An important, time sensitive invitation from John Alanis—for 127 people only


“After I Give You My Most Prized, Never Before Revealed Personal Secrets For Attracting and Keeping the Women You Truly Desire, You’ll Have to Be Careful NOT to Use Them Automatically and Effortlessly… Or You Will Risk Attracting Too Many Women Too Fast”


In Fact, You May Want to Keep Your New Found “Attraction Super Powers” a Secret From Your Male Friends AND Women You’re Not Interested In—Jealousy and Envy May Result


 Whether You Want to Attract Lots of Desirable Women Effortlessly, Or Are Finally Ready For the Long Term Committed Relationship With the Woman You Always Dreamed of, Pay Close Attention to My Urgent Letter—I Anticipate a Tidal Wave of Fast Response, With Many People Missing Out


Dear Friend,


I want to invite you to attend a very special, limited seating event, an event you may look back on as the two (possibly three) days that changed your life with women forever.


One of the biggest problems my students face when it comes to attracting desirable women is speed of implementation with the secrets I teach—no one wants to wait months, even years for success with women… you want it now, instantly.  But for many it takes years to develop this skill (and attracting women IS a skill, learnable by any man), when it should only take days, a few weeks at most.  So what’s holding you back, why is it taking so long? 


For some it’s a tiny misunderstanding of the material, something one, simple, live, in person “tweak” by me will instantly fix. Others don’t believe women will actually respond to the attraction creation behaviors I teach- -but when they see women respond to those very behaviors right before their eyes, the same way, over and over, that limiting belief switches off, and women start approaching them by the droves. For some it’s a deep-seated personal belief that while the material works for others, they can’t personally make it work for them—but this belief evaporates in a flash when exposed to other, successful students who overcame even more limiting beliefs, and real, daunting challenges.


Others just need a kick in the rear by an expert to get started… but once they do, it’s katy-bar-the-door, with success taking on a life of its own.  Others are already doing well, but want to do even better, faster.  Here’s a big secret:  ALL these problems are quickly and easily solvable using what I call my time-compressed, attraction immersion techniques, designed to rapidly accelerate your successes with women.  Even a short exposure to these immersion techniques (which I have never before revealed anywhere) can turn you into an attraction machine, automatically bringing you the women you want, while repelling those you don’t.


Understand this:  no matter whether you want to attract lots of fun women, are looking for “the one” for a long term committed for life relationship OR just want to make all your relationships with women better (business, personal, and friends), these “immersion secrets” can get you there in days—two to be exact.  An opportunity stands before you—and in a few minutes, you’re going to get a chance to seize that opportunity, and catapult yourself to success all men dream about, but few achieve. 


In short, this is a letter about how to master previously problematic attraction skills rapidly, in a compressed time period, days instead of weeks, minutes instead of hours.  If you are selected for this rare opportunity, you will be thoroughly immersed in the art and science of attraction, able to do in two days what it takes most men a lifetime to accomplish.  Will you be selected, or will you miss out?  Read on to discover the answer… and find out what you might be experiencing… or missing.


As I previously mentioned, I have, at long last, decided to give into popular demand and put on a one time only, “ultimate attraction immersion event”, limited by space to only 127 qualified men (possibly a few more, at my discretion).  Not only will I be limiting the quantity of men in the room, I will also be selecting by quality—this event is NOT for everyone, and some (many, in fact) will be turned away, even if there are still seats available.


This is NOT for Everyone


You see, the material I will be teaching is dangerous in the wrong hands.  Like it says in the old Spider Man comics, “with great power comes great responsibility” and attraction requires responsibility.  I am not looking for guys who are out to hurt women, get back at them, or “use ‘em and lose ‘em,” leaving a string of broken hearts and crushed feelings.  There is no need for that.  I am only looking for guys who want to make the women currently in their lives and the women about to be in their lives feel really, really great whether their relationship lasts for life, or just a few days.  If you’re going to be selected to attend my event, you need to genuinely like women.  No jerks or abusers will be allowed. 


