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Imagine, Having an UNFAIR ADVANTAGE Over Every Other Man When It Comes to Attracting Hot, Sexy, Intelligent, Women!
Why Would Any Sane Woman Reveal Secrets Like These
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From:  John Alanis, "The King of Let 'em Come to You

Dear Friend,

     What would it be worth to you to get your hands on the "ultimate attraction road map," that reveals step by simple step, how attract, seduce, and keep the world's most desirable women, AND it was "drawn" for you by a stunningly beautiful woman who understands what attracts such women in a way no man ever can?


     Some men would ransom everything they own to get their hands on such a "map," a map that reveals the inner workings of how the sexiest, most desirable women truly think.  Why?  Because they know it would allow them to live the lives they want with the women they truly want, with no fear of rejection whatsoever, no thought of failure, no risk of embarrassment.


     Well, I have good news for you... I'm NOT going to ask you for everything you own, AND I'm going to show you how you can get your hands on such a "map" for far, far less than you might think.   But first, I want to introduce you to somebody, the woman who's going to "draw" the roadmap for you... IF you qualify.


     Her name is Shelley McMurtry, and she is, by any measure, a bright, intelligent, sexy woman of rare beauty, both inside and out.  In addition to being blessed with "physical beauty," she's also extremely intelligent, "street smart" (she owns two businesses), and most of all, refreshingly honest about what women like her find attractive in a man.  She'll tell you what stunningly sexy women really respond to, not what they *should* respond to.  


      Now, as a businesswoman, Shelley is extremely busy-- in fact I had to negotiate hard with her (like only The King can do!) to get her to agree to even reveal these secrets.  She didn't want to spend the time to type them up, or even write them down on paper-- that would take her way too long, she said, plus take away time from her business, her life, and her three spoiled dogs (one of whom goes to "doggie day care").  


   So, I asked her if she'd agree to teach a "tele class" she could conduct from the privacy of her own home with minimal interruption from her busy life.  She finally agreed as long as I would ask her the questions on the call, helping her "write" this...


 "Ultimate Attraction Road Map!"


     I have bad news, and good news.  First the bad news. Shelley and I already conducted this Tele-Seminar, and a bunch of smart guys got the inside scoop on how to attract women from a woman's point of view.  Unfortunately you weren't one of them.  See, this Tele-Seminar turned out to be even better than I thought it would be, with Shelley revealing things even I didn't know about.  It's a shame you missed out.


   Here's the good news:  at the last minute I decided to record this entire tele-seminar, so I could listen to the CD's for my own personal success with women.  When it was done, I had in my possession, two full length CD's with over TWO HOURS of information... when the call was only scheduled for 90 minutes!  After listening to the CD's again, however, I cannot in good conscience keep this information from other men any longer.  Why?  The answer is simple:


These Forbidden Attraction Secrets Are Too Valuable For Me to Keep To Myself... Therefore I'm Forced to Reveal Them To
a Few Select Men, Maybe YOU!


    See, when I listened to the CD's of the Tele-Seminar again, I realized Shelley held nothing back and revealed, from a woman's point of view, every attraction secret she knows that can make even the toughest, smartest, most desirable woman melt like putty in your "male presence"... and love every minute of it.

     Here's just a small taste of what Shelley reveals on these remarkable, "limited edition" CD's:


Why "confidence" is so irresistible to sexy women, and the simple way you can "turn on" instant confidence  (no matter your looks, age, or income)



Exactly how women know if a man is "confident" or not... and how you can use this knowledge to exude total confidence, the kind that "magnetically draws" the most desirable women to you


The truth about how women really experience attraction (it's vastly different from men's experience, but when a truly sexy woman senses you understand her "attraction map", watch out!)


Secrets of "instant charisma"-- exactly what to do and say to a desirable woman you'd like to welcome into your life (the truth is, women like this are silently begging you to approach them, but you've got to know what to do and NOT do... or you'll immediately be known as a loser)


Looking for a wonderful woman to share your life with?  You'll discover exactly where to go to meet women who can be your true partner (and why you'll be the only guy they'll give more than the time of day to)


How to dress so women will approach YOU-- never before revealed turn ons, and turn offs


How to "get physical" in a way that makes both you and she absolutely comfortable-- she'll think you're "psychic" because you'll know exactly what to do at exactly the right moment.


How to read subtle female attraction signals most guys flat out miss-- once you understand this simple psychology you'll be able to "read" a woman before you even speak to her... imagine never being rejected again!


Why you must NEVER ask a woman for her phone number... and why doing so will kill a great relationship before it ever gets started


A day in the life of beautiful woman-- things, as a man, you never knew stunning women had to live through.  You'll finally understand why such women can come across as  "bitchy," but will melt like soft butter when you show you "understand them" in a way no other man ever can


How to maintain a relationship with a beautiful woman once you're in one (if you don't know these secrets, it's almost certain she'll suddenly leave you for another guy, just when it's "going so good"... discover how to "keep her once you've got her")


How to turn a hot female friend into an even hotter lover (and make her think it's HER idea)!


