At last! The truth about dating, seduction, and getting sexy women to approach you first for a date, no matter your looks, age or income!

John Alanis shares his dating secrets and tips on how to meet and pick up hot babes,
sexy women thru online personals, and his unusual take on seduction and NLP.

"You're about to discover dating secrets most men will never know-- how sexy women will approach you first"

"The King of Let 'Em Come to You"

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Dating Secrets Revealed.. Tired of rejection every time you try to pick up beautiful sexy women, hot girls, even hot babes?

"Who Else Wants Desirable, Beautiful, Sexy Women to Approach YOU First For a Date, No Matter Your Looks, Age or Income?"

No weird far out "nlp" or "hypnosis" that's hard to learn and doesn't work for most guys anyways. Only tested, proven secrets that literally force beautiful sexy women to boldly walk up and talk to you first. No more "meeting beautiful sexy women." Now they meet YOU!

John Alanis, The King!

John Alanis, "The King of Let 'em Come to You," and author, Secrets of Natural Attraction: How to Get Beautiful, Desirable Women to Chase You.
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"These secrets really opened my eyes. After a bitter divorce I moved to Denver to get away from my ex-wife and basically start over. I knew no one in Denver and had no way to meet anyone. I was burned out on women, and skeptical about ever meeting one who I could just enjoy spending time with. But, I gave John's secrets a try, and to my utter surprise I "hooked up" with a cute Emergency Room Doctor! She really likes being my "adventure partner" (just like John taught me she would), and our "relationship" is completely stress free. This is how it's supposed to be!

-S. Daniel, Real Estate Broker
Denver, CO
"Wow, I wish I'd had this book in college, when I was 21! Better late than never, though. I'm 37 years old, balding, and kind of gruff looking. I never believed these secrets would work for me. But I decided I had nothing to lose, so I recently tried them in a popular local bar. Sure enough, a cute blonde named Amy came up to approach me and start talking to me... she even gave me her number. I was so stunned these secrets worked that I didn't call her back. I couldn't believe this was actually happening just like John said it would. She finally called me, and we decided to go bowling... funny thing though, we never made it to the bowling alley!"

-J. Turner, Webmaster
Austin, TX
"These secrets are fantastic. I travel a lot in my business so I don't have time for a steady relationship right now. John's secrets have allowed me to meet women in every city I travel to. I spend time in New York, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Baltimore, as well as here in Toronto. A few days before I arrive, I put John's secrets to work for me online, and always have a date, no matter where I am in the world. If I ever decide to "settle down" I know I can use them to meet that one special lady, but for right now, I'm having way too much fun! Thanks, John!"

-Robert O., Marketing Consultant
Toronto, Canada
"Dear John,
I had purchased your E-book a couple of months ago, and let me tell you, it's truly a God-send! What I love about your instructions is they are very open-ended in how one can implement your techniques. One doesn't have to worry about "Oh shit, am I doing what such and such page instructed me to do correctly?!" - it beautifully managed to conjure up a bigger, practical "what to do" picture by the time I was finished reading it that, frankly, I doubt few other e-books on the matter will be able to pull off in their readers' minds. Needless to say, my results with women have been pretty amazing! The "smile your way through" technique alone is incredibly effective. Definitely smacks of the good ol' "small hinges turn big doors" maxim, and does so beautifully! It amazing how it's small things like this most of us men take for granted, instead trying desperately to put up some fake Al Pacinoesque or Johnny Depp look to attract women (and for the record, two gorgeous ladies I know of like neither of these actors :)! Most importantly, what I REALLY appreciate about your ebook is that the methods you implement can cater for men coming from ALL backgrounds - whether they are your average "free spirited" schmoe in the street, or even religious, spiritually inclined types such as myself. You may find this funny, but to be perfectly honest, before purchasing your product, I went through some trepidation before buying it, thinking it was wholly based on "best ways to flirt with women" in bars and so on - a practice that's strongly shunned by the culture I was brought up in. But upon finishing your book, I realized there are some fundamental truths about male / female dynamics that NO one in their right state of mind can deny... and us "religious" freaks have this thing for "truism" :) haha Once again, thank you very much for this awesome e-book. Two more semesters, and I'll be done with college - so, no more tuition fees! Which means you'll be looking forward to having at least ONE person purchase your Deluxe offer from my neck of the woods ;)"

