fault... nor is it the fault of the “attraction information” you invested in.  And, as you will discover later on in this letter, correcting this “missing piece” is brain dead simple, even if you are clumsy and nervous around women.  If you are currently successful with women, this missing piece will skyrocket your current success.


My name is John Alanis, and as you may or may not know, I teach men how to create attraction with women, literally on demand, any time, any place anywhere.  Following my specific “forbidden attraction secrets,” my students routinely have beautiful, desirable women (the kind usually reserved for the rich and famous) approach them first for a date, no matter their looks, age or income.  Many have experienced things they only dreamed about as a teenager, others have finally found the true love of their life, while still others have repaired a broken relationship they thought was way beyond hope, and now have the woman of their dreams back. 


In fact, my best students spend more time turning away such women than actually dating them because they simply don’t have enough hours in the day to spend with all of them.  I’m NOT kidding—when I warn my students they must be careful not to attract too many women too fast using my secrets, it’s not an exaggeration… it’s the cold hard truth.


Other Men Envy Their Success!


What I teach is truly about succeeding with women in the ways YOU choose to, NOT just “getting a phone number close” or even running around sleeping with as many women as possible.  Sure some guys do that, but most eventually wind up with the woman they could only dream about before they found me, in a long term, happy, committed for life relationship, devoid of the heartbreak and misery that usually inhabits such relationships behind closed doors.


However, some of my students succeed at a slower rate than others, and some not at all.  Since ALL of them get the same information when they take action and invest in one of my systems, this puzzled me.  At first I thought it was them—they didn’t apply themselves, were just plain lazy, or simply weren’t serious about learning how to create attraction on demand.  And their lack of success had nothing to do with looks, age or income… some of my best success stories are from guys who are ugly, broke, and old (they’ll cheerfully admit all this to you, while their hot girlfriend laughs about how true it is), and some of my “hardest cases” are handsome, high income professionals in their early 30’s who should have women falling all over them… but they don’t.


But after talking to some of them, I realized they were not at all lazy or carefree about learning how to create attraction..  These were bright guys, smart guys, guys who had a lot to offer a woman, and guys who were willing to pay the price to succeed.  Some had listened to my systems over 20 times, diligently applied everything I had to teach, and still weren’t succeeding like other guys.  Even though they’d get hammered by a woman who should have been attracted to them (but wasn’t), they’d get up, analyze what went wrong, study the material again, get back out there… and wham- they’d get hammered yet again!


Why Do Some Men Quickly and Easily Learn How to Attract Desirable Women, While Other More Intelligent, More Dedicated Men Fail Miserably?


For some strange reason, they just weren’t “getting it,” even though they were willing to pay the price for success.  So, I took a few of them, went out to where I know there’s lots of friendly women who want to meet guys who’ve studied my secrets, and watched them like a hawk.  Immediately I could see where they were making mistakes… but the problem was, THEY couldn’t see where they were making mistakes.  What should have been natural by now was forced and awkward… and killing attraction (afterwards some of the women told me they simply couldn’t believe these guys were my students).


By observing them, however, I was able to discover the “missing link” to mastering attraction.  So what I did was this:  I sat them down, and told them to sit still, pay attention and just watch me.  I called some of the women over, sat their butts down, and simply had a conversation with them, creating attraction as I went.


Immediately the lights clicked on in my students heads.  They finally knew WHY they were not getting results, and what to do about it.  Instantly, they got up, implemented the “missing link” and started getting immediate results with the women present.


The Missing Link to Quickly and Easily Attracting Women


What was the missing link to attraction?  The missing linked that turned losers into winners, zeroes into heroes?  Simply this:  the ability to model observed success.


See, different people learn in different ways.  Some people learn by reading.  Others by listening to how to, step by step information.  But the best way to learn (for everyone) is by observing, then modeling success.  See, these guys knew what to do, but not how to do it.  I just demonstrated for them, and they SAW the responses of the women.  Once they saw that, they were off to the races, and dang near unstoppable.


Modeling success works in two different ways.  The first way is by simply seeing—and duplicating—observable behavior.  But the second way—the far more powerful way—has to do with belief.  The truth is, although these students had the desire and work ethic to learn, deep down they didn’t truly believe women would respond to them when they implemented what I teach.


