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Dear Friend,

     You missed it.

     A few months ago I put on a live event for a small, select number of men where I revealed my deepest, darkest attraction secrets, secrets I've never before revealed in any forum, public or private.

     Not only that, throughout the event I demonstrated my magnetically irresistible attraction secrets with real, live women, secrets so powerful they literally compel women to seek me out begging for a date, even going so far as to boldly approach me right in front of a woman I'm with! And, if you pay close attention to this letter, they just might do the same for you.

     The event itself was incredible. Every aspect of attraction was covered. From installing an attractive self image, creating supreme confidence in yourself, developing a profound sense of personal authority, understanding how women think, dressing for women, how to be the naughty boy women love, to "automatic attraction systems," and long term relationships, you name it, we covered it.

     No question was left unanswered, no stone unturned. The attendees all walked out of the event with the necessary tools to quickly and easily become unstoppable attraction dynamos.

     But it gets even better: you see, I didn't just "tell" at this event, I "showed." I showed how to dress to attract women. I showed how to create attraction with language, facial expressions, posture and gestures. I showed how to tell stories that magnetically draw women to you. I showed "personal authority."

     In other words, I showed every aspect of attraction you can't get by reading a manual, or listening to a CD. Attraction is a visual phenomenon, and you must see it in action in order to fully master it.

     But hey, seeing a guy demonstrate attraction all by himself is no fun, no matter how good he is, so… I also had six real, live attractive women at the event! As you might imagine, they were the "hit" of the show.  Everyone got to watch me greet them, talk to them, demonstrate attraction with them, and then watch in amazement as I unleashed the "ultimate attraction weapon," on all six of them at the same time! They were NOT prepared for what happened next…

     It's simply not something I can describe in a mere letter-- you just have to see it on the videos to believe it. The only thing I can tell you is, this seminar was much more of a success than even I expected but...

I'll NEVER Do It Again!

     You see, it truly was a once in a lifetime event. And, as great as it was, it was simply too draining for me, my fellow attraction experts, and all of the sexy women who "helped out" at the event. Even the Ultimate Attraction Weapon was exhausted, ready for a long winter's nap by the time was all said and done.

     Thank God we got it all on video. I've watched what we finally came up with, and even I was blown away by the sheer quality and quantity of the secrets revealed, showed, and demonstrated at this event. No wonder every single attendee came up and personally shook my hand after it was all over… they expected goodness… and received greatness!

     Now, I'm not trying to brag here. And, in truth, much of the credit goes to the other speakers I brought in, the six sexy women… as well as the "Ultimate Attraction Weapon." But the secrets I revealed at this seminar go above and beyond anything I've ever done before, so I don't think it's any stretch at all to attached the label of greatness to this event... as you'll discover if you're one of the few men to receive these DVD's.

     During the rest of this letter, I'm going to break down the components of what's on these amazing DVD's so you'll have a taste of all the goodies in store when you watch them. Looking back on the event, I realized it really divided itself into five phases, each building on the other, each one getting more intense as more and more secrets were revealed.

The Five Phases to Unlimited Attraction Success

Phase 1: "The King Speaks" Now, before you can demonstrate anything, you've got to know how and why it works. I can talk to women all day long, and the guys watching would have no clue about what I was doing because they don't have a trained eye. Before you see the advanced stuff, you've got to know the fundamentals, and that's what Phase 1 was all about.

     The truth is, most men fail with women because they violate the fundamentals. Every time I talk to a man who got shot down in flames, cheated on, or had his girlfriend stolen by another man, I always, always, discover he violated the fundamentals. You've GOT to have these straight before you get into the advanced stuff we covered later on in the event, or you will constantly and consistently fail with women.

     So, in this phase, I grabbed the audience by the throat, and made darn sure everyone had a keen grasp of the building blocks of attraction, so they'd never violate the fundamentals again. When I did this, something astounding happened. The attendees started having, "aha experiences," finally understanding why they'd failed with a specific woman in the past.

     More than one guy hit his own forehead in disgust, saying to himself, "oh, how could I have been so stupid-that's where I screwed up with her." It truly was a life changing session, like turning on a bright light in a dark room you've been stumbling around in, finally "seeing" what creates and kills attraction. Halfway through the session, one man raised his hand, saying, "Wow, I've already gotten my money's worth… and we haven't even gotten started!"

     What did we talk about that was so darn tootin' powerful? Well, you'll find out on the DVD's, and you should remember this-the secrets I reveal in this phase are the exact same secrets that compel stunningly beautiful women to approach me, right in front of a woman I'm obviously with! Yes, they are that powerful, and every single attendee had these secrets permanently installed in their brains, much like installing a powerful, state of the art software upgrade.

     Onward. In addition to "installing" a "no-fail attraction program," in the attendees during this session, I also demonstrated personal authority, sarcastic humor, and attractive gestures… while I gave the presentation! You see, much of the magic in watching these DVD's is seeing how the audience reacts to me, seeing how I speak, how I move, listening to my language, observing my gestures, paying attention to every nuance so you can "model" what works for yourself.

     Now, understand this: when you watch the DVD's you might think to yourself, "Gee, John's a pretty dynamic, passionate guy… I don't know if I could do that." Listen up, and I'll tell you a big secret: everything you'll see me do and hear me say is something I learned how to do. I was NOT "born with it," and in fact, I was only able to learn attraction through a lot of hard work and failure.