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2004 Archives

Ultimate system to Pick up women!
Ultimate system to Pick up women
"My Relationships With Women Just Started Getting Better-- Much Better-- After I Started This Quick and Easy 15 Minute Daily Routine..."
"I've discovered a system that once you put it in place, lets you quickly and easily choose your own relationships with any woman you desire, no matter your looks, age, or income. Now, women approach me first, and all my relationships with women are filled with fun and joy, completely devoid of emotional turmoil, misery, confusion or heartbreak. You can do it too.
All you need are the "forbidden attraction secrets" you'll receive everyday from this man who truly understands what women want and respond to. He taught me. Let him help you too..." Sign up now for your FREE trial of John Alanis' Women Approach You Secrets. You'll see immediate improvements in all your relationships with women, whether at work or school, in an existing relationship, or any new relationships you desire.
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John's Ultimate Unlimited Lifetime of Power and Success With Women System:

"A Completely Different Approach to Dating, Women, and Relationships that Allows Me to Create Any Type of Relationship I Choose with Any Woman, Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere, Literally on Demand, Completely Devoid of Emotional Turmoil, Rejection, Heartbreak or Misery" And, I'm Convinced Any Man can Quickly and Easily Copy What I'm Doing, Once You Understand It, regardless of Your Looks, Age or Income.

Why would any sane man reveal this kind of secret, if it was true? Read my message and find out...

New, From John Alanis: Revealed At Last‚?¶

"Secrets of Personal Authority: How to Get Other People-Especially Sexy Women-to Want to Do What You Want Them to Do"

     Do you know why most men fail miserably with women‚?¶ even those who diligently study and understand the process of attraction?

     It's because they fail to master the ONE crucial part of the attraction process, the "attraction linchpin" that holds everything together‚?¶ to read the rest of this article go to

"Hot, Sexy, Intelligent Businesswoman Reveals-- For the First Time-- Forbidden Attraction Secrets That Allow You to Instantly Attract, Seduce, and Keep ANY Woman You Desire (But Especially the Hottest, Sexiest Ones) , No Matter If You're Fat, Bald, Ugly, Old or Just Dead-Butt Broke"

Imagine, Having an UNFAIR ADVANTAGE Over Every Other Man When It Comes to Attracting Hot, Sexy, Intelligent, Women! Why Would Any Sane Woman Reveal Secrets Like These (That Can Give You A "Magnetic Hold" Over Women) If They Were True? Read My Message to Discover the Unusual Answer...


What if a truly beautiful, truly sexy woman were to whisper in your ear, daily, and tell you exactly how to succeed with women of rare beauty?

Shelley McMurtry is that woman, and you can get her daily "whisper" (and see pictures of her, tasteful ones!) by going to right now!

Free Dating Tips For Men
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"My Friend Bet Me I Couldn't Get a Date With the Hottest Chick in the Gym. But When He Watched Her Turn Around and Walk Right Up to Me First ..."

You should have seen the guy's face... his jaw nearly hit the ground. He never, ever would have believed this stunning, sculpted beauty would approach me first! And this wasn't an isolated event. Fact is, I haven't approached a girl in years.

Why should I, when I know how to make them come to me first? You can make them come to you, too - click here now to discover why she came to me, and how you can do the same.

"Would You Like Desirable Women to Email You RIGHT NOW, Eager to Meet You in Person?"
The King has arranged a FREE Trial for you at, the most successful dating site on the internet... I have had more women approach me from this site than any other. To post a FREE profile, simply click on this link now: Register at for free!

A Special Message from the King about money...

Do You Need Money to Attract Women?I get this question a lot from guys. Everyone wants to know if "having money" is important when it comes to meeting women. The answer is... yes AND no! Look, you don't have to have money to get women to approach you. In fact, whenever I first talk with a woman, I hide the fact that I do OK for myself, moneywise. I show up in my beat up 1992 Buick Regal (a car fit for The King - Not!) and make jokes about it.

HOWEVER... having money makes things better all the way around. When you have money you can do things people who have no money can't. And used properly, money can be a great attraction system.

I've been broke and I've had money, and I'm here to tell you, it's better to have money. Much better. Money isn't everything, but money can buy you freedom and freedom is everything.

Most people have hang ups about money, or think making money is "hard" or "mysterious." The truth is, it is embarrassingly easy, IF you know what you're doing. If you don't, then it can be very discouraging.

