Only a Select Few Will Qualify to Be A Member of the “Doer’s Only Insider Club"... For FREE

“I’m Looking for a FEW GOOD MEN AND WOMEN Who Truly Want to Lead a Lifetime of Power, Choice and Success… Will YOU Be Accepted to This ELITE Group-- For FREE?” 

Dear Friend…


    I have a confession to make.


    I’ve been holding out on you.  Yep, I’ve been withholding vital secrets from you, secrets that would shock and amaze you if I revealed them. 


    Why have I been doing this?  The answer is simple:  there are just some things I do not want to reveal in a public forum, such as my daily emails.  Why?  Because these “private secrets” require my “private style,” something, that quite frankly, would offend most outsiders. 


    In my daily emails, you get a “peek” into what I’m like behind closed doors.  But you don’t get the “full me” because, to be brutally honest, I don’t believe the world at large could take what I have to say.  They may need it, but they don’t want it... 


...and I Don’t Want Them.


    There are, however, a few people I do want in my life, a few people I want to welcome into my “inner sanctum” where I talk with the utmost, brutal honesty, and reveal secrets I would never reveal in a public forum in a way I would never present myself in public.


    The question is, are you one of those few men or women?  We’ll find out in just a bit, but first I want to tell you a few more things about me so you’ll be able to make a fully informed decision as to whether or not you’re my type of individual.


    I will be so bold as to tell you I’ve figured out how to create attraction with women no matter your looks, age, or income, how to choose your own relationships with any woman you want (something no college professor or “relationship expert” can do), and how to put those secrets to work to live a lifetime of power and success, not just with women, but in any area of your life (women who are reading this:  yes, you can “reverse engineer” these secrets to attract the MAN you desire). 


    I can show you how to get what you want out of life… how to make money (lots of it), how to attract the right kind of women, and how to get ‘round you people who will contribute and add to your life—and how to avoid the phonies, bad investments, and snake oil salesman who are out to bring you down to their level of misery (and yes, I can name names…). 


    I can in fact, open doors for you, and kick your ass through them.  Where you go from there is up to you, of course, but I can present you opportunities you’d never come across otherwise.  Think of me as a "success coach" in print.


    I am, at times, crass, opinionated, and brutally, brutally honest.  I’m not concerned with people’s precious feelings or what they think about me.  I’m concerned with results, plain and simple.


    Talkers have called me an arrogant, abrasive, prickly, egotistical windbag.


    Doers have called me an arrogant, abrasive, prickly, egotistical breath of fresh air, a sane voice in an insane world, a guy who has the guts to tell it like it is in a hilarious and entertaining fashion, and, most importantly, someone who always delivers “what works in the real world” information.


    Both are probably right—which is why I get along famously with doers, and have no tolerance or use for talkers. 


    In case you haven’t figured it out, I’m extremely difficult to get hold of.  I don’t take incoming phone calls, I don’t respond to incoming emails, and I hate having my time abused. I speak with people only by appointment, and only after I have reviewed their faxed in information to make sure they are a good candidate to talk with me, someone who won’t waste my time. I have, in fact, fired customers who have paid me good money simply because they were time-wasters.


    I am not telling you all this to brag, or to pump up my ego. I’m way beyond that. I’m telling you this for a more compelling reason—to see if you’re someone I’d welcome behind closed doors… to see if you’re a person who shares my view of the world, and desires my outcomes.  So, if you’re interested in living a lifetime of power and success, not only with women, but with money and freedom, I have an unusual, time limited FREE offer for you.


Announcing the Doer's Only Insider Club!


    Here’s the deal:  I’m starting an exclusive, member’s only “Doer’s Only Insider Club,” and if you take fast action (one of the qualifications for membership) you can get in at a special “founder’s rate"  (Hint:  it's FREE if you take fast action...)


    Here’s what you get if you’re accepted as a member of this exclusive club:


  1. A monthly subscription to my private, members only “Above and Beyond” newsletter.  Every month I deliver to you via real, live mail the things I CANNOT and WILL NOT say in email, the secrets I don’t reveal anywhere else.  I keep you up to date on the latest, greatest attraction breakthroughs, and get you the “real secrets” before anyone else does.  Not only do I show you how to attract and keep great women in your life, I also show you how to attract other things you may want—great friends, key contacts, business associates, and anything else you may want in your life. I reveal persuasion and psychological secrets I would never reveal in a public forum... they are, quite frankly, too dangerous for the "great unwashed."

    Like I said, I actually mail this to you, in a real 9” x 12” envelope, every single month, and unlike non-deliverable email, the US Post Office is required by Federal Law to deliver the mail to you- a Postal worker can go to jail for a long time for tampering with the mail.  A snotty corporate worker at a technology firm charged with blocking email gets a promotion and a gold star for doing the same thing.  Ridiculous. 