You also need to be dedicated to succeeding (at your own pace) with the material I will be revealing.  I’m looking for serious students only, not “looky loos,” or guys just dabbling in attraction.  A large benefit of attending any event is networking with the people in the room, sharing ideas and success stories, and forging relationships that endure long after the event ends.  That’s why I will insist on quality guys, so you will learn as much interacting with your fellow attendees as you will from me at the front of the room.


Now, just what the heck is this “Ultimate Attraction Immersion Seminar” all about, what are the specifics, what’s going to be going on behind closed doors that so many will miss out on?


First let’s talk about what it’s NOT about. This event is not about a few parlor tricks or schemes to “pick up” women, or see how many “phone number closes” or email addresses you can get. There are plenty of other places you can go to learn how to do that, if that's all you aspire to. It’s NOT about how to be “Johnny Big Man” in bars and clubs, wasting night after night trying to go home with drunk, desperate women you’ll never want to see again.  This event IS about how to attract and keep the women you desire, women who will add to, and enhance your life.  It is about how to form real connections with real women, something “pick up artists” and jerks never do.  It IS about giving you choices with women, whether you want to date lots of great, fun women, and have experiences rock stars would envy, or meet that one special woman for a lifelong committed relationship. 


It IS about bettering your relationships with all women you come in contact with, whether they are simply friends, associates, co-workers and other women who impact your life, even if you’re not romantically involved with them.  When you know how to create attraction on demand with all women, all of a sudden you go to the head of every line, become an “A-lister,” getting things instantly other men have to wait for. 


Attraction:  It’s Not Just for Sex, Dating, and Relationships Anymore


Like it or not, women have an impact in your life far greater than simply attraction and intimacy. Whether you’re dealing with a cashier at a fast food restaurant, an operator at the phone company (who controls your bill) or a female boss who makes decisions about who gets raises and who doesn’t (and who’s fired or sued for sexual harassment), the man who creates attraction with women ALWAYS gets the better outcome than the “creepy guy.”  This is a real fact of life in today’s feminized society whether you like it or not.  Women ARE in positions of power in this day and age, and how you deal with them determines the results you get.  The ability to create attraction has far greater ramifications than just dating, sex and one on one relationships.  It gives you something few men have—choice and power in all areas of your life. 


  Take me, for example. I attract women wherever I go, women who stay in my life.  I have lots of great female friends, and I have choice in my relationships.  I’m never alone unless I choose to be, and it is a great feeling knowing I have options with women, knowing I have lots of great women in my life.


Additionally, I do business with lots of women, getting favorable rates, expedited service and payment terms other men do not.  I hear important “gossip” other men are not privy to, “gossip” that gives me insight into the true character of men I know (this “gossip” has literally saved me thousands of dollars in business deals that would have gone bad).  In short, my ability to create attraction with women gives me a competitive edge over other men, not just in attracting the women I want, but in business as well.    


That’s what this event is really about—learning to create attraction with women to enhance your entire life, not just your relationship life (although that will get much better very quickly).  It’s about getting ‘round you women who make every day better, who bring you joy every day, not heartbreak, misery or emotional turmoil.  If you are selected, and you pay close attention to what I have to teach you, you will be squarely on the path to living that lifestyle.  Don’t envy me, join me—this is your Big Opportunity!


Here is Just a Tiny Bit of What You Will Experience If You Are Selected to Attend This Ultimate Attraction Immersion Event


  • Want to know how to separate yourself from the average guys women have to deal with every day?  The fastest- and easiest—way is to be “quick on your feet”… no matter what she says, you have an answer, and the faster you answer the more she’s attracted.  At this event, I’m going to reveal my secret, “quick thinking” exercise, that will give you a silver tongue and a mind like a steel trap… once you know this, you’ll never be nervous or flustered around women again—you’ll always have an answer for what she has to say or an effortless conversation starter for any situation. Knowing what to say to women is a huge issue for many of my students—but after you put this exercise to work, you’ll have to be careful not to talk to too many women!


  • Are you too successful with women?  Many guys get so good at creating attraction, they don’t know what to do when they’ve lost interest in a woman and want to end it without hurting her.  Never fear, I have a method (a secret method) for doing just that—you’ll part ways as “just good friends”… on your terms, of course.  Better yet, she’ll think it was her idea!