Quite frankly, there are very few people I have any respect for when it comes to dispensing money-making advice. Most spend their time talking about things they'd wished done, not anything they could ever do. I hate people like that. I hate talkers. I hate bullshit artists-- you guys know that. I like doers. Listed below are three top-notch doers, people who I know and spend time with personally, both in public and behind closed doors.

They are the same, regardless of the situation, and I can assure you all of them do what they say, and more. Much more. I have great respect for them. And if you know me personally, you know it's tough to earn my respect, not to mention my great respect.

Are these the only people I recommend? No. There are others, and I will put links to their websites up as time and circumstance permit. But for now, I highly recommend you have a look at, and invest in, in what these guys have to offer. Their information can literally make you "life-changing" money.

'Nuff said.

- John Alanis, "The King of Let MONEY Come to You"

Corey Rudl, Internet Genius

Internet Success Story - Corey Rudl

Fact #1: Corey made $7,600,000 (that's $7.6 million) last year in online sales with his businesses.

Fact #2: Corey turned a failing product into $500,000 per year on the Internet.

Fact #3: Corey attracts over 1.8 million visitors to his sites... every month!

Fact #4: Corey has published the #1 best-selling Internet Marketing Course online for SIX years straight!

Fact #5: Corey has just released his latest research, his most recent testing, and his most profitable secrets to the public for the first time ever!

Click here now to read his story...

Who Else Wants to Make Money Sitting Around at Home In Your Underwear?

"The Amazing Story of How a Completely Different Approach to Internet Marketing Took Me From Zero to Making $51,351.94 in Just 6 ½ Short Months, Working From Home - And Why I'm Convinced Nearly Anyone Can Copy What I'm Doing" by Yanik Silver

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What Will You Do When You and the Woman of Your Dreams Are Suddenly and Brutally Attacked By a Vicious, Knife (Even Gun)-Wielding Criminal?

Will you run away, leaving her to her fate? Will you be killed trying to defend her because you simply don't know what to do? Or will you choose to quickly, easily, and coldly destroy this evil intruder before he even knows what hit him? Many people are faced with this nightmare scenario every day, and most fail, paying with their lives or worse yet the lives of their loved ones. Few, very few, choose the option to destroy the criminal because they just don't know how. Yet that knowledge is easily obtainable, knowledge that will allow even the smallest woman to quickly "take apart" a strong, powerful man, hell-bent on attacking her. To discover more about this "ultimate survival tool," click here now‚?¶ before it really is too late.

Is there really a supplement that can attract sexy women to you, and keep them coming back, over and over again?

Wouldn't it be great if there was a pill you could take that magically attracted sexy women to you? Despite what those silly "pheromone" commercials claim, there's not‚?¶ but there almost is! See, sexy women are attracted to guys who are healthy, vibrant, and in great shape-no matter your looks, age, or income. And now there really is a tested, proven supplement that literally allows you to radiate health‚?¶ and you will be surprised at what it is. In fact, it's actually pretty boring‚?¶ but the results will amaze you. To discover more about this supplement, click here now...

Wisdom From the King:

John Alanis, The King of Let 'em Come to You Has a FREE Daily "Always Entertaining" Dating Tip for You!
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Ultimate system to Pick up women!
Ultimate system to Pick up women
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Do You Make These Mistakes With Sexy Women?

1. Hoping and praying she'll "like you" because of "who you are?"

2. "Just being yourself." around sexy women.

3. Buying sexy women gifts, candy, flowers or jewelry to impress them?

4. Being a kind, sensitive, caring guy who caters to her every whim and desire.

5. Thinking that just because she's "with you" she won't dump you in a heartbeat for another guy.

6. Thinking that just because you have money, a fancy car or a big house sexy women will be attracted to you.

7. Going on "dates." with sexy women.

8. Hoping she'll "let you kiss her" at the end of a "date."

9. Buying sexy women drinks first, hoping they'll "go home with you."

10. Believing sexy women when they say, "I just wish I could meet a nice guy."

If you'd like to put an end to all this nonsense and have beautiful, desirable sexy women approach you first, literally begging for a date,
Click here to discover how to NEVER be rejected by sexy women again.
If you found my site thru searching the web, you got here with a key word like pick up women, dating secrets, dating tips, sexy women, hot women, meet women, online personals, john alanis, dating advice, hot babes, alanis, seduction, nlp, dating

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