New, from John Alanis:

Now, With This New, Unusual "Attraction Answers on Demand" Secret Weapon You'll Never Be Confused, Frustrated or Pissed Off By Women Ever Again… Instead They'll Finally Wonder Why You're So Attractive When Other Men Are Not! What's This "Secret Weapon," and How Can It Give You an UNFAIR ADVANTAGE Over Other Men? Read My Message to Discover it For Yourself…

Dear Friend,

        Imagine the following situation: you attract a woman you've dreamed about for a long time, she eagerly agrees to meet you for coffee, and she's late with NO phone call... what should you do? Is this a test? Is she a flake? Do you dismiss her out of hand, risking losing out on a desirable woman, or is there another, better way?

      Or, consider this situation:  you’re in a relationship with the woman of your dreams, and suddenly, out of the blue she tells you she’s leaving you for another man?

What Do You Do?

        Wouldn't it be great if you could instantly "summon" ME, lay out the situation, and in minutes I could tell you exactly what you should do (and just as importantly NOT do) to turn the tables in your favor? Well, as I will explain in a minute, you can... with my remarkable new "invention."

But first....

Now, you can put the startling secrets revealed in this letter to work for you to effortlessly attract sexy women no matter your looks, age or income…

         ...consider a third scenario: you've attracted a great woman, things are going well, you're in a relationship, and then things just hit a brick wall-you feel the attraction slipping and you don't know what to do. One false step, one wrong move, and you might just LOSE FOREVER the woman you worked so hard to get.

        You want to be sure you make the right move, so you summon me, I appear as if by magic, and lay out the answers before you, disappearing only to reappear once again in your time of need. Is this fantasy? A magic lamp with an "attraction genie?" No-it's my latest invention... what I call my King's Keys to Unlimited Success with the Women YOU Desire, an amazing new product that will literally, give you the answers you seek on demand, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, rain or shine.

The Unusual Story of the "King's Keys"

        A few months ago, one of my long time customers wrote me, asking if I had all of my writings in one place, easily accessible and easy to reference. He told me, "King, you write a heck of a lot of stuff, and give out a lot of good information. But trying to keep track of everything you say or write is darn near impossible. There's been times when I've needed your specific advice, and I knew you'd written about my exact situation before, but I'll be danged if I could find it."

        "And I also know there's a lot of your writings I've missed. Is there any way you can put together all your useful lessons into one easy to access tool I can flip open on demand and get the answers to my specific situations as they come up? You give a lot of keys to success with desirable women and I'd like to have them all in one place at the same time."

        The more I thought about it, the more what this man had to say made sense to me. I've written so many lessons, I've forgotten all of them myself, saving them on my hard drive in no particular order. Turns out this guy wasn't the only one asking about such a resource, though. 

I've just stepped in front of you-what do you do or say next to keep me here? John Alanis knows the answers, and he's instantly available to give them to you with his new, amazing resource…


        My customer service guy, Randy, called me up a few days later, in a panic. "I've just about had enough," he said-"I'm getting call after call from guys asking for specific lessons from you they've lost-you've got to put them altogether in one place. Heck, I'll do it just to get these guys off my back."

        "Get to work!" I said. "BUT... in order to make this work, you have to make it easily accessible, with an index that allows guys to find the answers to their specific situation at the drop of a hat. TIME is of the essence when it comes to women!" He said he'd have it for me in "a few days."

Seven Months Later...!

        Obviously it took him more than a few days. A lot more. It turns out I'd written so much material, it took him months to go through it all, pick out the best of the best, assemble it, organize it and polish it from a rough lump of coal into a gleaming hard diamond, ready for your immediate use.

        My goal in putting this together for was simple: at any time, for any reason, for any situation with any woman, you could instantly zap to the proper place in this tool, and tap into my brain, answering the question: what would the King think about this, what would he say or do if he was in this situation?

        Let's say you're going out with your friends, and you know you'll be in an environment to attract women. But you know you just don't want to come off as another Waldo, and do attraction killing things like asking for a phone number. What would the King say-how would I set up another meeting without killing that initial attraction outright like most guys do? You get me to "beam down" in the car seat next to you and give you a quick refresher on all the ways to see her again without the dreaded phone number attraction killer.