     I was a high school loser and a shy wall flower, a guy who literally felt like throwing up every time I had to call a woman. I had a LONG ways to go… but as you'll see, I got there, and if a guy like me can do it, you should be able to do it three times as fast.

     The other thing I want you to understand is this: you do NOT have to "be me" in order to attract women. In fact, I would discourage you from trying to be me, because imitation is the best way to kill attraction. As we talk about in depth in this phase on the DVD's, you must not change "who you are," in order to attract women-just make a few, minor behavioral tweaks. This is an important principle, one most men completely overlook, and one that gets them in hot water fast.

     But, once you watch this part of the DVD set, you'll be able to stay out of trouble, amplify your attractive qualities, suppress your unattractive ones, and automatically attract women wherever you go, literally on demand. In fact, you may have to stop yourself from automatically attracting women… that's how powerful these "fundamentals" are!

Phase 2: Girls, Girls, Girls While classroom time is great for the fundamentals, it gets old quickly. You want to see demonstrations, you want to see what you just learned "in action." Well, I don't disappoint. After the first phase was over, I sent the attendees to lunch, then, unbeknownst to them, brought six sexy women on stage when they returned.

     As you may well know, I like women with a "naughty girl side." And, when you invite six sexy women to help out a room full of guys, you never know what's going to happen… especially when they all go to the bar to have some wine to "calm their nerves." Talk about lighting the fuse! If it hadn't been time to start, this may just have turned into a "girls gone wild" event… as it was, it turned into a "girls just want to have fun" event. Mixing naughty girls and wine is taking a big risk… but it also has potential for big reward, and as you will see on the DVD's, it paid off handsomely.

     Here's what I did with these naughty girls: I invited them up, one by one, greeting them, creating attraction, and then… I turned them loose on the audience! For the next two hours, I literally forced every one of the attendees to get off their duffs, and implement what they learned a few short hours ago. They were hesitant at first, but there's nothing like talking to a sexy woman who's had a glass of wine (or two) to warm you up, and start the conversation… and by the time it was all over, everyone talked to more women in two hours than they had in the past year!

     Unfortunately you do NOT get to see the part where the audience members talk with the women. You had to come to the event to see it, and to be a part of it. But, luckily, you do get to see me greet, touch, and talk to all six women, and then… unleash the "Ultimate Attraction Weapon" on them-and they loved it! I made darn sure to get this part on the DVD's, up close and personal because, you do NOT want to miss this!

Phase 3: The Ultimate Attraction Weapon Unleashed OK, OK, just what… or who… is this Ultimate Attraction Weapon I've been talking about? His name is Chet E. Rowland, creator of the internationally famous Chet's Dating System, and a man who knows more about women than all the so-called attraction gurus put together. I am NOT kidding.

     Chet is a 53 year old, balding pest control business owner with a pot belly, "Elvis Glasses," and a Florida accent. He is also, quite possibly the world's foremost authority on attracting women. He's been with over 2,000 women, starting in the disco craze of the 1970's (when all you had was a rotary dial telephone) all the way to today, where he's turned himself into the undisputed champion of online dating (last time I was at his house in Florida, aka "Chet Land," he showed me his account, with 386 unopened messages from hot, sexy women all dying to meet him).

     But don't think Chet's just about meeting lots of women-a year ago Chet finally met his soul mate (after lots of "searching"), and has happily been in a committed relationship ever since. He knows EVERY aspect of attraction, and has earned the title "Ultimate Attraction Weapon" due to his legendary (and almost unbelievable) escapades with stunning women.

     As you will quickly see, Chet and I have very different personalities and styles. But, each is effective in attracting women, and there's magic in seeing our commonalities and our differences. Nowhere is that more apparent than when I unleash Chet on the six, sexy women. Whereas, I give them my famous "extended handshake," and a naughty comment, Chet hugs them like they're his long lost girlfriends, in town for a night of forgotten passion, and then it's "game on."

     Like I said, Chet is an expert in all aspects of attraction, so I made sure to squeeze every ounce of knowledge I could out of him. After he demonstrated his patented attraction secrets with the girls (all of them), I sent them out into the audience, and we got ready for the next session-secrets of dressing for maximum attractive effect.

     As you'll see in the DVD's, Chet prides himself on being a well dressed man, and women approach him all the time, just to compliment him on his dress, secretly hoping he'll allow them to get to "know him better." He's a shining example of the "Women Approach You Formula" in action, and one of his big secrets is how he dresses.

     So, I insisted he conduct a session on dress, and you'll be amazed at all the subtle nuances that make a HUGE difference in whether women are attracted to or repelled by you. Now, where was I while Chet was revealing these secrets? I was changing clothes, so I could show the audience how to dress, and how not to dress… and once again, a completely unexpected thing happened.

     You see, the girls were having such a good time, they decided to stay around for the "Chet and John" show- and we didn't disappoint. While Chet was talking about dressing for maximum attraction success, I left the room, changed into another outfit, then reappeared to show the audience what good dress was all about. However, I added a twist.

     When I came back in, I was in a grungy T-Shirt and shorts… and the women instantly and lustily booed me (you've just gotta see this). This was by design-for me to prove a point. After I was jeered out of the room, I changed into a casual outfit, with nice jeans and shirt.

     When I walked in, the women murmured their approval, but weren't overly impressed. So I changed into another outfit, this one with classy slacks and an even better shirt… and their reaction was amazing. They loved that outfit… but gave me an even bigger cheer when I came out in the last one, an "almost formal" outfit with spit-shined shoes. The transformation from grunge to class in a matter of minutes was stunning.