As you may or may not know, women pick up on doubt in a man instantly.  If you doubt your ability to create attraction, she feels it, and you’re done, plain and simple.  Doubt equals the death of attraction.  Because these guys felt a tiny twinge of doubt whenever they talked to a woman due to long ago social programming, they were finished before they started.


Secret Attraction Methods for the Awkward and Unlucky Man


But once they saw the reactions I got from the women doing exactly what I teach, all that doubt disappeared in a flash.  Seeing truly is believing, and when they saw woman after women joyfully respond to my attraction secrets, they quickly became converts, became true believers in a flash.  They knew for SURE that what they were doing would work, and when they implemented it, women could sense their confidence and authority where they only felt doubt before.  And as you may or may not know, confidence and authority in men are narcotic for women.


So now I finally had it, the missing link to teaching attraction to every man… but how could I teach it without demonstrating it live, every day for the rest of my life?  Now, I’ll admit, there are worse jobs than talking to hot, sexy women all day long, but when you do it enough, even that becomes boring and mundane.  I’ve got a lot going on in my life, so that option was out.


I thought about setting up a camera and filming, but that is a logistical nightmare.  I’d have to find the girls, get them to appear on camera (a major headache, as most of the women I know are happy to help out guys in person, but want nothing to do with their faces on camera), sign a release (another pain), then act comfortable and natural in front of the camera.  That really is the biggest problem with filming—the presence of the camera changes the dynamics of the interaction.  She knows it’s always there, so she won’t respond like she would without it.


Now, don’t get me wrong—filming me talking to women and demonstrating how to create attraction is a very valuable product, and I AM going to create it.  But not for a long time—it’s a major project, and I have my hands full right now with a variety of other things.


But I still wanted to come up with a product that would give guys a way to easily model success, to get rid of the doubt that’s holding them back and change their beliefs from doubt to confidence.


I thought about it for days, and finally it hit me—the perfect “success modeling product.”  As you may or may not know, I publish a daily “attraction secrets revealed” newsletter, sent out to tens of thousands of men daily.  What you don’t know is this:  there are also lots of women on my email list who pay attention to (and comment on) what I have to say.  And, with rare exception, they’re raving fans, many of whom have expressed interest in talking with me on the phone (in addition to other things).


So here’s what I decided to do:  I’d make a product with me talking on the phone, creating attraction with women I’d never met, and knew very little about.  I’d demonstrate personal authority, subtly qualify them to see if they were they kind of woman I’d like to spend time with, and play up my famous “naughty boy routine” to the hilt, with the objective being to get them to want to meet me in person, if I so choose.


Here’s what’s great about the phone.  Unlike video, there’s no constant reminder they’re being recorded so they quickly forget about that part of it, and get into the conversation naturally.  Since only their voice is on audio, they don’t have to worry about people recognizing their face and giving them grief about it.  And since it’s only audio, they are more than happy to sign a release.


Since I’m known as the “King of Let ‘em Come to You”, I decided to put my money where my mouth was, and give myself the following challenge:  send one—just one—email to my list, offering to trade an hour of my time for an hour of theirs, seeing if they were “woman enough” to talk on the phone with the King, while I made a product to show guys how to model success.


I didn’t know what to expect, but the response was overwhelming—in fact, I’m glad I only sent one email.   I had thirty different women from all over the world respond, begging “please pick me, pick me” for your project. 


Out of those 30, I picked those who I felt would demonstrate a wide range of ages, background, upbringing, and cultures.  I talked to women from age 18 to late 40’s, from women as close by as Fort Worth (I live in Austin, TX, four hours away) to women as far away as Norway and Japan.  I talked to women of all races, and all upbringings, from women raised by free loving hippies, to women brought up in very restrictive cultures with a history of arranged marriages.


Listen In As I Create Attraction Before Your Very “Ears”- Then “Model” My Success for Yourself


What you will hear on these CD’s is, quite frankly, remarkable.  If you have any doubts about what works when it comes to attraction, these CD’s will erase them. You’ll hear me talking to women the exact same way, no matter their backgrounds, and hear the exact same responses… no matter their age, race, background or locations.  Attraction is attraction is attraction and it’s all the same worldwide.