        Or, let's say there's one special woman you've been "after" for a long time. She's rebuffed all your advances, and you want her more than ever. What do you do, how do you "get her" before some other man swoops in and steals her away? Never fear, all you have to do is access the King's Keys, and I instantly zap down, full of answers.

        Maybe you've been in a relationship for awhile, and you feel the attraction fading fast-she's not the same woman you were attracted to. Should you stay? Should you go? Or is there something you can do to re-awaken the attraction, make it like it was in the beginning? No worries, just access me, download my brain, and put all the answers to work.

        I'm at your beck and call, as often as you need me, rain or shine, sleet or snow. I'm always ready to work, I never complain, and I never take a day off.

        Like I said, many of my students have been asking for this resource, some to the point of driving my customer service guy, Randy, through the roof. Well, I have good news-it's finally here, and if you've profited at all from what I've provided you so far, why wouldn't you jump at this? Heck, I even review it myself when I, the King, have a question about women! This really is the ULTIMATE John Alanis product.

So, What's In This Tremendous Resource?

Here's just a tiny sampling of the nuggets you'll 
find in the King's Keys:

1. The remarkable secret to "getting rid of bad investments"… and how to do so quickly and painlessly

2. Everything you ever wanted (and needed) to know about "defining authority"-the lynchpin of attraction (attraction cannot exist without authority-- this is the little known reason most men fail miserably with women)

3. "Attraction guideposts" to look for-how to know for sure she's attracted

4. The truth about attracting women in bars and clubs

5. What you can learn about attraction from Bill Clinton (it's NOT what you think!)

6. Should you care what others think about you? Here's the shocking truth…!

7. Why you must have "clarity of purpose"… and how to get it

8. What to do on a coffee date… and more importantly what NOT to do

9. Did you know "complex equivalences" are sabotaging your relationships with women? Here's what they are, and what to do about them

10. Confidence: how to build it, how to keep it, how to use it to automatically attract women

11. Should you compliment a woman? (And why the answer is both yes and no!)

12. Why you should NEVER ask a woman for her phone number (and what you should ask her for!)

13. How to stay calm, cool, and collect no matter the situation

14. Do you repel women? You may be a "creepy guy" and not even know it-here's how to stop being creepy, and start attracting

15. The truth about "dating"… and why you should never do it if you want to attract women

16. How to meet women online… what to put in your profile and what to avoid… how to write an email that magnetically attracts women online

17. Little known "core concepts of attraction"… map and model of the world… meta states… framing… and other vital attraction creation mechanisms almost no guy knows about (these "core concepts" WILL give you an UNFAIR ADVANTAGE over almost every other guying vying for the women you want)

18. Should you buy gifts for women? The answer may surprise you…

19. Do you have failure or success beliefs? Here's how to tell...

20. How women think!

21. How to quickly and easily create initial attraction with any woman you meet… automatically!

22. What's going on in your "inner world?" She knows, even if you don't-and what she "feels" around you either creates or kills attraction… here's how to insure it creates it

23. What a JAG is… and why you don't want to be one

24. The truth about jerks and women… should you be a jerk?

25. Long term relationships… good or bad?

26. Love, marriage, and sex… the King's opinions on all these hot button topics

27. The incredible secret of "massive action"

28. What to do about "maybe dates"

29. The real truth about women and money (strangely enough, it's NOT what you think!)

30. How to be the naughty boy women love

31. The "naughty boy smile"-your secret attraction weapon

32. Nervous around women? Here's how to overcome it with no fear

33. Should you offend people? And should you care if you do?

34. The truth about paying for her dinner

35. Women and pictures… how to use one to get the other!

36. How to create a powerful sense of attraction

37. What questions should you be asking yourself?

38. Do you hate rejection by women? Here's how to put a stop to it forever

39. Why men should read romance novels

40. How to build a strong, healthy, attractive self image… in no time flat

41. So you want to play with strippers? Read this first…

42. The awesome power of "switching"

43. What a "take away" is… and when to use it (before it's used on you)

44. How to talk to women, easily and effortlessly

45. Everything you ever wanted to know about testing by women

46. Confused about how to touch a woman? Here's how to do it for maximum attraction effect

47. Are you guilty of "turd polishing?"

48. Should you wait to sleep with her? The answer is controversial… and WILL shock you

49. What women really want (and why few men will ever give it to them)

50. Where to meet women (their secret gathering places, known only to a few men)

51. Younger women… and older women
      And more... much more. However, there is one "magical" component to my King's Keys-and that's the index. See, the problem with most books and products is, while you can learn a lot from reading them cover to cover you can't get quick answers when you need them.