  • Secrets of personal authority… body language turn ons and turn off’s… starting conversations… setting up meetings... closing the deal… the entire attraction process explained from A to Z!


  • Live demonstrations! You will SEE me demonstrate the attractive gestures, facial expressions (including my famous “attraction on demand” naughty boy smile), and tone of voice I use to create attraction at will… and I will be demonstrating with real, live women so you can see their reactions to me—finally, you will know when a woman really is attracted to you


  • Attraction hot seats—during the event I will have a special “hot seat” session where I will allow volunteers from the audience to join me on stage, and go to work on your specific, personal attraction issue, with audience participation, giving you a step by step plan to get you instant results. Have “one special girl” in mind you’d like to attract?  You’ll get an exact step by step plan if you’re selected for a hotseat!


  • Networking with fellow doers—as valuable as the information I have for you will be, your interaction with fellow attendees is equally valuable.  You’ll be able to form relationships that last long after the event ends, giving you access to a living, breathing master mind group that collectively will solve every attraction problem that comes your way


  • Girls, girls, girls…?  Well, maybe. I’m going to do my dangdest to get several hot, sexy, extremely intelligent women to make an appearance, so you can watch me create attraction with them, on the spot.  No matter what they throw out, I’ll have an answer for, and you’ll get to see exactly how it’s done.  Understand I am NOT guaranteeing they will be there, but there’s a very good chance they will be.


  • Secrets of attracting women online—and getting them to meet you in person, quickly and easily, already “pre-attracted” to you.  The internet IS one the best ways to attract women, not just from your hometown, but from all over the country—if she’s attracted, she WILL come to see you.  Most guys don’t know how to use the internet… but when you leave the event, you will.


  • Secrets of dressing for women.  I will NOT be teaching this session—I’m too much of a slob to do so.  But I will be introducing you to the woman who dresses me, and we will be doing a full “dress for attraction success” makeover right on stage (after which I will revert to my “normal self”).


  • Where to meet the kind of women you truly desire.  Most men set themselves up for failure because they spend their time in the wrong places looking for women.  If you want to attract hot, smart, sexy women, you have to go where they go… and it’s NOT where you might expect.


  • How to effortlessly start conversations with women… keep those conversations going… then quickly transition to creating attraction so that the conversation ends with her dying to see you again.  Many guys get hung up on this point because they think it’s difficult.  The reality couldn’t be further from that—talking to women is actually one of the easiest parts of the attraction process (although most guys believe it’s difficult), and once you see how to do it, you’ll be dang near unstoppable.


  • Time tested methods to guard against women out to make your life miserable—no more dealing with bitches, psychopaths, or gold-diggers ever again.


  • ALL your questions answered.  While I will have an agenda I will loosely stick to, this will be somewhat of a free flowing event with multiple opportunities to get your individual questions answered, individual problems solved.  Many will be answered by what happens at the event, but if you have one that’s not covered, you will have a chance to get it answered by me OR… by one of my guest experts.


But Wait There’s More—Look Who Else is Speaking At the Event


            I have a special treat for you—three outside experts who talk the talk and walk the walk when it comes to attracting women.  These aren’t a bunch of guys who got some course on attraction, read it a few times, then started trying to teach other guys how to do what they’ve never done  These are guys who have a deep understanding of how women think and react, guys who use what they’re going to teach you in their own personal lives.


Expert #1 Chet E. Rowland—author, Chet’s Dating System

I’ve known Chet since the year 2000, way before he and I ever started teaching other guys how to attract women.  Chet is THE master when it comes to attracting women online, getting hundreds of women to email him, begging them to spend time with him.  And these women aren’t dogs, skanks or desperate for men—these are hot, intelligent, beautiful women, who are drawn to Chet’s unique style.  Unfortunately, Chet has so many emails, he has no time to answer them all—last time I was at his place (“Chet Land”) he had 386 un-read emails in his inbox.  Unlike other so-called “on line gurus” Chet routinely converts these emails to in person meetings leading to wild nights of passion.  Where other guys get women to meet for coffee, Chet goes right for the jugular, consistently getting women he met 30 minutes ago online to eagerly drive (or sometimes fly, if she’s from out of town)  to “Chet Land” for his famous “chicken dinner seduction”… but half the time they don’t make it to dinner!