    No ONE will censor this newsletter, especially not some “holier than thou” email provider who thinks they should be able to decide for you what YOU get to read.  You get to be the one who decides if you want to hear what I have to say, not some inhuman, faceless entity, nor some professional politician who thinks they should decide what you read for you.  

    If you don’t like what I have to say, YOU are the one who gets to throw my newsletter in the trash, cancel your subscription, tell me to take a hike, whatever YOU want to do.  Now, I don’t think you’re going to do that, and I’m confident you’ll like—and profit from—what I have to say (which is why I'm going to make you an irresistible FREE offer), but it’s YOUR decision to make not someone else’s.


  1. In addition to all the great information in my newsletter, you also get a few “fun inserts.”  See, I don’t believe in just giving great information, I also believe in delivering great entertainment to go along with it.  So, in addition to the new and updated secrets I reveal in the “main newsletter” you also get the following sections, included as inserts:


Sports:  as some of you guys know, I’m a huge fan of the National Football League, and I have some very definite opinions on the game of football.  Here’s where I express them in a way that will delight many, offend others (especially Eagles and Packers fans), but will always entertain.


Music:  if you think I’m opinionated about football, you should hear what I have to say about the state of music in today’s world.  I’ll skewer all the whiney alternative bands, and introduce you to real music that got your heart pumping, your blood boiling, and got you girls, girls, girls.  We'll relive a few long forgotten memories, and bring back the glory days of music.


Money:  in this section, we have a serious discussion about business and  money, and how to put loads of it in your pocket.  Marketing and money-making are one of my main loves, and I’m going to make it a point every month to turn you on to the same resources, and reveal all the secrets I myself use to put truckloads of “hassle free money” in my bank account every month.  Quite frankly, I don’t like having poor friends or poor members, so I’m going to do everything in my power to show you guys how to make as much money as you want as fast as you want.




  1. My Monthly "Hour Long Press Conference," where you get to listen to me reveal up to the minute attraction secrets live and “almost in person,” via conference call, then ask me whatever questions you want to.  If you miss it, don’t worry—you’ll get the recording of it delivered to you via audio CD, so you can pop it in your CD player, and listen to it whenever you feel like.  While I’ll have relevant (and entertaining) guests on occasion, these “press conferences” are mostly me and you—and they are never, ever boring.  

  2. One on One Call In Days.  Three or four times a year (maybe more if I feel like it), I set aside entire days where, for 6 hours straight, I take calls in 10 minute blocks of time.  You get me one on one, and can ask me any question you want to.  Got a question about attracting women? I have the answer.  Got a business problem?  We’ll solve that too.  Want to argue football?  We’ll do so for exactly 10 minutes.  This all works like a radio call in show—I give out the number and the day, and you keep dialing until you get me.  But be sure you're prepared when you get me on the phone-- you won't believe how much we can get done in ten minutes.

  3. Occasional In Person “Round Table” Meetings.  I have a fairly busy travel schedule, and at times find myself in different parts of the country.  Every now and then I’ll stay over an extra day, book a hotel conference room for four hours, let all my doers know where I’m going to be, and for four hours we’ll mastermind attraction strategies, and solve your problems with wealth and women.  Now, these do NOT happen on a regular basis, so don’t expect them to… but when they do, they are incredibly valuable.  It’s the only time you’ll ever get to experience me live, behind closed doors without paying my daily consulting fee of $11,500.00

    Sounds like, a lot of stuff, huh?  It is, and we’re just getting started.  As you guys know, I like doers, men and women who take fast action, so… if you’re a “true doer” and respond before the expiration date, I have two very special, very valuable...


 Free Bonuses For You!


Free Bonus #1 is access to my password protected, members only website.  Only paid Doer’s Only Insider Club members are allowed access to this website (no freeloaders, talkers, or refunders allowed), and that entitles you to some valuable benefits.


  1. Participation in my “Doer’s Only Discussion Group.”  Now, I’ll be very blunt with you:  in the past I have been extremely resistant to the idea of an online discussion group, because what tends to happen is, most people spend their time talking and posting, not taking action and doing.  There are many, many “attraction/seduction” discussion boards on the web, and they are all filled with wimpy, wussy talkers who brag that they “almost got a phone number.”  I want no part of that waste of time.  

    However, there is tremendous value in getting a bunch of true doers together, men and women who take action, learn from each other, teach each other, and improve each others lives.  This describes the members of my Doer’s Only Insider Club—since they are all paying, they are all very serious about getting value from this, and have no toleration for people who just hang out and talk (I actively remove talkers like this to maintain the quality of the group—luckily this rarely happens, since few slip under the radar and are accepted as members).  The networking opportunity alone is invaluable, and you’ll come in contact with people (both men and women--maybe that "special one!") you never would have otherwise.