        That's where my King's Key's really shines. Not only can you read it straight through, from front to back like you would a great book, but you can darn near instantly find the specific information you want, just by turning to the index, zeroing in on your question, turning right to it and.. voila! Instant solution.

        The index is a carefully numbered, highly organized, and cross referenced "tool chest" of instant attraction information. No matter what you're after, all you have to is open it up, find your specific topic, then turn to the page numbers given. It's something you'll want to refer to over and over as different opportunities and issues with women crop up.

Ready to attract women like me, without nervousness or confusion on your part? Just consult the King's Keys, and I'll be yours…

In Fact, You Can Go to the Index and Find All
My King's Keys For:

bullet Adventure Partners
bullet Approaching Women
bullet Attraction Signals
bullet Beautiful Women
bullet Body Language
bullet Confidence
bullet Coffee Dates
bullet Defining Authority
bullet Dysfunctional Women
bullet Email Subject Lines
bullet Failure with Women
bullet Gifts for Women
bullet How Women Think
bullet Jerks
bullet Kissing women
bullet Long Term Relationships
bullet Love
bullet Marriage
bullet Massive Action
bullet Maybe Dates
bullet Money and Women
bullet Naughty Boy
bullet Offending People
bullet Older women
bullet Online Profiles
bullet Paying for Dinner
bullet Phone Numbers
bullet Players
bullet Reading women
bullet Rejection by Women
bullet Romance Novels
bullet Self Image
bullet Sexual Tension
bullet Smiling
bullet Strippers
bullet Switching
bullet Take Aways
bullet Testing by Women
bullet Touching a Woman
bullet Turd Polishing
bullet What Not to Do
bullet What Women Want
bullet Where to Meet Women
bullet Younger Women

        And on and on and on. The King's Keys is literally an Encyclopedia on creating attraction with the women you desire, a useful, easy to access resource you can rely on again and again to give you the answers you need instantly, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It's always ready to work for you, and never takes a day off.

The King's Keys is HUGE!

        I have literally taken everything I know about attracting women and stuffed it into this resource. I have taken the "best of the best" of the feedback and success stories I have gotten from all my doers and jammed it into the King's Keys. No stone was left unturned, and when all was said and done, I was left with literally 300 pages of information... AFTER it had been edited down. There's so much in here you might have to invest in an entire bookshelf just to hold it.

        This really is the Ultimate John Alanis product, and if you have at all benefited from any of my other products, this one is simply a "must-have."
Not only is it a product, it’s “quick reaction tool”—one that just may give you the answer to attracting the woman of your dreams, the instant you need it. 

But Wait, There’s More! 

How happy will all the women in your life be after you know these "unfair advantage" attraction secrets?

Announcing the King’s Keys Deluxe Version, “The Advanced Unfair Advantage Attraction System”


            In addition to the “attraction answers on demand manual,” I’ve also created a Deluxe Version of the King’s Keys, including a unique six CD system designed to give you an unfair advantage over other men, no matter the situation.  Lookit, at some point in your life, another man (maybe even another of my students) is going to try to take the woman (or women) you’ve worked so hard to create attraction with.  However, if you know these secrets, there’s no way she will even give another man a second look because she knows no one can make her feel the way you can.


            And, if you ever find yourself in a “competitive situation” with other guys, where you’re all interested in attracting the same women, these secrets will allow you to easily and effortlessly beat the pants off them, leaving their heads spinning while YOU leave with the woman!  No matter the situation, you’ll always claim an unfair advantage over the competition, not only when it comes to attracting sexy women, but keeping them in your life, on your terms as well. 