You’ll hear the positive reactions of each woman as I employ my “naughty boy” technique, you’ll hear me screen them, hear me create attraction with them.  And you’ll be able to do the same thing, each and every time you talk to a woman.  No longer will you be confused about what to say or do… in fact you’ll get to the point where you’ll actually be able to anticipate their reactions before they even happen.  That’s the power of modeling, and that’s why I created this product, entitled…


The Attraction Eavesdrop CD’s:  Real Conversations with Real Women


There are 12 CD’s in all, each one a different conversation with a different woman.  I’ve divided them into two categories, Basic and Deluxe (you’ll see why in a bit).  Also, I recorded two very special CD’s that will help you gain maximum benefit from this system.  The first one is the Fast Start CD.  On this CD, I go over in detail what to listen for in these conversations, and how to apply what you learn in the real world so you can get the results you want with the women you desire, quickly and easily. 


The second CD is actually not me talking with any women at all—it’s far better.  On this CD I reveal, step by step how I got 30 hot, sexy women to contact me, begging to talk to me by sending one, simple email.  I imagine a few guys just might like to know how to do this for themselves, so in this CD I walk you through exactly how you did it.  This is advanced stuff, not for beginners, so I included it in the Deluxe System.


Finally, You’ll Experience “Attraction in Action!”


Obviously, you will benefit from listening to these CD’s by simply being a “fly on the wall.”  Hearing what I say, how I say it, and how these women respond will give you the “ultimate shortcut” to mastering attraction quickly and easily.  You’ll finally know what to say, and what to do, plus you’ll know exactly how women will respond to you when you employ these strategies… all your doubt will vanish.


There are, however, two other, less obvious ways in which you will benefit by listening to these CD’s.  The first one is this:  if you pay close attention, you will hear me subtly qualifying these women to see if they’re the type of women I want to spend time with.  I know what I want in a woman, and in addition to creating attraction with these women, I want to find out if they’re “right” to spend time with me.  I’m testing them, NOT the other way around.  This is a crucial skill you MUST master… and in these CD’s I demonstrate exactly how to do it.


The second, less obvious way you’ll benefit is on more of a “subliminal level.”  Like I mentioned earlier, the reason most guys fail with women is because, deep down, they don’t believe women will be attracted to them, no matter what they say.  But when you hear different women responding the same way to what I say, over and over in a positive manner, something changes on your unconscious level.  You literally have the experience of…


“If this guy can do it, then I’ll have no problem… he’s NOT doing anything special, not doing any thing I can’t do—this is EASY!”


            Here’s where the magic really happens.  After you’ve listened to these CD’s a few times, you’ll undoubtedly find yourself talking to an attractive woman.  As you get into the conversation, you’ll feel my “spirit” taking hold of you, guiding you on exactly what to say and do, and you’ll automatically do it, without thinking… and she’ll respond to you the same way these women respond to me on these “eavesdrop CD’s!”  It’s like you’re the one talking to the sexy woman on the CD… and in reality, you will be.


When you know exactly how a woman is going to respond to you, there’s no more fear, no more doubt and no more rejection—no matter how awkward and unlucky you currently are with women.


So, without further ado, here are the CD’s contained in this amazing system, plus the value of each if invested in separately:


Deluxe System CD’s


Deluxe CD #1  How I got 30 Hot, Sexy, Desirable Women to Approach Me by Simply Pushing a Button Wouldn’t you like to know how to send one, simple email, and have more women than you could ever meet contact you… in less than an hour?  Well, I did just that in creating this CD system… and on this one CD I reveal step by step how you can do the same thing for yourself. (value:  $149.00)


Deluxe CD #2  Conversation with:  Tia—18 College Park, MD, US.  Tia is an 18 year old college student, and you won’t believe what she reveals about what kids in college do nowadays.  What’s even more interesting is she comes from a very culturally restrictive background… but she’s sure making up for lost time. Even I, the King, was amazed at what she has to say (and how naughty she really is)! (value:  $97.00)


Deluxe CD #3:  Conversation with:  Sandra—43  Reno, NV US  Why does Sandra keep a punching bag in her house?  You’ll have to listen to my conversation with this fit, sexy woman to find out. (value:  $97.00)


Deluxe CD #4  Conversation with:  Lily—41, Brooklyn, NY US.  Smart, fun, and professional, Lily has a wild side to her… but only lets it out for a man who can create attraction—like I do!  (value:  $97.00)