  1. In addition to my Doer’s Discussion Group, you also get access to all the past issues of my newsletter (they’re all archived there), plus you can listen to prior press conferences online, just in case you misplaced the CD.  Oh yeah, and you also get access to a constantly updated Doer’s Only Resource Guide—a list of all the books, manuals, courses, CD’s, and contacts I myself use… it’s everything you’d ever want in one place, something you could never assemble for yourself in ten years (but you get it instantly).


  1. You are automatically enrolled as an affiliate of my products, giving you the right to resell them using my tested, proven marketing materials, and collect a fat commission.  While I have had an affiliate program in the past, it has been my experience that either nobody does anything with it, or it attracts a bunch of spammers who wind up causing me a lot of problems.  I hate problems and I hate spammers, so I’m going to restrict my affiliates to paid members of my Doer’s Only Insider Club.  While it’s not the reason to join, I’ve set up the commission structure so that if you sell just one of my products each month, that makes your membership practically free.  I’m sure you’ll have no problems taking the money.


Free Bonus #2:  Accrual of “Doer Points.”  For every month you are a member in good standing, you acquire “doer points,” points that can be redeemed for discounts on products, seminars, consultation coupons, and anything except your monthly membership dues (these are NEVER discounted).  Now, you must be a paid member in good standing to redeem these points, but they can be incredibly valuable.  Also, as a member, you accrue “Doer Points” whenever you invest in one of my products, something outsiders do NOT get.


    OK, that’s it—it’s not just enough, it’s more than enough.  By now I’m sure you want to know, just how much is all this going to cost?  Well, never fear because I have a very special “founder’s rate” offer for those who take fast action.


    The highest newsletter/monthly membership fee I’ve ever seen is $800 a month, for people involved in the buying and selling of real estate.  While I certainly think membership to my Doer’s Only Insider Club is worth that much (more actually), I realize that may be prohibitive for some of you guys.  So, I’m not going to charge that, or even 10% of that.

Monthly membership dues are only $39.97 a month, and if you take action before the expiration date below, I have an absolute, kick butt, irresistible offer for you, a special “founder’s rate”:


I’ll Let You Join for FREE for Three Months!


    When you take fast action, and apply for membership before the expiration date below, I’ll let you have your first three months membership for FREE--- all I ask is you pay $5.95 postage (this covers all three months, international customers pay $19.95 in postage), and then each month thereafter is only $29.97-- a 25% savings off the founder’s rate (international dues are $39.97 US).  You pay only $5.95 postage now, and then $29.97 a month for as long as you’re a member.  You may cancel at any time, and there is no continuing obligation on your part.  Keep in mind, membership dues are non-refundable, so while you may cancel at any time, there are no refunds on paid dues.  This policy tends to keep the talkers and refunders out, insuring your fellow members are true doers, and you get MAXIMUM VALUE from your small investment.

You Get The FREE BONUSES and a 25% Discount On Monthly Dues When You Respond Before Midnight Of The Following Date:


    So, the bottom line is this:  sign up now FREE for three months, pay only $5.95 postage and handling, and you will get immediate access to my Doer’s Only Membership site, plus you will immediately be sent a welcome package with the current issue of my kick butt, “Above and Beyond” newsletter, along with the current press conference CD.  Then, every month like clockwork, you’ll receive my newsletter in your mailbox, then two weeks later the latest press conference.  That way you get something from me around the first of every month, and a bit after the 15th of every month. So, you’ll never be more than two weeks away from your latest “breath of fresh sanity” in a pathetically insane and mediocre world. 


US Doers Click here to join now   


International Doers click here to join


    Look, this is your opportunity to be part of something, to be part of a group of insiders who create their own realities, shares their successes with others who can truly understand  them (and are not jealous or spiteful of others’ achievements), and choose their own outcomes in life, whether it’s with women, money, friends and whatever else it is that makes your life worth living.


    If you’ve ever been on a winning sports team, a member of the military, or part of a tight, hard working organization that achieved great things, you know how good it feels, how much pride you take, as a member of such an elite group.  This is the real benefit of membership, and something that is extraordinarily difficult to find in a world that welcomes and rewards incompetence, seeking to actively repress achievement and accomplishment. 


    This is your opportunity to get ‘round you others like you, and take your life to new heights in front of a crowd of competent, true doers who are cheering you on.  Don’t delay, take action NOW to be a part of this exclusive group.


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    Membership will be capped soon, and the founder’s rate will be no more.  Don’t risk being put on a waiting list and becoming an outsider looking in, wanting to know what everyone else is doing, and hating the fact you were left out.  Decisive action on your part is crucial.  Put your application in now, and I hope to welcome you as a member in good standing of my Doer’s Only Insider Club.  Click here to join now.   International customers click here to join


-John Alanis
The King of Let Success Come to You

Scourge of Talkers Everywhere


PS  Again, in order to claim your free bonuses, and get the special founders rate, you must respond by the expiration date, or risk being left out of this exclusive club.  US Customers Click here to join now.  International customers click here to join


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