Here’s What’s You Get With The Advanced Unfair Advantage Attraction System 

  1. How to Automatically and Effortlessly Turn Testing By Women Into Unlimited Attraction For You—as you may know, women continually test men to see if they’re “worthy” to be with.  Most men fail these tests miserably, and wind up suddenly dumped for another man.  However, if you know how to recognize and respond to a woman’s tests, you can actually turn her testing into an opportunity to “cement her” to you because she knows no other man can make her feel the way you do.  This CD reveals how to do just that. (value:  $97)

  2. Recently Dumped?  Here’s How to Get Her Back (If You Want Her)—at some point in your life, you’re going to be dumped by a woman.  However, if you’re prepared, and know what to do,  you can have her begging to take you back in no time, IF you haven’t already attracted a better woman.  The step by step process revealed on this CD is tested and proven, so if you’ve been dumped by a woman, this CD is for you.  Even if it isn’t, it reveals startling secrets as to why women dump men, and how to make sure you’re never dumped (unless you want to be, that is!) (value:  $97)

  3. How to Develop an Authoritative, Attractive Sense of Humor—what do women love more than anything else in a man?  A sense of humor that makes them laugh and feel like they’re around a man.  However, you must do it right—if you come across as a clown (and most men do without even knowing it), women will laugh at you behind your back, not with you and you’ll never create any attraction.  This CD reveals how to quickly and easily develop your “authoritative sense of humors,” so women love to be around you, but also show you the proper respect as a man.  An authoritative sense of humor is a “must” if you’re in a relationship (or want to be soon), and it’s vitally important when creating initial attraction, especially if other guys are around.  (value:  $97)

  4. The Real Truth About Body Language and Attraction—if there’s one area where men have been fed the maximum of amount of BS and phony information, this is it.  On this CD, I reveal the raw truth about what really works with women when it comes to body language, and it’s NOT what you think.  Most men inadvertently kill attraction with women by their body language before they even speak, but after you listen to this CD, you’ll automatically attract women with your body language, literally on demand wherever you go.  Imagine, attracting sexy women without even talking to them—and you can do just that when you hear what I reveal on this remarkable CD. (value:  $97)


  1. Insider Secrets to How Women Think—ever wonder what women really think about men?  On this CD, I give you the “low down,” on what women are really thinking about you, and how to “leverage” their unconscious thought processes to create massive and instantaneous amounts of attraction.  Also, this information is crucial if you’re already in a relationship and want to stay there—understanding how your wife or girlfriend thinks will always give you the upper hand so you can make sure things stay fun and happy (and she stays away from other men) (value:  $97)

  2. Quickly Qualifying Women—did you know most guys fail with women before they even talk to them in person?  It’s true, and here’s why:  if you don’t know how to properly qualify women to make sure they’re worthy to spend time with you, your life will quickly become a living hell.  Why?  Because you’ll waste time on flakes, fakes, and fruitcakes, women who are determined to make you miserable.  But when you know these “quick qualification secrets,” you can instantly recognize trouble, and get rid of a woman who’s just not right for you… within 15 minutes of meeting her!  Think about that- -how much better would your life be right now if you’d been able to eliminate trouble in the past before it started, or gotten rid of any crazy ex-girlfriends or ex-wives before they decided to wreck your world?  With what you’ll discover on this CD, you’ll be able to ensure trouble stays away from you, so you can attract only those women guaranteed to please.  Imagine, all the joy and none of the heartbreak… that’s how life is supposed to be! (value:  $97)


          Now, like I said, I have two versions of the King’s Keys for you, and you should know they both come with some…

Exciting FREE Bonuses!

First off is the Kings’ Keys Deluxe package.  With this option, you get the GIANT King’s Keys manual (value: $497), the Advanced Unfair Advantage Attraction System (value:  $582), plus you also get THREE FREE Bonuses:  a 30 minute phone consultation coupon with me (value: $400) where you can ask me any question you like, plus you get two additional CD’s: the “How to Create and Sustain Attraction Using “Automatic Variety Systems CD” (value $97) AND the “The Most Important—Yet Most Overlooked- Secret to Attraction CD” (value $97) The total value for the deluxe is $1,673 but you get it for “better than half price,” only $797 (plus $16 s/h) when you respond by the expiration date in red on the online rush investment form.  To invest in the King's Keys Deluxe Version, click here to order now


Now I realize the Deluxe version may be a bit steep for people on a more limited budget, so I’ve put together a Basic version as well.  While you don’t get the Advanced Unfair Advantage Attraction System with the basic version, you do get the giant King’s Keys manual, plus as a free bonus you also get the “The Most Important—Yet Most Overlooked- Secret to Attraction CD”  (value $97).  The total value for the Basic King’s Keys is $594 but you get it at a discount for only $297 (plus $16 s/h) when you respond by the expiration date in  in red below   To invest in the King's Keys , click here to order now


Is $797 for the Deluxe, or $297 for the Basic too steep?  Well, it depends on how you look at it.  If you look at the price for a “traditional date” (i.e. dinner at a good restaurant, plus a movie with YOU paying for both), you’re going to spend at least $150.00, probably $200 for one date with one woman you’ll probably never see again. 