Deluxe CD #5  Conversation with:  Zhrikalla—30, Japan, NY US  Think foreign women don’t respond to the “naughty boy?”  Then you would be wrong!  Even though she was raised in a restrictive environment, she wants to meet a real, live naughty boy… lucky for her she got me on the phone (value:  $97.00)


Deluxe CD #6  Conversation with:  Summer—28, Canada  This is an interesting conversation, and perhaps the most valuable one.  It starts out somewhat slow and awkward, but picks up steam towards the end, like many conversations with women do.  A great learning tool. (value:  $97.00)


Deluxe CD #7  Conversation with:  Karen—45, Denver, CO US  Karen describes herself as a “hot black woman” and she has one of the best attitudes about life I’ve ever come across.  A nice woman, any man would love to spend time with- creating attraction with her is fun and easy, as you’ll hear. (value:  $97.00)


Important Note:  the Deluxe System ALSO contains ALL the Basic System CD’s described below!


Basic System CD’s


Basic CD#1 Fast Start CD with John Alanis (Free Bonus for Fast Response).  In this CD I reveal what to listen for in these CD’s and how to apply it in the real world for maximum attraction effect. (value:  $97.00)


Basic CD#2 Conversation with:  Kathryn—35 Fort Worth, TX, US What a sexy voice this woman has… and the attitude to boot.  If you like naughty girls, you’ll love this CD! (value:  $97.00)


Basic CD #3 Conversation with:  Margrethe—25, Norway. Margrethe is hot, young and bored in Norway… that’s why she calls the King, to spice up her life, and experience the attraction she can’t find at home.  Listen in as I create it for her. (value:  $97.00)


Basic CD #4  Conversation with:  Lisa—40, Los Angeles, CA US.  Think women don’t have desires like we do?  Just wait until you hear what Lisa has to say about life and dating in LA.  (value:  $97.00)


Basic CD #5  Conversation with:  Lori—32, New York, NY US.  If you want to know what NOT to do on a date, just listen to Lori tell horror stories of the duds she’s met online.  She’s bright, fun, and a bit naughty… we hit it off (of course).  A great demonstration of creating attraction. (value:  $97.00)


Basic CD #6  Conversation with:  Terisa—43, St Louis, MO US.  Terisa lays it out in black and white how important “personal authority” in a man is to women, and how she knows when a man has it.  Like confident, yet feminine women?  Me too, and you’ll love Terisa. (value:  $97.00)


Basic CD #7  Conversation with:  Erin—33, Los Angeles, CA US.  Erin is definitely one of my favorites. 

She’s feisty, opinionated, and loves to test men over and over.  We have quite a back and forth conversation, testing and qualifying each other.  Too bad I don’t live in LA… (value:  $97.00)


In addition to all 12 of the CD’s, I also have some special free bonuses for you when you respond before the expiration date stamped in red on the priority investment form.  The first one is a “Fast Start CD” that tells you exactly how to get the most out of these ‘eavesdrop CD’s,” and what to listen for.  The second one is an amazing CD where I reveal step by step just how I got 30 women to call me, just by sending one email, one time.  This secret alone is worth the price of admission.


            By now, you’re probably wondering just that, wanting to know “what is the total price of admission?” for my brand new, “Real Conversations with Real Women Eavesdrop CD’s.”  You might just want to know if I have a “deal” for you.  Well, I must warn you, this is NOT going to be a “cheap” package.  I put it together for guys who are serious about mastering attraction, so I’m going to charge a “quality” price… but I’ll give you a break when you take fast action, and respond by the expiration date in red below.


You Get ALL the FREE BONUSES and Discounts 
When You Respond Before Midnight Of 
The Following Date:



            There are two options.  The first one is my Deluxe Conversations with Women Eavesdrop CD’s package.  This includes ALL the CD’s listed above, plus the Fast Start CD, and the How I got 30 Hot, Sexy, Desirable Women to Approach Me by Simply Pushing a Button CD.  The total value for this option is   $1,410.00, but you get it (and both FREE bonuses) for only $697 plus $16 s/h when you respond by the above expiration date in red.


            Now I know there are a few of you guys out there who really want to get your hands on the Deluxe System, but might have limited funds available to invest.  So, I came up with a Basic System, at a price any man who is serious about attracting women can easily afford.