An Amazing Demonstration of "Attraction in Action!"

     Here's what happened that was so unexpected: as the quality of my outfits increased, so did the natural, biological reactions of the women. The better the outfit, the louder they cheered- this was unplanned, and it just "sorta happened." But it was one of the most valuable parts of the event because it shows you how important dress is to women, and how they unconsciously react to it.

     In fact the whole room was buzzing after that session ended because of what they'd just experienced… they'd literally witness attraction being created with real women, simply based on my clothes, and nothing else. This is something you must see to completely understand, but once you do, you "get it," claiming an unfair advantage over your male competition.

     But, there's more. I wasn't going to let the Ultimate Attraction Weapon off the hook without him telling some of his signature "war stories." You see, one of the most important elements of attraction is the ability to tell magnetic, compelling stories, and no one tells a story like Chet does. First off, he has a ton of them, and they are all hilariously funny.

     So, to end off the day's session, I had him tell two of his best ones, and they had the audience… and all the women… roaring with laughter. Heck, I was rolling on the floor too, and I've heard 'em before, multiple times. But Chet's such a compelling story teller, you never get tired of listening to him.

     There's two benefits you'll get out of this session. The first one is, you'll get to see exactly how to tell a great story. I can lecture to you about what makes a good story teller until I'm blue in the face, and you'll never understand it as good as you will if I just demonstrate it.

     So, instead of lecturing about story telling, I turned on the best of the best, and let him go, putting on the best "how to tell stories" demo I'd ever seen. The second benefit you'll get out of this is, you'll laugh your butt off. Chet told two of his best stories, "Brazilian Delight," and "Chet's Been Kidnapped," leaving the audience clamoring for more.

     Now, he did "clean" them up a bit since he was on video, but they are still wildly hilarious… and the attendees who joined him at the bar later on that evening got to hear the "full version" (you've gotta go to an event to hear those from Chet!).

     But as good as all this was, I wasn't done with Chet yet, no sir 'ee, Bob. You see, the thing Chet's best at (and he is good at a lot of things) is "mass attraction." Like I said, Chet started out in the 70's attracting women by conventional means. But by the time the late 90's rolled around, Chet figured it was time to master the "new dating technology," and discover how to meet women online.

     He didn't even know how to use a computer at first, but when he recognized the opportunity to attract beautiful women on an unprecedented scale, he quickly learned-and through trial and error, hook and crook, he came up with a tested, proven, fail safe system for attracting hordes of women all around the world. Chet's system is incredible.

     He has literally done what I thought was impossible-devised a "done for you" system for attracting women. I am NOT joking here. If you can send an email, you can attract women on a mass scale, giving you unlimited power and choice, no matter whether you want to date lots of fun women (like Chet did) or attract that "special one" (like Chet did after years of "searching.")

     So, before he left, I twisted Chet's arm, and he delivered a stunning, two hour presentation on how to attract women on a mass level, using his amazing step by step, paint by numbers system. The audience literally fell out of their chairs as Chet delivered secret after secret, showing them how much power and control they really had over their dating and relationship life… and didn't even know it. It was telling a poor, starving hill-billy that his shack was directly on top of a gold mine-and all he had to do was dig down a few inches to go from outhouse to penthouse in seconds.

     Look, after simply listening to what Chet has to say, and watching him on camera, you can't help but attract women, even if you just turn on your computer. If you can send an email, you can darn near instantly attract the woman of your dreams-she really is only a few minutes, and a simple cut 'n paste email away.

     In fact, Chet shows you just how his best student (a short, chubby, balding, beer swilling architect) sent one email, and landed a woman who can only be described as "movie star beautiful." Even better, she's rich, AND she's buying all kinds of stuff for him! You've got to see this to believe it, and I just about fell over along with all the other audience members when Chet showed his student's picture, than her picture… then announced they were getting married! Unbelievable… but you'll see for yourself when you watch the DVD's.

Phase 4: Attraction Magic Lookit, I've always been one to over deliver for men who take action to succeed with women, and this event was no exception. In addition to the six, sexy women, and the Ultimate Attraction Weapon, I also had a very unusual (and unexpected) presentation for everyone… Dave Dee's "Magic Tricks to Pick Up Chicks!"

     Who is Dave Dee? He's a former stage magician turned businessman and professional speaker, but he's never lost his "magic touch" with women. In fact, when he first started doing magic in college, he accidentally stumbled onto the fact you can attract a lot of hot women when you know a few simple magic tricks-- in fact, they'll even abandon their "buff boyfriends" to discover all your "private magic tricks."

     Now, I'm usually not a fan of "gimmicks" to attract women, but I've seen Dave in action before, attracting incredibly hot women "with the greatest of ease," and I know he's the real deal. What he teaches is NOT a gimmick, it's one of the best tools to get women to approach you I've ever seen.

     So, I put him up on stage with a sexy woman, and challenged him to "work the magic," and did he ever "work it." But you've got to see Tina's reaction (she's Dave's "volunteer") to Dave's tricks to truly appreciate the power of what he has to offer.

     Dave literally leaves her begging for more… even though he told her exactly what he was going to do before hand! His tricks are that powerful. But hey, this event was NOT about magic, it was about attraction, so I told Dave he had to be sure to show the audience how to transition from magic to attraction… and he did just that.

     You see, the great thing about what Dave shows you on these videos, is his "magic tricks" are incredibly simple to perform (they just look complicated) AND, better yet, he gives you the exact, word for word sentences to get women to approach you, anxious to see the show.

