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January 08, 2006

Who else wants to be approached by desirable women?

Dear Friend and Subscriber,

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On with the fun....

-John Alanis
"The King of Let 'em Come to You"

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Q and A with the King

Hey guys,

It's that time again--time to answer the questions you guys have sent me. I wish I could answer all them, but I get literally hundreds of emails a day, so I just take the best, most relevant ones, and occasionally an extremely entertaining one.

Here we go...

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Hey John,

I've been reading your and Shelley's material for several months and just began Sharkie's material. I really enjoy your insights. I'm 47 years old and have been dating this 22 year old for about three months. Yesterday she was attempting to define her view of me. She said that I "...came across as Billy Bad Ass, ...but not really". As she talked about this further, it was almost like reading from yours or Shelley's or Sharkie's material about taking on the attributes of the bad boy or jerk, but not necessarily treating people negatively or abusively as those names normally imply. When she summarized her thoughts, she said, "I'll just call you Billy Nice Ass, since that has other applications also." What the heck, just thought I'd mention it.

Joe B.

JA: Thanks for the email, Joe, and congratulations on your success. The reaction you got from her shows that you're doing it right, giving her what she wants. It's the jerk-like behavior that creates attraction, but the more complex behavior of "there's more to you than just the jerk" that maintains it. The "jerk" attracts, the "real man" maintains the attraction, and the switching between the two keeps it interesting for her.

Hi John,

I don't know if you get e-mails from readers, I hope so!! I really enjoy reading your advice. It cracks me up because it is soooooo true! Oh by the way, I am a woman! It's funny how when we are in relationships we complain that our significant other is not sensitive enough or blah blah blah!!! If he did turn into a sissy, do you think we'd want them anymore? I think not! Who wants a queer boy? We want a man who can take charge. I know alot of women will pretend to disagree, but they are just lying to themselves!

Good day and on with the fun:)

JA: Thanks for the email, Jeni, and yes I get emails from readers. You make a very good point a lot of me don't understand--women WANT a MAN to take charge, to show some authority. Women pretend to disagree, but that is generally a test to see if the guy will put up with that silliness and cave in, or show a bit of authority and put a stop to it. In this day and age of the wuss, most men cave--but when one does show some authority he gets amazing results.


I'm a woman who subscribed to your emails and I do like what you write. It makes a lot of sense.

I was married twice and am now in a relationship with a wonderful man. He has all the qualities that you state. He treats me well in ALL ways and also does not put me on a pedestal. Who really wants to be up there? I'd rather be down where the action is and not watch it passing me by.

However, what stands out a lot in the emails from others is that they are happy attracting a LOT of women. How many women does one man really need?

I know that when I separated I dated quite a few guys and the clingy ones, well, they were the first to go! I was called "two-date Terri" as I wouldn't go past one or two dates. My only reasons were if there wasn't chemistry to begin with then I wouldn't waste their time or mine.

I am not thin and am older (54) although don't look my age, or so I'm told. If I didn't know my age (number) I'd think and feel I was around 30 something! It feels great!

So why did I get so many dates? I believe I did what you tell the men to do. I am caring and thoughtful and friendly but never put them on a pedestal. They belong right down where I am...in the action.

I met my boyfriend online and he lives about 80 miles away and it's been almost two years and our relationship has grown leaps and bounds! He is one terrific guy but if I felt he was acting the way he does to see "how many women he can attract"...that would be a BIG turnoff for me. That would be the "deal-breaker" so to speak.

Thanks for reading this email and also for all the great information you send out. It really lets me know I have a GREAT guy and I intend to keep my part in making this relationship flourish!

Have a great 2006!

JA: Thanks for the email, Terri. You make a great point about not putting women (or men, for that matter) on a pedestal. As soon as a man does that, he reveals himself as the nice guy, and that pretty much ends things.

I will clarify a point about men attracting a lot of women. There is a distinction between making yourself attractive to all women by who you are and how you interact with them, and seeing how many you can date or sleep with.

Just because attraction is created doesn't mean a man has to act on it, and in many cases he shouldn't. A man who creates attraction with every woman he meets with no intention of following up on it tends to move through the world with ease. He has more friends, gets better service, and has more choice in his life than most men have.

There is a big difference between being attractive, and being a womanizer, and a lot of it has to do with self image. The attractive man has a strong self image, and as a result is naturally attractive to women. The womanizer has a weak self image, and attempts to compensate externally by sleeping with as many women as possible. He is not "attractive" in the sense that the other man is.

The point is that a man should take action to make himself attractive to all women, but should be very judicious in pursuing it. Choice is a great thing to have, but discretion is always the better part of valor, and knowing when to say "no" is an important part of attraction. The attractive man says it constantly the womanizer never says it.

On with the fun....

-John Alanis
"The King of Let 'em Come to You"

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