Now, don’t think Chet’s just about attracting women online—he’s attracted women via every method imaginable, decades before there ever was an internet.  I have personally witnessed him “pick up” TWO women on a dark street corner right here in Austin, TX, literally kissing them within 30 seconds, then disappearing for three full days, finally re-appearing worn out—but with a huge grin on his face. BUT… don’t think that Chet is all about just picking up women, either—after years of dating three different women each week Chet finally met “The One” a year ago, and has happily been in a relationship ever since.  All his experiences to date allowed him to “hit it out the park” when his “once in a lifetime opportunity” appeared.  Chet will be revealing all of his closely held, personal attraction secrets, secrets you too can use to live like a rock star, or attract the woman of your dreams.  Oh yeah, Chet’s also hilariously funny, with a chest full of “war stories” that will literally have you rolling on the ground with pee-your-pants laughter.  Here’s just a small sample of what he has for you:


  • How to be the naughty boy women love

  • How to write an online profile women simply cannot resist

  • Where to run your online profile… which online dating sites pull like hotcakes… and which ones you must avoid

  • How to tell stories that get women laughing like crazy… and melting with attraction for you

  • Chet’s famous “30 Minute Chicken Dinner Seduction” any man can put to use instantly

  • How to dress for success with women

  • Attractive attitudes to adopt… and repulsive attitudes to drop (they’re not what you think they are)

  • “War stories” to learn from—“The Love Boat”… “Chet’s Been Kidnapped”… “My Father Just Had a Stroke”….”If I Let You Do This, Will You Go Away?”… “But You’re Greek!” and many more…


            Chet rarely reveals these secrets (or tells theses stories) from the stage, but I’ve convinced him to do so… and you’ll be the one who benefits.


Expert #2 Dave Dee

Dave is a happily married marketing expert who has a problem—despite his best efforts, women hit on him wherever he goes, and the more he tells them he’s not interested, the more they pursue him.  Is it because of his dashing good looks?  You can see by his picture that’s not the case.  Is it because he’s a successful guy?  No—while Dave is certainly successful, women have no clue about that when they meet him.  Is it because of his unique ability to build intrigue and mystery?  YES—and he’ll be showing you how to do just that.  You see, Dave’s prior business was magic—he was a professional magician, and wherever he went, women would follow wanting to get a tiny taste of his “magic.”  This is something any guy can use, and Dave’s going to be showing you how to get women to chase after you via “show magic.”  Now, this is not a gimmick for meeting women, but rather away to get them to approach, (even chase) you, wherever you go because you’re so intriguing.  Plus Dave will also show you how to smoothly transition from “magic” to attraction insuring you’re her lover, not just another entertaining friend.


Expert #3 Shelley McMurtry


Yes, I am going to be having an attractive woman speak at my event about—what else—how to attract high caliber women from a woman’s point of view.  Now, many women will tell you what should work when it comes to attracting women but Shelley tells you what actually does work… and it’s NOT what you think.  Here’s what Shelley will be revealing to you:





  • How to read female body language so you know when a woman is attracted to you

  • Why authority is important to women, especially intelligent, successful, high caliber women

  • What beautiful women experience on a day to day basis—before you can attract beautiful women, you must understand their world.  Few men do, and that’s why few men ever attract stunning women.  But when you do—and they sense it—watch out… you’ll literally have to beat them off with a stick.

  • Where to meet high class, high caliber women in a competition free environment

  • How to “get physical” with a woman without being slapped, rejected or “friended”

  • And more, much more.


            That’s a lot packed into two days, huh?  Now do you understand why I call this my “attraction immersion event?”  It’s going to be fast paced and intense, like taking a sip from a fire hydrant.  But when you’re done, you will have accomplished in two days what it takes other men years to master—and some NEVER master this skill. 


            This event will be held in my hometown of Austin, Texas, which I daresay is the beautiful women capital of the world.  Come in early, stay late—wherever you go you’ll meet beautiful, friendly women, all eager to meet a man who knows how to create attraction (Austin is also the wuss capital of the world, full of posers and mama’s boys—when Austin women meet a man of your skills, watch out!).  We’ll be having the event at a downtown hotel, with Austin’s restaurant, live music and club district within easy walking distance. 