     In fact, it takes Dave three simple sentences to turn a sexy woman from complete stranger into eager audience member, begging to see his tricks. And, without fail, once she sees those tricks, she'll want to know "how it's done," 100% of the time, a serious indication she's interested in YOU (as you'll see on the DVD's). Not to worry, Dave also gives you the one simple sentence to cement the attraction, and get her to beg you to go to "a more private place" to see your "best tricks."

     I've always hated attracting women in bars and clubs, but Dave's "Magic Tricks to Pick Up Chicks," is perfect for that environment, as well as for parties. It positions you as a mysterious, intriguing guy, different from all the jerks, losers, and chowderheads women are used to, plus puts you in a position of authority, just by the simple fact she's watching your "show."

     If you're already in a relationship, your wife or girlfriend will LOVE watching you do these tricks, especially if you do them in public with other people eagerly watching you. You'll be the "hit" wherever you go, the most popular guy in literally minutes, with a huge crowd clustered around you.     

     And, like I said, these tricks look complicated, but, according to Dave, they're really very easy to do. Master the "tricks," and you'll "pick up the chicks."

Phase 5: The Return of the King To end off the event, I took the stage again, talking specifically about how to qualify women to see if they're "right" for you to spend time with, then I moved onto my famous "automatic attraction systems."

     Now, you listen up: many, many men go out and get themselves in big, big trouble once they see how easy it really is to attract desirable women. The one thing they miss is the importance of qualifying women. They're so excited about finally succeeding with women, that they use their new found attraction skills on every woman they meet, and before they know it, they're involved with a psychopath, gold digger or just a "wicked bitch." Women like this can make your life miserable, and you'd better know how to avoid them. So, in this final phase, I spent a lot of time revealing exactly how to qualify women, so you can avoid all the misery and emotional turmoil getting involved with the wrong woman will cause you. You can easily get to the point where you can tell if a woman is a disaster waiting to happen, or someone who will contribute to your life, and you can do so in fifteen minutes or less. But you have to know what to look for, and in this phase I cover qualifying from soup to nuts. Again, foreheads were slapped when attendees realized how easily past heartbreak could have been avoided just by using these simple qualifying secrets.

     Then it was on to "automatic attraction systems," my patented formula for engineering "attraction situations" that compel women to seek you out, eager to spend time with you because they know you're an attractive man. If you're a man who wants to attract a woman for a long term relationship, these secrets of "mass attraction" are just for you. Why? Because the more choice you have, the more likely you are to choose the woman perfectly matched up to you.

     Consider this: how many of your friends are secretly unhappy in their relationships because they "settled for" the first woman to show up, not the one they really wanted? They figured "any woman is better than no woman," because they were afraid they'd never be able to attract another if the one they were with left-and they were probably right.

     What a miserable way to live. When you put automatic attraction systems to work for you, you'll never have to worry about settling for a woman. In fact, your biggest problem will be which one to choose, because you've attracted so many good ones. You'll never make a decision about women out of scarcity again when you fire up these automatic attraction systems. Imagine, a conveyor belt bringing you a continuous stream of sexy woman as constant as the sun rises, letting you choose the one (or ones) you want, instead of settling for the one who just showed up. Out of all your friends, neighbors and relatives, you'll be the only one who's truly with the woman you want to be with, and they'll all admire and respect you publicly, while being secretly jealous of you in private.

     The very last part of the Ultimate Attraction Immersion Event was devoted to maintaining a happy, healthy long term relationship. Most men screw this up royally the instant they meet a woman, but if you use what is revealed on the DVD's, you'll never have to worry about a relationship going bad again. It really doesn't take much to make your wife or girlfriend deliriously happy around you, just the simple tools I give you on the DVD's.

     The event ended with a Q and A session just to make sure no one left with any unanswered questions or any doubt about what they had to do to finally succeed with women for life. Many attendees approached me in the hall afterwards, thanking me for delivering such a fantastic event-- and, lucky for you, we've got every single second on DVD and CD!

     But hey, now that we've talked about the five phases of the event, let me tell you about some of the specific secrets revealed, secrets that will get your heart beating and your blood pumping with excitement, just imagining all the sexy women you're about to attract… or even that "special one!"

     Here is Just a Tiny Bit of What You Will See If You Are Selected to Invest in the Ultimate Attraction Immersion Event DVD's

Secrets of personal authority

body language turn-ons and turn-off's

fearlessly starting conversations

setting up "no flake" meetings

closing the deal

essential attraction skills

the entire attraction process explained… showed… demonstrated from A to Z!

Understanding what women really want, and how women really think When a woman knows you "understand her," she'll be irresistibly drawn to you, never wanting to leave your side because so few men really understand women. BUT… when you watch these DVD's, you will-- in fact, she might even come to you for advice on how to deal with her "flakey friends!"

How to be hilariously and attractively funny using little known secrets of "authoritative humor" The great thing about developing a winning sense of humor is, not only do you effortlessly and automatically attract the women you desire, you also attract great friends, and other people who just want to be around you. Now, you truly can "win friends and influence people"… the right way!

Want to know how to instantly separate yourself from the average guys women are bored to tears with every day? The fastest- and easiest-way is to be "quick on your feet"… no matter what she says, you have an answer, and the faster you answer the more she's attracted. On these DVD's , I reveal the secret, to "quick thinking" that will give you a silver tongue and a mind like a steel trap… once you know this, you'll never be nervous or flustered around women again-you'll always have an answer for what she has to say or an effortless conversation starter for any situation. Knowing what to say to women is a huge issue for many men-but after you put this secret to work, you'll have to be careful not to talk to too many women!