Not looking for a serious relationship? Do you just want to have a lot of "fun" with willing women?  Surprise!  A lot of women are looking for exactly the same thing-- Shelley will tell you just how to attract and identify these women, plus (as a neat little bonus) get them to refer their friends to you!


The truth about why looks, age, income, or social status truly DON'T MATTER to desirable women... you'll finally understand why the handsome, "GQ," rich guy is actually at a disadvantage to the broke, ugly guy who knows how to create the magic of attraction


The amazing, "developed personality" secret even I, The King, didn't  know... yet it's something every women (no matter if she's dog ugly or movie star beautiful) instantly looks for when she meets a man.. in fact, this one secret can easily make or break your future success with a woman, moments after meeting her


   And much, much more.  You'll be truly amazed by what happened, on this live, uncensored, "no holds barred" attraction roadmap tele-seminar.  But, I can tell you this for sure...


You Will Benefit From The Ultimate Attraction Roadmap Tele-Seminar CD's in Three Unusual Ways


Unusual Way #1:  Although I can tell you over and over that looks, age, or income don’t matter when it comes to dating beautiful women, many guys just can’t get over that belief… UNTIL they hear a woman tell them what I've been saying all along, and THEN explain exactly why this is true.  Hearing this, live, as it’s happening from a sexy woman can make any “limiting beliefs” evaporate into thin air, almost instantly.  



Unusual Way #2: You’ll discover little known attraction secrets, most men will never know… but women assume you do.  You can put these secrets to work instantly so you can attract the women you desire.

Unusual Way #3: Most importantly, you’ll get to hear me interact with Shelley, using all my “naughty boy techniques,” even while I’m interviewing her.  If you’ve ever been confused about just how to let out your “naughty boy side” in a way that creates maximum attraction effect, listening to me talk with her will clear that up for you.  

     You’ll actually experience me creating attraction on the call, switching from “naughty” to sincere, and back again—you’ll never be confused about how to create attraction again.  Reading about it is one thing, actually hearing me do it, live, and listening to her reactions are quite another… this may just be the most valuable part of the entire call!

More Good News!

     Even though you missed the original call, you can still get your hands on the CD's and  review this remarkable call whenever you want... IF you take fast action.  I only have a limited number of these CD's in stock, and when they're gone, they're gone.  If you order and I'm already "sold out" I will be forced to return your order, and you will miss out on these secrets.

    OK, I'm sure by now you're wanting to know how much all this is going to "cost."  The truth is you shouldn't be thinking cost, you should be thinking investment.  Like I said, I'm not going to ask you for everything you own, but I am going to charge you a "solid" price, to make sure you value and USE this information.  


     Keep in mind, I also have to pay Shelley a substantial fee for her time and secrets-- as a businesswoman she needs to make a decent profit in order to justify her time (and continue to spoil her dogs).


     However, I promised her I could count on you guys to "show up " and make it worth her while, so we settled on the price of $149.00.  However, Shelley, like me, has a soft spot in her heart for guys who take fast action, so when you register by the date in red below, you can get in for only $97.00 plus $7.00 shipping (International customers add $12 for International Shipping).


You Get The $52.00 "Doer Discount" When You Respond Before Midnight Of The Following Date:


Special Bonus When You're One of the First 19 To Order


    When you're one of the first 19 to register, you will immediately be emailed my special report entitled, "Magic Touch Secrets:  How To Create Immediate, Irresistible Attraction In Stunningly Beautiful Women With a Simple Gesture."  While this is not my longest report ever, it may well be the most powerful one-- when you know how to touch a woman correctly you can "compress" attraction from days into hours... don't miss out on this one!



    Don't delay investing in these CD's.  Like I said, I only have a limited number of them in stock, and I'm not planning on laying out the money to reorder any more for a long time.  Also, keep in mind when you're one of the first 19 to order, you also get my "Magic Touch Secrets Report," emailed to you INSTANTLY.  You could be reading and using it in less than 10 minutes!


No Hassle, No BS One Year 100% Money Back Guarantee!

If for any reason, or no reason at all, you are not 100% delighted with this system, simply send it back in good condition within one full year, and you’ll get your money back (less shipping). What could be more fair? I take all the risk, you are FULLY PROTECTED!

 HOWEVER... if you're one of those guys who orders things with the full intention of whining for a refund without giving it a fair shake, please do both you and I a big favor and don't order. I want to do business with bright, fun, smart guys who truly want to attract great women to them, not guys who spend their time ordering things, copying them and crying for a refund, especially when they need Christmas money or it’s tax time. Guys like that don't ever attract women-- I'm looking for guys who truly want to succeed with women. Play fair with me and I'll play fair with you, OK?