            The event will be held Friday, January 26 through Saturday, January 27, 2007, and both will be full days.  You’ll have both Friday and Sat evening free to deploy your newfound skills here in Austin, maybe even have a success story while you’re here! This will be an intense, life-changing experience, not to be missed at any cost.  So, let’s talk about that, let’s talk about,  “how much is it going to cost to attend this event?”  Before we talk about the admission fee, let’s talk about how much it will cost you NOT to attend.


            Despite my best efforts, many men still resort to trying to impress women by taking them on expensive dates, buying them fancy gifts, and showering them with money in a vain attempt to get them to “like you.”  They still carry the internal belief that this is how you’re “supposed” to attract women (a belief I will kill dead at this event). A night on the town with dinner, drinks and entertainment will probably set you back at least $200 a date, and if you go on five of those a month, that’s at least a grand out of your pocket monthly, $12K a year.  Ouch.


            Worse yet is getting into a relationship with the wrong women, and spending years and tens of thousands of dollars to get out of what you never should have gotten into in the first place (yes, we are going to spend time on qualifying women).  Even worse is getting hit with a bogus sexual harassment lawsuit, in an attempt to extort money from you or “get back” at you for some perceived wrong.  Here’s a big secret you should know:  women tend not to hurt men they’re attracted to.  Here’s a bigger one:  if you get a woman destined to do you harm out of your life within 15 minutes of meeting her, she wreaks havoc on some other guy’s life, NOT yours.  Sounds like common sense, I know, yet guy after guy after guy suspends rational thought when he meets a hot woman and gets involved in a relationship he could have easily avoided.  Either she uses him for gifts and money, or breaks his heart and wallet via expensive divorce. Whatever the reason, he spends vast amounts of cash on her with no return whatsoever, only heartbreak, stress and misery.


            Lookit, I have no issue with men CHOOSING to spend money on women because they like to do so.  Heck, I’m a generous guy myself, and like to spend money when I’m with a woman I’m attracted to.  But I’m doing it because I enjoy it, NOT because I have to—and I’m not spending money forcibly defending myself against insane women who “looked good at the time.”  Any money I spend is by choice, not necessity.


            The truth is, this event would be cheap at $10,000.00 per person.  And it would be a real bargain—did you know some “match-making services” charge upwards of $30,000.00 to introduce you to a woman… without even teaching you how to create attraction with her?  Insane.  Then, somehow if you do get into what they define as a relationship, they take another $30K… for a total of $60,000.00!  That’s complete insanity—yet love hungry men are willing to pay this fee to find a woman who will make them happy-- and to tell you the truth. I can’t really blame them for paying this amount! You cannot put a price tag on having a great woman in your life (but you can on having a bad one)… any amount is worthwhile.  Still, why pay tens of thousands when you don’t have to?


            Let’s get down to brass tacks. I am not going to charge you $30,000.00, $10,000.00 or even $5,000.00 to be one of the few to attend this Ultimate Attraction Immersion Event.  I am not going to require you sign a promissory note requiring you to pay me for every relationship you have. I am, however, going to charge a solid fee, one designed to separate the dabblers from the men who are serious about attraction.  The investment to attend the Ultimate Attraction Immersion Event —provided you are accepted—is only $1,997.00. But wait—there’s good news- you don’t have to pay the $1997.00 enrollment fee when you take fast action…


Look at All the Discounts You Can Claim by Taking Fast Action, NOW!


            As you guys know by now, I have a soft spot for guys who take action, and make the decision to quickly and dramatically improve their lives, especially when it comes to attracting women.  For those who make the wise decision to attend, and do so before the expiration date in red on the order form, I have several discounts available—you may qualify for some of them… or perhaps even all.


Discount #1:  First Timer Discount……………………………………………deduct $400

            Never attended an event of mine before? Then you qualify for this discount.


Discount #2:  Fast Action Response Discount……………………………..deduct $300

            Responding before the expiration date on the registration form?  Take this discount too!