How to avoid killing the attraction you've worked so hard to build One of the most frustrating things about attracting women is, you can do everything right, but just one thing wrong and it kills the whole deal. Now, finally, I reveal every little nasty thing men unknowingly do that kills attraction dead every single time. Once you know what these are, you can easily avoid them. In fact, if you're currently struggling with women, it's probably because you're doing one (or more) of these attraction killers. The good news is, what you'll on these DVD's puts an end to these killers for good- getting rid of even one of them will make you instantly more attractive to every woman you meet

How to have a healthy, fun, lasting long term relationship, devoid of the stress, heartbreak and emotional turmoil most men secretly suffer through Listen, many people think what most men want is to sleep around with a lot of women. In my vast, real world experience teaching tens of thousands of men how to attract women, this is NOT true at all-what most guys really want is a great long term relationship with that "special woman." Well, on these DVD's I reveal little known, simple, successful long term relationship secrets marriage counselors and therapists desperately hope you never find out… because they will be put out of business for good

The real truth about "confidence" Every woman says she wants a "confident man," but no one, no where teaches "real confidence," at least until now. Throw the airy-fairy self help crap out the door, and step up to real confidence quickly and easily, following my "true confidence" building strategy step by step… as revealed on these DVD's

How to train yourself to recognize… and act on… "attraction opportunity" when it presents itself. Most men fail with women because they don't recognize opportunity in front of them, nor know what to do or say to take advantage of the brief window you have when a woman's giving you all "the signs." But not you-when you watch these DVD's, you'll know when to take action, and how to train yourself to fearlessly and automatically do so… you'll never miss out on a great woman again, or be left wondering "did she like me?"

Are you too successful with women? Many guys get so good at creating attraction, they don't know what to do when they've lost interest in a woman and want to end it without hurting her. Never fear, I have a method (a secret method) for doing just that-you'll part ways as "just good friends"… on your terms, of course. Better yet, she'll think it was her idea!

A new method for quickly building a dynamic, attractive self image, and skyrocketing your self esteem around women. When you put this method to work, women can "feel" your "attractive energy," from miles away, and seek you out like moths to a flame

Live demonstrations with real women! You will SEE me and "The Ultimate Attraction Weapon" demonstrate the attractive gestures, facial expressions (including my famous "naughty boy smile"), and tone of voice I use to create attraction at will… and we will be demonstrating with real, live women so you can see their reactions to me-finally, you will know when a woman really is attracted to you

Girls, girls, girls…! Like I said, I had six hot, sexy, extremely intelligent women make an appearance, so you can watch me and Chet create attraction with them, on the spot. No matter what they throw out, we have an answer for, and you'll get to see exactly how it's done.

Secrets of attracting women online-and getting them to meet you in person, quickly and easily, already "pre-attracted" to you. The internet IS one the best ways to attract women, not just from your hometown, but from all over the country-if she's attracted, she WILL come to see you. Most guys don't know how to use the internet, and wind up meeting a lot of "dogs"… but when you leave the event, you'll know how to attract the "foxes"… courtesy of The Ultimate Attraction Weapon!

Secrets of dressing for women revealed, shown, and demonstrated. No one knows more about dressing for women than Chet, and while he reveals every single tip, trick and secrets he's used in his 38 years of attracting women, I demonstrate, starting with a grungy, stinky outfit, then ending up in a high class, "oh, he's so hot" outfit that draws women to me. You have just got to see the reactions of the women to this "attraction progression," as I go from geek to chic in the matter of twenty minutes.

Where to meet the kind of women you truly desire. Most men set themselves up for failure because they spend their time in the wrong places looking for women. If you want to attract hot, smart, sexy women, you have to go where they go… and it's NOT where you might expect.

How to effortlessly and fearlessly start conversations with women… keep those conversations going… then quickly transition to creating attraction so the conversation ends with her dying to see you again. Many guys get hung up on this point because they think it's difficult. The reality couldn't be more different-talking to women is actually one of the easiest parts of the attraction process (although most guys believe it's difficult), and once you see how to do it, you'll be dang near unstoppable.

Time tested "qualifier methods" to guard against women out to make your life miserable-no more dealing with wicked bitches, psychopaths, or gold-diggers ever again.

How to easily engineer and implement time efficient "automatic attraction systems," that compel beautiful, desirable women to seek you out, dying to meet you. Better yet, these systems work in the background, so you can concentrate on your own life and career while attracting women at the same time. And to top it all off, for the very first time, I reveal my top secret "mega attraction system" that can literally attract hundreds… even thousands… of great women all at once. No one, no where has ever taught this before, so you'll be one of the few men to put it into action!

ALL questions answered. Even though I was completely drained by the end of the event, I made sure to answer every question, from every attendee, just to be sure they left with all the tools to create instant and magnetic attraction in any woman they met. Luckily, we got all that on videos as well.

     Now, that is a pile of stuff, just about every single attraction secret you'd ever want or need. But wait, you want more you say? You want to go above and beyond just attracting women? You want to know how to get rich and make lots of money just like I do? Done-in fact, signed, sealed and delivered to you on a silver platter.