Here's How to Order...


    All you have to do to invest in these CD's  is simply click on the link below.  We take all credit cards, and Pay Pal. Once the shopping cart processes your order, you will be immediately taken to a "Thank You Page" that will give you important shipping details, PLUS the link to download the "Magic Touch Secrets" Report (when you're one of the first 19).  


   Please do both you and I a favor and print this page out for future reference.  You'll also be sent an email with all the instructions, and you should probably print that as well.   As soon as your order is processed, it will be sent to my shipping center, and your CD's will be shipped to you via UPS ground.  You should know we ship all orders within 48 hours of receipt, sometimes sooner. That way you'll be able to review this amazing call whenever you want.



Special Important Notice!  


Do you own my "women approach you" instantly downloadable Platinum Package, worth $409.84? If not you can add it to the Tele-Seminar CD's and start using it instantly to get desirable women to approach you first for a date, no matter your looks, age or income.  


Here's ALL You Get With the Platinum Package


1.  Secrets of Natural AttractionHow to Get Desirable Women to Chase YOU  E-Book (value $49.95)


2.  Secrets to Reading Female Attraction Signals Report (value $29.97)


3.  How to Get Newspapers and Magazines to Write Articles About You That  Compel Desirable Women to Contact You (value $49.97)


4.  The Secrets of Supreme Confidence Report, (value $19.97) 


5.  The “Lazy Man’s Way” to Success With WomenHow to Quickly and Easily   Write Compelling Online Ads That Flood Your Inbox with Messages From  Desirable Women Who Can’t Wait to Meet YOU! (value $49.97)  


6.  How to Be the Naughty Little Boy Women Love Report (value $29.97).  


7.  Magic Touch Secrets:  How To Create Immediate, Irresistible Attraction In  Stunningly Beautiful Women With a Simple Gesture (Value $39.97)


8.  How To Find, Attract, and Keep that "One Special Woman"- Secrets of a  Truly Fulfilling, Long Term, Committed For Life Relationship the Divorce Attorneys Don't Want You to Know (Value $99.97)


Your Total Value for PLATINUM is $409.84 but when you respond before the expiration date YOU invest ONLY $99.90! Keep in mind you also get to immediately download the entire Platinum Package as soon as your order is processed!




Here's How To Get BOTH the Platinum Package AND the Ultimate Attraction Roadmap Tele-Seminar CD's





Prefer to Pay with a Check or Money Order? No Problem...


     If you prefer, you can also order by telephone.  Just call 1-800 819-1871 to order 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and tell the person who answers you wish to order the Ultimate Attraction Roadmap Tele-Seminar CD's only or both the CD's and the Platinum Package. 


   This is my order taking service, and they'll forward your order to my staff.  Please keep in mind that, while they are very friendly, they are not able to answer any questions.  If you do have questions, you can call us at 512 892 8839 during normal business hours.  If you order online, you're order will be processed at once, and you'll be given instant access to your FREE, "Magic Touch Secrets" report when you're one of the first 19 to register.


    You may also fax your credit card order in, or  mail us a check or money order, sent to the address below:

John Alanis
Art Of Steel, Inc.
4424 Gaines Ranch Loop #1035
Austin, TX 78735


Fax:  (512) 891 9417


     If faxing or mailing, all you have to do is get out a piece of paper, write your shipping information on it (neatly, please) and fax it to the above fax number (or mail it to the above address).  


     Also, please be sure to include your credit card number with expiration date.  The charge will appear discreetly as Art Of Steel, Inc.  If you wish to mail a check or money order, please make it out to Art Of Steel, Inc., and include it and your contact information along with your request.


    The information you will receive on the CD's is information you can't get anywhere else, and you don't want to miss out.  Like I said, I'm not planning on re-ordering any of these CD's for a long time-- to be sure you're not left out, you need to act NOW!  


     Simply click on the correct link above, and place your order. Don't risk being turned away because I'm out of stock-- listen to the CD's and put Shelley's secrets for you to work at once.


    Also, keep in mind, when you're one of the first 19 to register, you will also be given instant access, free of charge, to my latest mind blowing report, "Magic Touch Secrets:  How To Create Immediate, Irresistible Attraction In Stunningly Beautiful Women With a Simple Gesture."


     Shelley and I look forward to sharing these secrets with you!



-John Alanis
“King of Let ‘em Come to You”

Author, “Secrets of Natural Attraction”


PS What are you waiting for?  These secrets can literally change your life... get in on them now, before it's too late!  click here to invest in these "Ultimate Attraction Roadmap" CD's right now, OR click here to invest in the CD's AND  my "women approach you" Platinum Package now!

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