Discount #3:  Doer’s Only Insider’s Club Member Discount……… ....deduct $200

            All Doer’s Club Members may claim this discount.  If you’re not a member, you can sign up for a free trial membership on registration, and still claim this discount!

Discount #4:  Take Care of Your Investment in One Payment Discount…...deduct $100


            Yes, you can spread your registration fee over two months—but why do so when you can claim an additional $100 discount? 


            When you add up all the discounts (and many of you WILL qualify for all), that brings your total investment down to only $997.00 when you respond by the date in red on the registration form.  I cannot think of a fairer deal than that, and I know at this discounted rate the event will fill up fast.  I intend to charge much more for future events, so I advise you to get your registration form in now.  In fact, I would recommend you NOT mail it—the mail is too slow, and you risk the event filling up before I get your application to attend.  Phone, fax, fedex or by simply clicking here to register now are the recommended ways to register. 


            If you register and the event is already full, you will be put on a waiting list and notified if a seat opens up.   Those who get on the waiting list first get first priority if seats come open—but take it from me, you do not want to land on the waiting list, hoping someone cancels.  You want to be one of the few accepted as a primary registrant at this event, and the only way to do that is to get your registration application form in, now.  No excuses will be accepted for tardy response.


An Amazing FREE Bonus—For the First 50 to Register


            As many of you know I like—and reward—guys who take fast action, and this event will be no exception.  When you’re one of the first 50 to register, I’ll send you the unedited recordings of this event, so you can go back and review all the highlights.  At this point in time, I am NOT planning on selling these recordings, so you may just get your hands on the only 50 in existence.  As soon as they’re done, I’ll send them right out to you as a neat bonus for taking fast action.


But Wait—There’s More Good News!


            This two day event is going to be all about attracting the women you desire in the shortest amount of time possible.  However, I know many of you reading this are also interested in something else:  making money.  Many of you smart guys have observed that I have a nice little business going here, and would like to know how to do the same thing.  Well, I’m willing to share my secrets with you, but for one day only.


            So… I’m going to be having an optional day before the seminar begins (Thursday, January 25, 2007) where I’m going to tell you step by step how to start and profit with what can only be called the Ultimate Lifestyle Business.  “Information Marketing” is really the only business where you can set up “automatic profit systems” that bring you money even when you’re not present.  That means you can make huge amounts of money AND have the time to enjoy it. 


            Why don’t more people have their own information marketing businesses?  For starters, almost no one’s ever heard of it, and even if they have, the odds are they’ve been given a lot of hype and hot air by hucksters who make money selling “how to get rich quick” tools.  These clowns have never done what they’re teaching outside of selling recycled money-making advice.


            In my case, the proof speaks for itself.  I am uniquely qualified to teach you how to make money in the information marketing business the RIGHT WAY because I’ve done it and continue to do it in a market that has nothing to do with making money.  Furthermore, it is a market full of competition, chaos, outright dishonesty and a lot of people pretending to be experts—yet despite all these drawbacks I profit handsomely.  If you’ve been on my list for any amount of time, you know that, you’ve seen that.  In fact, you would NOT be reading this letter if I did not know to profit in information marketing… I’d have been out of business years ago. 


            You should also know my business is relatively new—I started it a little over two years ago, and went from zero to $100,000.00 per month on a consistent basis, starting with no money invested, no product, no joint venture partners, no credit card merchant account, nothing but the information I had in my head.  I was profitable from Day 1, continually reinvesting my profits to get to where I am today—and to be truthful, I’ve only scratched the surface of this business.  In the company of my fellow information marketers, I am actually embarrassed to say I’m “only making $100,000.00 per month” because so many are making so much more, almost effortlessly.


            I’m not saying this to brag, I’m saying it to give you an idea of what’s possible when you have the right knowledge.  You’ve observed this knowledge in action, you’ve invested in my products.  What I’m going to do in this optional first day is give you that knowledge and set you on the path to profits beyond your wildest dreams.  Can I teach you everything in one day?  No, BUT… I can tell you exactly what you need to do, and more importantly what you need to avoid so you can make maximum money in minimum time.  I can give you a “road map to information marketing riches,” the one I myself have followed.