            Now, the basic system does not include the How I got 30 Hot, Sexy, Desirable Women to Approach Me by Simply Pushing a Button CD, nor does it come with all 12 “conversation CD’s.”  It does, however, include the fast start CD, as well as six “conversation CD’s,” so it’s a great option for someone who’s not quite ready to step up to the Deluxe System.  The total value for the basic system is: $679.00 but you get it for only $297 plus $16.00 s/h when you respond by the expiration date above in red.  And, there’s even better news—you can take care of your investment via credit card… Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express are all cheerfully accepted.   Click here to order online right now! 


            Also, if you're a Pay Pal User, I have a special discount just for you- you may save $5 off the cost of the Basic or $10 off the cost of the Deluxe, just for using Pay Pal.  It's been my experience that Pay Pal is a bit friendlier than traditional merchant accounts, so I want to reward them and you just a bit for using them.  Click here to order online using Pay Pal.


            Is $697 for the Deluxe, or $297 for the Basic too steep?  Well, it depends on how you look at it.  If you look at the price for a “traditional date” (i.e. dinner at a good restaurant, plus a movie with YOU paying for both), you’re going to spend at least $150.00, probably $200 for one date with one woman you’ll probably never see again.  Do that once a month, and you’re looking at $2,400.00 (or more) per year, along with the frustration, rejection, and embarrassment of traditional dating.  Use what you’ll learn on these CD’s, and you’ll easily save that much (or more), and you might even wind up profiting!  How?  When you know how to create attraction on demand, you’ll literally have women who insist on taking YOU out to fancy restaurants and picking up the tab—it happens all the time to me, and it can for you too.


            So, when you think about it like that, the investment for these CD’s is actually very cheap—in fact you’re losing money by NOT owning them.  How much money have you thrown away on worthless dates?  Way more than you’ll invest for these CD’s—put a stop to it for good, and stop throwing away money on women.  Now it’s time for them to throw away money on you!

No Hassle, No BS One Year 100% Money Back Guarantee!

If for any reason, or no reason at all, you are not 100% delighted with this system, simply send it back in good condition within one full year, and you’ll get your money back (less shipping). What could be more fair? I take all the risk, you are FULLY PROTECTED!

 HOWEVER... if you're one of those guys who orders things with the full intention of whining for a refund without giving it a fair shake, please do both you and I a big favor and don't order. I want to do business with bright, fun, smart guys who truly want to attract great women to them, not guys who spend their time ordering things, copying them and crying for a refund, especially when they need Christmas money or it’s tax time. Guys like that don't ever attract women-- I'm looking for guys who truly want to succeed with women. Play fair with me and I'll play fair with you, OK?


Here’s How to Order

Here’s what to do next: to order right now, simply click here for an easy, online order form.  Or, if you prefer to fax or mail your order in, simply click here for a printable order form.  You may also order by picking up the phone and calling 1-800 819-1871 to order 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Be sure to have your credit card handy. Keep in mind this is my order taking service, and while they're very friendly they may not be able to answer all your questions.  In fact, to insure your privacy and discretion they have no idea what this product is about, they simply take your order.

This letter is pretty straightforward, but if you feel you absolutely must have your questions answered before you order, you may call us at (512) 892 8839. Keep in mind you may not get a “live answer” but we will return your call in a timely manner and answer all your questions.

The fastest, easiest way, of course is to order online right now. You may also order by faxing the printable order form to (512) 891 9417, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Or, if you’d prefer to pay by check or money order, simply fill out the order form, and mail it, and payment to:

Art Of Steel, Inc.
Attn:  John Alanis
4424 Gaines Ranch Loop #1514
Austin, TX 78735
Fax: 512 891 9417


     Make all checks and money orders payable to:  Art of Steel, Inc. Your Real Conversations with Real Women Eavesdrop CD’s will be shipped to you via UPS in a plain box with no outer markings as to what’s inside—only you will know.  Your credit card statement will show “Art of Steel” by the charge—your privacy is fully protected. Don’t hate yourself for missing out on this opportunity to model success by listening in as I demonstrate exactly how to create attraction with 12 sexy women, one right after the other—order now, before the date stamped in red on the priority investment form expires.



-John Alanis
“King of Let ‘em Come to You”

Author, “Secrets of Natural Attraction”


PS Don’t delay, fast action is necessary on your part.  Don’t talk to another woman until you truly understand the missing link to attraction.  Master that, and other men will envy your success with women, asking you for advice, wanting to know YOUR secrets… and let me assure you, nothing feels better than that.