     You see, before I put on the Ultimate Attraction Immersion Event, I also put on a special "pre-day" entitled "Real World Secrets to Getting and Staying Rich in the Ultimate Lifestyle Business." Why did I do this? The answer is simple: once you've mastered attraction (and it's pretty easy to do, once you see what's revealed on the DVD's), most guys quickly figure out these attraction secrets can be used to make a pile of dough… they're just not sure how.

     So, I held a pre-event day where I revealed every tip, trick, and secret I know for going from absolutely nothing to over $100,000 per month in cold, hard cash in only 19 months. And when I say nothing, I mean nothing. No list of customers, no partners, no software, no cash, no credit card merchant accounts, no products, not even a website. Why am I qualified to teach this? Because I just got through doing it myself, in my very own business! Listen: there are a ton of self styled "internet marketing" and "money making gurus" out there selling a lot of hyped up advice and hot air about things they've never done or ever will do. They make money only in their day dreams, and run businesses only in their nightmares-- if you listen to what these clowns have to say, you'll go broke fast.

     The only way these so-called gurus ever make any money is by selling someone else's "how to make money information" to people who want to make more money. Problem is, they've never done what they're telling other people do, and the truth is they couldn't market their way out of a piss soaked paper bag.

     Look, I don't have to tell you I'm the real deal. If you're reading this letter, you know I've been in business for awhile, and have the cash to continuously send out frightfully expensive direct mail packages, plus run full page ads in magazines like Black Belt, Grappling, Penthouse, Men's Exercise, Muscle Mag, and a bunch of others. I'm here to tell you, these ads ain't cheap… and yet I profit from them month after month, selling something that has nothing to do with making money. There are plenty of things I'm not qualified to give advice on, but making money is one of them-I've had people pay me $10,000.00 just for one day of consulting, and walk away ecstatic, knowing they are about to get permanently rich… FAST!

     So, here's just a few things revealed in these money-making DVD's-read them carefully, then stay tuned for how you can get them absolutely FREE!

   What "information marketing" is… and why it really is the "Ultimate Lifestyle Business" Imagine, making piles of money AND having all the free time you want to enjoy it

  The "real gurus" you should pay attention to, and the fakes and flakes you want to avoid like the plague

  How to put yourself into the "income at will" position, so any time you want to buy something you literally snap your fingers, and the money you want (or need) appears as if by magic

  Step by step instructions to getting started fast-I got my first check (for $700.36) within two weeks when I started my business, investing none of my own money… and you can do the same

  Why you need no money… no products… no employees… and no overhead to quickly start and profit from your very own information marketing business

  How to set yourself up for "Big Paydays," that bring you windfalls of cash, as much as $100,000 (or more) in a single weekend

  A sneak peek inside my business-websites, software, sales letters, key vendors, product fulfillment and all kinds of shortcuts, so you can see exactly how I profit from the "inside," so you can shortcut your way to profits, too

  How to design your business so not only do you make money now, but you automatically profit in the future

  How to put words on paper… and on websites… that compel people you've never met to eagerly send you cash, checks, and credit card orders. There's nothing more exciting than going to your mailbox and seeing a pile of orders… most people get bills, you get money!

  Everything you ever wanted to know about internet marketing… direct mail… magazine advertising, and other "leveraged media" that allow you to profit on a mass scale while risking very little of your own money

  How to start small (for less than $200) and "pyramid your profits" to turn a small money-making into a raging cash machine in months, not years

     And more, much more-in fact, I've barely scratched the surface of all the amazing, little known money-making secrets you'll see when you watch these DVD's. No matter if you want to make a few thousand extra dollars a month, or rake in the millions, the secrets revealed on these DVD's will show you how to do that, and more. I could go on for hours about everything else contained in these DVD's. But instead, I'll let you discover those for yourself because...

I Want to Give You These Money Making DVD's Absolutely FREE!

     Here's the deal. When you take action, and are one of the first 47 to invest in my Ultimate Attraction Immersion Event DVD's before the expiration date stamped in red on the priority investment form, I'll throw in these three DVD's… the audio CD's of those DVD's… the exact manual and handouts the attendees got at the event… and I'll do so absolutely FREE. Keep in mind, people have paid me $10,000 for just one day of consulting, and even they don't get all the amazing secrets I reveal on these DVD's. But, you'll get them FREE when you take fast action and beat the rush- -that's like getting $10,000 worth of money making genius handed to you free on a silver platter!

Even More FREE Gifts!

     That's not enough, you say? You say you want more than just the money-making DVD's… the audio CD's… the exact manuals and handouts, you say your greedy little heart has no bounds? Fine-I'll give you even more, more than you'd ever expect. Here's the deal: when you respond by the date stamped in red on the enclosed priority investment form, I have a very special FREE Gift for you. In addition to all the DVD's and seminar handouts, I'll also give you the audio CD's of the entire Immersion Event FREE so you can listen to them in your car, at the gym, or anytime you please. While DVD's are great, it can be more convenient to learn while you're on the go and these CD's let you do just that.

     Let me sum this up for up for you. When you take action, are one of the first 47 to get your priority investment form in, and respond by the date stamped in red, here's everything you get FREE!