            Now, if $100,000.00 a month seems unbelievable or unattainable to you, don’t worry.  You can use what I’m going to teach you to make an extra few hundred or thousand dollars per month if you prefer.  Or you can use it to build a hugely profitable information business, just like I have. 


            Also, understand that I started my information marketing business with no money invested, letting it self finance, and I’m going to show you how to do the same at this optional first day. If you have no money right now to invest in business, don’t worry—I’m going to show you how to make money without money, a skill that will serve you well throughout your business life. 


            The old saying that “it takes money to make money” is pure, unadulterated BS—the real truth is, if you can’t make money without money, you sure as heck can’t make money with money.  So, if you’re on a limited investment budget, don’t worry—what I will be revealing will allow you to bootstrap your way to success.  If you DO have money to invest in a business, I will keep you from peeing away that money so  you won’t lose your ass jumping headlong into the business world.


            How much is this Money Making Day going to go for?  Well, my current daily consulting rate is $10,000.00 per day, gladly paid by other information marketers and that rate is about to go up.  At this optional first day, I am going to be revealing to you what I reveal one on one in a consulting environment- -most guys who pay my daily rate are really paying for a personal, one on one seminar that doesn’t vary much from person to person.  So, in reality, I should charge at least $10K for the day, probably more since I have to pay for the hotel meeting room, something I’m not stuck with on a regular consulting day.


Another Time Limited “Fat Discount”


            However, since everyone is going to be in the room at once, I’m going to charge substantially less (against the advice of my fellow information marketers).  This is a price I guarantee you will not be repeated so you’d better take fast action to get it.  The attendance rate for the optional money-making day is 1/20 of what I’d charge for a day of consulting, 95% off-- $500.00.  You will NOT get into a content rich information marketing seminar for that price, ever.  It is a hell of deal, a “get started making money” gift from me to you.  In the future I will charge significantly more for this day because I know I can get it.  So, if you want to learn just how to make money like I do, I urge you to attend this remarkable first day.  Just click the correct link on the registration form to assure you get a seat—it will start early and end late, giving you incredible bang for your buck.


30 Day Cancellation Policy


            Understand this:  at my event, you’re “buying real estate,” reserving a seat desired by another man.  The last thing I want to see is empty seats at my event because someone didn’t show up, empty seats I know could have been used by another guy.  But, I do understand that life events happen, so I will extend a 30 Day cancellation policy to you.  When you register by the date in red on the registration form, you may cancel your registration up to 30 days prior to the event and receive a full refund.  Once you’re past the 30 days, no cancellations will be accepted, and your attendance is expected. 



Urgent:  time is short, and this event is filling up fast.  There are only 127 seats, available and when they’re gone, they’re gone—I can only fit so many men (and women!) into the room at once.  It is vital you take fast action to reserve your seat.  Hesitate and another man may take it from you—and take the knowledge you need to finally attract the woman of your dreams.  Do not delay filling out your registration form—get it in now while there are still seats available, before all the discounts expire, before the date in red on the Registration Form.  Those who register at the last minute risk paying full price OR being turned away due to sell out.  Now, today, this instant, is the time to act, not later.  Click here to get your registration form in now.


Here’s How to Register for This Ultimate Attraction Immersion Event


Here’s what to do next:  simply pick up the phone and call 1-800-796-5580 to order 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Be sure to have your credit card handy when you call.  Now if you do have questions, they may be able to answer a few basic ones if you tell them you’d like to register for the Ultimate Attraction Immersion EventHowever this is an order taking service, so you they may not be able to answer all your questions.  If you want to register for the optional Money Making First Day, please be sure to let them know.


            This letter is pretty straightforward, but if you feel you absolutely must have your questions answered before you register, you may call us at 512 892 8839.  Keep in mind you may not get a “live answer” but we will return your call in a timely manner and answer all your questions—please be sure to leave a call back number if you do get voicemail.  You think that would be common sense, but we get hundreds of calls with no call back number and no way to contact the person who just called. I guess common sense just ain’t so common.


Here's the best way to register:  simply click here and place your order online privately, discreetly, and rapidly.


            You may also order by faxing the printable registration form to 512 891 9417, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Or, if you’d prefer to pay by check or money order, simply fill out the registration form, and send it (Overnight FedEx IS suggested), and payment to:


John Alanis

Art Of Steel, Inc.