PPS:  SPECIAL IMPORTANT NOTICE:   As you will hear over and over when you listen to these CD’s, personal authority is what’s most important to women when it comes to what they want in a man.  You’ll also hear them say very few ever meet a man with true personal authority, but when they do, WATCH OUT… the attraction is instant and intense Master “personal authority” and you will never worry about being alone again—in fact, you must be careful not to attract too many women at once.


After hearing how important personal authority in a man is from all the women I talk to, I finally decided to do something about it, and create a system that lays out, step by step how any man can develop his personal authority, and turn it on at will, whenever he wants to attract women.  I call this system, “Secrets of Personal Authority:  How to Get Other People—Especially Sexy Women—to Want to Do What You Want Them to Do” and it is the perfect complement to your Real Conversations with Real Women Eavesdrop CD’s. 


Here’s what’s revealed on these remarkable “Personal Authority CD’s:”


CD #1 The Truth About Authority—What Society Does NOT Want Men to Know


  • The two reasons why men fail with personal authority, and how to correct them quickly and easily

  • How to generate “instant attraction” by simply “turning on” your personal authority (not one in a thousand men knows this neat little secret, but it can bring you as many women as you want as fast as you want)

  • Why independent “feminist” women crave men with personal authority, and why they are truly frustrated with men (Warning:  when you turn on your personal authority around these kind of women, you must be careful not to attract too many of them—imagine, a flock of feminists fighting over YOU!) …and MORE, MUCH MORE!


CD #2  How to Instantly Get Rid of Your Authority Killing Habits


  • How to avoid a psychotic relationship before it even gets started (Very few men know this secret, but it can save you a ton of misery—imagine, being able to “disqualify” a potential stalker, bitch, or gold digger 15 minutes after you meet her)

  • Why trying to impress a woman is the best way to turn her off!  Most guys subconsciously do this, then wonder why they never get another date.

  • Discovered at last—what women really want!  And you won’t believe how easy it is to give it to them.


CD#3 How to Create Your Own Unique Personal Authority


  • The truth about “positive thinking” and “motivation”-- is it BS, or is there something to it?

  • The unexpected facial expression that instantly puts you in authority (you can use this secret in less than 5 minutes)

  • How to instantly make a great first impression by doing this one thing—and get others to confer authority on you

  • How to get other people to build your authority for you (this is the ultimate “lazy man’s” way to personal authority)


CD #4  An Easy Step by Step Plan for Building Your Own Unique Personal Authority


  • How to build your authority in an existing relationship (you might just turn a marriage around with this simple secret), and why your wife or girlfriend will love you for it

  • Why women flake—and how to correct it for good

  • How to deal with idiots (a little known skill) …and MORE, MUCH MORE!


CD #5 Authority Role Models You Should Pay Close Attention To


  • Why you must have authority role models to study… but never imitate

  • Who you should model, and just as importantly, who you should not

  • Four people you should pay close attention to

  • Authority stories to learn from…and MORE, MUCH MORE!


CD #6 Bonus CD: What A Sexy Woman Thinks About Authority


  • Looking for a wonderful woman to share your life with?  You'll discover exactly where to go to meet women who can be your true partner (and why you'll be the only guy they'll give more than the time of day to)

  • How to dress so women will approach YOU-- never before revealed turn ons, and turn offs

  • How to "get physical" in a way that makes both you and she absolutely comfortable-- she'll think you're "psychic" because you'll know exactly what to do at exactly the right moment.

  • How to read subtle female attraction signals most guys flat out miss-- once you understand this simple psychology you'll be able to "read" a woman before you even speak to her... imagine never being rejected again!

  • How to turn a hot female friend into an even hotter lover (and make her think it's HER idea)!


In addition to these audio CD’s, you also get the entire transcript of each CD, so you can sit down and read them at your own leisure, making notes, and reviewing important points.  But that’s not all! The Secrets of Personal Authority System also comes with a neat three CD set entitled, “The Ultimate Attraction Roadmap Teleseminar.”  In these CD’s I interview a hot, sexy woman, getting her to reveal ALL the secrets to effortlessly attracting women like her, no matter your looks, age or income. If purchased separately, you’d pay $643.00 for Secrets of Personal Authority and the Ultimate Attraction Roadmap but you may add the combined system to your order for only $397 when you respond by the expiration date in red above.


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