Do that once a month, and you’re looking at $2,400.00 (or more) per year, along with the frustration, rejection, and embarrassment of traditional dating.  But when you use what’s in the King’s Keys and the Advanced Unfair Advantage Attraction System you’ll easily save that much (or more), and you might even wind up profiting! 


How?  When you have all the answers to any attraction situation that may come up available to you on demand, you’ll literally have women who insist on taking YOU out to fancy restaurants and picking up the tab—it happens all the time to me, and it can for you too.


            So, when you think about it like that, the investment for King’s Keys is actually very cheap—in fact you’re losing money by NOT owning it.  How much money have you thrown away on worthless dates?  Way more than you’ll invest for King’s Keys—put a stop to it for good, and stop throwing away money on women.  Now it’s time for them to throw away money on you!  To invest in the King's Keys , click here to order now


      When you break it down, it comes out to $1.91 per day over a year’s time for the Deluxe System, or a puny 81 cents per day for the Basic Version.  Heck, you can find that under your couch or in the seat cushions of your car—a tiny investment for success with women forever. 

No Hassle, No BS One Year 100% Money Back Guarantee!

If for any reason, or no reason at all, you are not 100% delighted with this system, simply send it back in good condition within one full year, and you’ll get your money back (less shipping). What could be more fair? I take all the risk, you are FULLY PROTECTED!

 HOWEVER... if you're one of those guys who orders things with the full intention of whining for a refund without giving it a fair shake, please do both you and I a big favor and don't order. I want to do business with bright, fun, smart guys who truly want to attract great women to them, not guys who spend their time ordering things, copying them and crying for a refund, especially when they need Christmas money or it’s tax time. Guys like that don't ever attract women-- I'm looking for guys who truly want to succeed with women. Play fair with me and I'll play fair with you, OK?



You Get ALL The BONUSES and Discounts When You Respond Before Midnight Of The Following Date:


Safely And Securely Order


Here’s How to Invest in the King's Keys


     It's easy to get started right away. Just click here to fill out the online rush investment form or if you prefer to take care of your investment via check or money order and mail or fax it in (our fax number is (512) 891 9417), click here for a printable order form Your package will be rushed to you at once via UPS.  You may also call 1-800-819-1871 to order, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If, for some reason the order form is missing, you may still order by mail or fax.  Here’s how:  simply write Basic or Deluxe King’s Keys on a piece of paper, and send it, with your name, shipping address, and email address (if you have one) to:


Art Of Steel, Inc.
Attn:  John Alanis
4424 Gaines Ranch Loop #1514
Austin, TX 78735
Fax: 512 891 9417



     Please make any checks or money orders out to Art of Steel, Inc. Your packages will be shipped in a plain box with no outer markings as to what’s inside—only you will know.  Your credit card statement will show “Art of Steel” by the charge—your privacy is fully protected. Don’t hate yourself for missing out on this opportunity to get your hands on the King’s Keys, and attract (and keep) the women you desire with no frustration or confusion on  your part whatsoever—order now, before the expiration date stamped in red.



-John Alanis

"The King of Let 'em Come to You"

PS:Don't delay, fast action is necessary on your part. These specials expire when the expiration date does-don't hate yourself for missing out on a deal.  Click here to order now. or click here for a printable order form.


PPS:  SPECIAL IMPORTANT NOTICE:   As you will read over and over when you use the King’s Keys, personal authority is what’s most important to women when it comes to what they want in a man.  Almost every problem you come across has to do with either lack of personal authority, or incorrectly using it.  BUT… when you master “personal authority,” you will never worry about being alone again—in fact, you must be careful not to attract too many women at once.


After hearing how important personal authority in a man is from all the women I talk to, I finally decided to do something about it, and create a system that lays out, step by step how any man can develop his personal authority, and turn it on at will, whenever he wants to attract women.  I call this system, “Secrets of Personal Authority:  How to Get Other People—Especially Sexy Women—to Want to Do What You Want Them to Do” and it is the perfect complement to your King’s Keys. 