1. "Real World Secrets to Getting and Staying Rich in the Ultimate Lifestyle Business" Three DVDs (Value $497.00)

2. "Real World Secrets to Getting and Staying Rich in the Ultimate Lifestyle Business" Six audio CD's (Value $497.00)

3. Money-making manual and hand outs (Value $197.00)

4. The Audio CD's of the Ultimate Attraction Immersion Event (Value $997.00)

5. Ultimate Attraction Immersion Event Handouts (Value $197.00)

     OK, by now I'm sure you want to know "how much for the Ultimate Attraction Immersion Event DVD's? " Well, the attendees all paid $1,497.00 plus airfare and hotel to attend the event, and after what happened there I think that was way too cheap. However, since I simply cannot deliver six sexy girls to you live and in person (like I did at the event), I'll make you a special deal. Respond by the date stamped in red on the Priority Investment Form, and I'll knock $700 off of the event fee, bringing it down to just $797 plus $21 for 3 Day UPS shipping. If that's not a steal, I don't know what is-when you take fast action, you get $2,385.00 worth of amazing attraction material for only $797, equipping you with every tool you'll every need to attract the woman of your dreams, PLUS put a bushel of cash into your pocket. What could be better? Get your priority investment form in now, before 46 other guys beat you to the punch.

No Hassle, No BS One Year 100% Money Back Guarantee!

If for any reason, or no reason at all, you are not 100% delighted with this system, simply send it back in good condition within one full year, and you’ll get your money back (less shipping). What could be more fair? I take all the risk, you are FULLY PROTECTED!

 HOWEVER... if you're one of those guys who orders things with the full intention of whining for a refund without giving it a fair shake, please do both you and I a big favor and don't order. I want to do business with bright, fun, smart guys who truly want to attract great women to them, not guys who spend their time ordering things, copying them and crying for a refund, especially when they need Christmas money or it’s tax time. Guys like that don't ever attract women-- I'm looking for guys who truly want to succeed with women. Play fair with me and I'll play fair with you, OK?

     Now, even with all the bonuses and discounts, there may be a few men thinking, "gee, I really want these DVD's," but $797, that's a lot of money." You are correct. It IS a lot of money. However, when you add up all the wasted money you'll spend on worthless dinner dates, plus all the time you'll spend with women you're not attracted to when you could be spending it with the woman of your dreams. $797 is cheap. In fact, it's only $2.18 a day for one year, and when you think about it, that's half of a Big Mac 'n fries. Any man who is serious about attracting women can find an extra $2.18 a day-the question is, will it be you? Like I said in the beginning of this letter, this is a limited edition product, and when they're gone, they're gone. If you wait, you may just miss out. While you're "thinking about it," another man may just decide to invest the $2.18 a day, and snatch your set of DVD's, preventing you from finally attracting the woman you really want. Don't let this happen to you-act fast in order to avoid disappointment.

     But wait… I've got one more thing for you… the Deluxe Version of the Ultimate Attraction Immersion Event! What is the Deluxe Version, you ask? Here's the deal: a while back I put together a very unusual product entitled "Real Conversations with Real Women, where I called up twelve women I'd never met in person, and literally created attraction with them right over the phone, going from complete stranger to trusted friend dying to meet me in just minutes… and I recorded every single minutes of every conversation!

     By listening to how I talk to women on these calls, hearing my tone, what I have to say, and their positive reactions, you'll know exactly how to talk to women over the phone, and in person so they'll be attracted to you. Once you hear me on these calls, you'll know exactly what to do and say when you talk with women-one of the biggest benefits of listening in is, you hear the same reactions by different women over and over to the exact same things.

     Your voice is the key to attraction-it's what overcomes looks, age, income or social status. When you know how to create "vocal attraction," you can overcome any disadvantage. It's 100% true that while men fall in love through their eyes, women fall in love through their ears-your key to success with women is talking to them the right way.

     Many men struggle with the belief that attraction can be created- after all, negative social programming runs deep. But when you hear the same, positive reactions by women over and over to the same attractive language, you finally "get it," finally understand what women respond to, finally understand how to develop your own unique attraction style. These 12 "eavesdrop CD's" are one of my most valuable products- absolute proof what I teach really works. This really is "attraction in action," not some theory that sounds good in the class room but crumbles in the real world. And, when you respond by the date in red on the priority application form, you can add these CD's to your Ultimate Attraction Immersion Event DVD's investment for "better than half price," creating the Ultimate Attraction Immersion Event Deluxe System. The retail value of these amazing CD's is $1,410.00 but you can add them to your investment for a low $697 when you respond before the expiration date above.

"Here's How to Get Your Hands on These DVD's"

     It's easy to get started right away. Just Click Here To Safely And Securely Order Online and your package will be rushed to you via UPS. You may also call 1-800-819-1871 to order, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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This letter is pretty straightforward, but if you feel you absolutely must have your questions answered before you order, you may call us at (512) 892 8839. Keep in mind you may not get a “live answer” but we will return your call in a timely manner and answer all your questions.

The fastest, easiest way, of course is to order online right now. You may also order by faxing the printable order form to (512) 891 9417, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Or, if you’d prefer to pay by check or money order, simply fill out the order form, and mail it, and payment to:

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Keep in mind it is not a good idea to send cash in the mail. As soon as we receive your order, we’ll process it and ship it out via UPS, usually within 48 hours of receipt of your order, if received on a business day. You will receive an email from UPS with your tracking number as soon as your system ships. Keep in mind, UPS will not deliver to a PO Box, so we’ll have to send it via US Mail if you provide us with a PO Box. International orders are shipped via Global Express Mail.


     If you prefer, you may also pay in two payments for the basic, or three for the deluxe. Your Ultimate Attraction Immersion Event Highlight DVD's and CD's will be shipped in a plain box with no outer markings as to what's inside-only you will know. Your credit card statement will show "Art of Steel" by the charge-your privacy is fully protected. Don't hate yourself for missing out on this opportunity to see all my attraction secrets, demonstrated with real, live women… plus witness the "Ultimate Attraction Weapon" in action-order now, before the date stamped in red on the priority investment form expires.