4404 W. William Cannon Dr. #P-166

Austin, TX 78749


             Make all checks and money orders out to Art of Steel, Inc.  Keep in mind it is not a good idea to send cash in the mail. As soon as we receive your registration, we’ll review it and if you’re accepted, we’ll send you the registration package.


            Remember, to get all discounts, you must respond by the date in red on the registration form, or you will miss out.  To avoid disappointment, immediate action is necessary—keep in mind this is a limited seating event which will fill up fast.  There is a set amount of “real estate” in the room, and once it’s gone, it’s gone- I can’t magically add more.


            I cannot possibly think of a good reason why you would miss this.  Yes, there’s the inconvenience of travel, but that’s nothing compared to the cost and inconvenience of frustrating date after frustrating date, OR the cost and hassle of getting involved with the wrong woman because you didn’t know the signs to look for.  And I can assure you, the one time cost of this event is far less expensive than big bar tabs, expensive dinners, extravagant gifts and nasty divorces (or lawsuits) that come with trying to attract women the “conventional way.”  You WILL lose money by not coming to this event.  If you attend the optional first day, you’ll have the opportunity to profit wildly, recovering your investment at a rapid rate.


            Now, I know there may be one or two guys reading this who feel it’s a bit embarrassing to tell their friends they’re going to an event to learn how to attract women.  First off, they don’t need to know—just tell them you’re going to an event on influence and persuasion (when you return they’ll be begging YOU to show them how to use your “influence and persuasion skills” to attract women).  Furthermore, when you get to the hotel, the event will simply be entitled “Art of Steel, John Alanis Event.”  No one will know what goes on behind closed doors—except for you, me, and the women you attract after (or maybe at?) the event.  Regardless, “personal embarrassment” is no reason not to come, and if something like that holds you back, you’re probably going to have a difficult time attracting women no matter what you do.


            Like I said a few seconds ago, there is no good reason whatsoever not to come to this event.  That does not, however, mean your acceptance is automatic—remember, seating is strictly limited, first come first serve and fast action is necessary on your part.  Those who delay and miss out, may very well miss out on attracting the woman of their dreams—I’m NOT over-exaggerating when I say this event can change your life forever.


            One of the saddest stories I ever heard was from a man who met the woman of his dreams when he was 25 years old.  She was everything he dreamed about, everything he ever wanted.  And she was attracted to him, wildly.  But he waited to take action- and lost her to his best friend because his friend acted when he froze.  That was 53 years ago, and his heart is still broken at 78 years of age.  He told me he was waiting for his friend to pass on so he could reclaim the woman of his dreams.  Success passed him by because at the critical moment he waited.  He’s lived a lifetime of regret, every day revisiting the past, wishing he’d acted when opportunity presented itself.


            Opportunities don’t come around often, and when they do they’re fleeting.  This is your opportunity to finally live a lifetime of power, success and choice with the women you desire—don’t let it pass you by.  Get your registration form in at once.  When you’re 78 years old, you want to be sure you’re still enjoying the life you want to lead with the woman you really want—not waking up every morning regretting a decision you made 53 years ago.  Fast action is vital on your part—get your registration form in at once, before it’s too late.  I look forward to seeing you in person at the Ultimate Attraction Immersion Event.



-John Alanis
“King of Let ‘em Come to You”

Author, “Secrets of Natural Attraction”


PS This letter has been mailed to 3,286 men.  In a few hours 49,587 will have a chance to read about it on the internet IF the event is not full by the time I tell my email list about it.  This event will sell out, and it will sell out fast.  Don’t risk being turned away, or stuck on a waiting list.  Click here to get your registration form in now, while there’s still time. 


PPS  This event will be held in beautiful Austin, Texas which, as you will see, has a valid case for the most beautiful, friendly women per capita then any other city in the US, maybe even the world.  You will have ample opportunity in your “off time” to put your new found skills to work… and it would not surprise me if some men were late to the event the last day, having been out late “implementing” what they learned the first day.  In fact, you might consider turning this into a “mini vacation,” coming in early or staying late enjoying everything Austin has to offer.


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