Here’s what’s revealed on these remarkable “Personal Authority CD’s:”


CD #1: The Truth About Authority—What Society Does NOT Want Men to Know



The two reasons why men fail with personal authority, and how to correct them quickly and easily


How to generate “instant attraction” by simply “turning on” your personal authority (not one in a thousand men knows this neat little secret, but it can bring you as many women as you want as fast as you want)


Why independent “feminist” women crave men with personal authority, and why they are truly frustrated with men (Warning:  when you turn on your personal authority around these kind of women, you must be careful not to attract too many of them—imagine, a flock of feminists fighting over YOU!) …and MORE, MUCH MORE!


CD #2:  How to Instantly Get Rid of Your Authority Killing Habits



How to avoid a psychotic relationship before it even gets started (Very few men know this secret, but it can save you a ton of misery—imagine, being able to “disqualify” a potential stalker, bitch, or gold digger 15 minutes after you meet her)


Why trying to impress a woman is the best way to turn her off!  Most guys subconsciously do this, then wonder why they never get another date.


Discovered at last—what women really want!  And you won’t believe how easy it is to give it to them.


CD #3: How to Create Your Own Unique Personal Authority



The truth about “positive thinking” and “motivation”-- is it BS, or is there something to it?


The unexpected facial expression that instantly puts you in authority (you can use this secret in less than 5 minutes)


How to instantly make a great first impression by doing this one thing—and get others to confer authority on you


How to get other people to build your authority for you (this is the ultimate “lazy man’s” way to personal authority)


CD #4:  An Easy Step by Step Plan for Building Your Own Unique Personal Authority



How to build your authority in an existing relationship (you might just turn a marriage around with this simple secret), and why your wife or girlfriend will love you for it


Why women flake—and how to correct it for good


How to deal with idiots (a little known skill) …and MORE, MUCH MORE!


CD #5: Authority Role Models You Should Pay Close Attention To


Why you must have authority role models to study… but never imitate


Who you should model, and just as importantly, who you should not


Four people you should pay close attention to


Authority stories to learn from…and MORE, MUCH MORE!


CD #6: Bonus CD: What A Sexy Woman Thinks About Authority


Looking for a wonderful woman to share your life with?  You'll discover exactly where to go to meet women who can be your true partner (and why you'll be the only guy they'll give more than the time of day to)

How to dress so women will approach YOU-- never before revealed turn ons, and turn offs

How to "get physical" in a way that makes both you and she absolutely comfortable-- she'll think you're "psychic" because you'll know exactly what to do at exactly the right moment.

How to read subtle female attraction signals most guys flat out miss-- once you understand this simple psychology you'll be able to "read" a woman before you even speak to her... imagine never being rejected again!

How to turn a hot female friend into an even hotter lover (and make her think it's HER idea)!


            In addition to these audio CD’s, you also get the entire transcript of each CD, so you can sit down and read them at your own leisure, making notes, and reviewing important points.  But that’s not all! The Secrets of Personal Authority System also comes with a neat three CD set entitled, “The Ultimate Attraction Roadmap Teleseminar.”  In these CD’s I interview a hot, sexy woman, getting her to reveal ALL the secrets to effortlessly attracting women like her, no matter your looks, age or income. If purchased separately, you’d pay $643.00 for Secrets of Personal Authority and the Ultimate Attraction Roadmap but you may add the combined system to your order for only $397 when you respond by the expiration date in red above.


            Combine Secrets of Personal Authority with the King’s Keys, and you will be dang near unstoppable with women—a well oiled attraction machine, automatically creating attraction on demand wherever you go, easily and effortlessly.  Whether you just want to have fun and experience things with women you never did before or you want to finally attract that one special woman, you will finally have the skills to do just that.  No more will you watch other guys succeed while you sit on the sidelines watching—now, you’ll be the superstar they cluster around, eagerly asking questions, hoping for just one golden nugget of your “how to attract women” advice… and let me tell you nothing, and I do mean nothing, feels better than that! Don’t delay, get your order in before the expiration date  in red on the online rush investment form.
Click here to order now.

Or, click here for a printable order form.


Combine personal authority with the secrets revealed in the "King's Keys," and you'll be darn near irresistible to sexy women… turn this letter over and read it from the front to discover how, right now.

MMVII Art of Steel, Inc.


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