-John Alanis,
“The King of Let ‘em Come to You”

PS: Don't delay, fast action is necessary on your part to secure your set of these DVD's. Don't talk to another woman until you've watched these astounding videos, witnessed attraction in action, and soaked in every secret I, the six sexy women, Chet Rowland (The Ultimate Attraction Weapon), and Dave Dee show you. Get your priority investment form in at once.

PPS: SPECIAL IMPORTANT NOTICE: As you will hear over and over when you watch these DVD's, personal authority is what's most important to women when it comes to what they want in a man. You'll also hear women say very few ever meet a man with true personal authority, but when they do, WATCH OUT… the attraction is instant and intense. Master "personal authority" and you will never worry about being alone again-in fact, you must be careful not to attract too many women at once.

     After hearing how important personal authority in a man is from all the women I talk to, I finally decided to do something about it, and create a system that lays out, step by step how any man can develop his personal authority, and turn it on at will, whenever he wants to attract women. I call this system, "Secrets of Personal Authority: How to Get Other People-Especially Sexy Women-to Want to Do What You Want Them to Do" and it is the perfect complement to your Real Conversations with Real Women Eavesdrop CD's.

     Here's what's revealed on these remarkable "Personal Authority CD's:"

CD #1: The Truth About Authority-What Society Does NOT Want Men to Know

  The two reasons why men fail with personal authority, and how to correct them quickly and easily

  How to generate "instant attraction" by simply "turning on" your personal authority (not one in a thousand men knows this neat little secret, but it can bring you as many women as you want as fast as you want)

  Why independent "feminist" women crave men with personal authority, and why they are truly frustrated with men (Warning: when you turn on your personal authority around these kind of women, you must be careful not to attract too many of them-imagine, a flock of feminists fighting over YOU!) …and MORE, MUCH MORE!

CD #2: How to Instantly Get Rid of Your Authority Killing Habits

  How to avoid a psychotic relationship before it even gets started (Very few men know this secret, but it can save you a ton of misery-imagine, being able to "disqualify" a potential stalker, bitch, or gold digger 15 minutes after you meet her)

  Why trying to impress a woman is the best way to turn her off! Most guys subconsciously do this, then wonder why they never get another date.

  Discovered at last-what women really want! And you won't believe how easy it is to give it to them.

CD#3: How to Create Your Own Unique Personal Authority

  The truth about "positive thinking" and "motivation"-- is it BS, or is there something to it?

  The unexpected facial expression that instantly puts you in authority (you can use this secret in less than 5 minutes)

  How to instantly make a great first impression by doing this one thing-and get others to confer authority on you

  How to get other people to build your authority for you (this is the ultimate "lazy man's" way to personal authority)

CD #4: An Easy Step by Step Plan for Building Your Own Unique Personal Authority

  How to build your authority in an existing relationship (you might just turn a marriage around with this simple secret), and why your wife or girlfriend will love you for it

  Why women flake-and how to correct it for good

  How to deal with idiots (a little known skill) …and MORE, MUCH MORE!

CD #5: Authority Role Models You Should Pay Close Attention To

  Why you must have authority role models to study… but never imitate

  Who you should model, and just as importantly, who you should not

  Four people you should pay close attention to

  Authority stories to learn from…and MORE, MUCH MORE!

CD #6 Bonus CD: What A Sexy Woman Thinks About Authority

  Looking for a wonderful woman to share your life with? You'll discover exactly where to go to meet women who can be your true partner (and why you'll be the only guy they'll give more than the time of day to)

  How to dress so women will approach YOU-- never before revealed turn ons, and turn offs

  How to "get physical" in a way that makes both you and she absolutely comfortable-- she'll think you're "psychic" because you'll know exactly what to do at exactly the right moment.

  How to read subtle female attraction signals most guys flat out miss-- once you understand this simple psychology you'll be able to "read" a woman before you even speak to her... imagine never being rejected again!

  How to turn a hot female friend into an even hotter lover (and make her think it's HER idea)!

     In addition to these CD's, you also get the entire transcript of each CD, so you can read them at your own leisure, making notes, and reviewing important points. And, the Secrets of Personal Authority System also comes with a neat three CD set entitled, "The Ultimate Attraction Roadmap Teleseminar." In these CD's I interview a hot, sexy woman, getting her to reveal ALL the secrets to effortlessly attracting women like her, no matter your looks, age or income. If purchased separately, you'd pay $643.00 for Secrets of Personal Authority and the Ultimate Attraction Roadmap but you may add the combined system to your order for only $397 when you respond by the expiration date.

     Combine Secrets of Personal Authority with the Ultimate Attraction Immersion Event DVD's, and you will be dang near unstoppable with women-a well oiled attraction machine, automatically creating attraction on demand wherever you go, easily and effortlessly. Whether you just want to have fun and experience things with women you never did before or you want to finally attract that one special woman, you will finally have the skills to do just that. No more will you watch other guys succeed while you sit on the sidelines watching-now, you'll be the superstar they cluster around, eagerly asking questions, hoping for just one golden nugget of your "how to attract women" advice… and let me tell you nothing, and I do mean nothing, feels better than that! Don't delay, get your order in before the expiration date stamped in red on the priority investment form. This really is the "ultimate attraction package" and you do not want to miss out.

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