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March 07, 2006

What's the one big secret to attraction?

Dear friends and subscribers,

What if I were to tell you there was one BIG SECRET to creating attraction with any woman you want? Further, what if I were to tell you that any can put this secret to use immediately, regardless of your looks, age or income to attract the women--or woman--you truly desire? How interested would you be?

Here's the truth: there IS one big secret to attraction, and it's called "personal authority." Most men are confused by this, having been deliberately been trained to be wusses and nice guys by society, been trained to think that authority is a bad thing.

It's not... IF you use it correctly. Most men don't because they don't know how. But women crave a man with personal authority, they dream about such a man. And you can be that man, if you understand a few simple secrets, things society at large does not want you to know. But I do--and I have condensed these secrets into an easy to use system you can put to work for you immediately. For details, go to http://www.johnalanis.com/authority.htm right now, before I decide to remove this website for good.

On with the fun...

-John Alanis
"The King of Let 'em Come to You"

PS Personal authority in a man is like a narcotic to women... they can't resist. That's the good news. The bad news is, if you don't give it to them, they'll leave and find a man who will. Don't be the man they're leaving, be the man they run to. Go to http://www.johnalanis.com/authority.htm right now.

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You got in a fight, she won't call you back-- now what?

Hey guys,

What a weird time in the NFL. The labor talks start, stop, and restart again. Every media wonk has their opinion about what's going on, and there's nothing more amusing to me than hearing a talk radio host pretend he knows something about business. I finally got so fed up with listening to the whole deal, that I did what I should have done all along... listen to some CD's about making money where I might actually learn something.

Anyways, today's episode has to do with a specific situation you may run into when you're in a relationship with a woman... what to do after a fight ends badly. After reading my answer, I hope you're never in that situation, but sometimes it happens and you need to know how to deal with it.

At last the real truth about women, dating, and relationships--why you have been held back by society from attracting the women you truly desire. For a whole new approach to dating, women, and relationships, go to http://www.johnalanis.com/ultimate_system.htm to discover how to lead a lifetime of power, success, and choice with women

Hey King,

It's me, haven't e-mailed you in a long time. Actually, I have been learning from some other gurus as well, like DeAngelo and Ross Jeffries. Having learned from all three of you, I still failed.
My very first long term relationship ended abruptly, I hung up on her since she was fighting with her dad, he wanted her off the phone because he heard her yelling (since we were in a fight on the phone). She argued with her father for quite some time, I got frustrated since I couldn't even speak to her and hung up. Since then, she hasn't called or e-mailed me, for a several days. I suppose this a break up but I'm not sure how to deal with it. I just feel like I was left "hanging" and I don't know how to deal with it. Why won't she just simply end it? I don't even know if she will call me again. I'm kind of stumped. I also still love her, a lot. I'm really confused. You've helped me a lot in the past and to be perfectly honest, no one has taught me more about women than you have. I'm really could use some advice.

Thanking you in advance,


JA: Good to hear from your, Kris, even if the circumstances aren't so pleasant. If you go back and look at what you wrote, you're waiting for her to do something, letting the authority in the relationship pass to her. I'll give you a few suggestions, but first I want to mention one thing: the worst thing you can ever do with anyone is fight or argue. Fighting and arguing have little to do with persuasion or influence, and I recommend avoiding them at all costs. If she tries to provoke you, just ignore it.

One thing that has always intrigued women about me is that I simply refuse to fight or argue with them, and their attempt at provocation produces zero reaction on my part. They are so used to guys fighting with them, that they immediately perceive me as different. They may get frustrated at me, but I don't get frustrated with them.

So, for the long term, I'd recommend getting the urge to fight or argue with women completely out of your system, and replace it with the influence/persuasion tools you have access to. It's been my experience that most fights or arguments start because someone SAID something the other didn't like, not because of a disagreement over a particular course of action. The trick is to get to the point where you're immune to criticism, where what someone says to you produces little or no emotional reaction whatsoever.

What to do in the short term? Just call her up like nothing happened, and make plans assuming things are just like they were before the hang up. Don't apologize, don't argue, don't fight, just act like nothing happened, presume you're still in a relationship, and go from there. This allows you to re-establish authority because now you're the one creating the reality.

Will this work? I can't say for sure--if the attractions gone, it's gone. But it is also possible she's waiting for you to make the next move (you are the MAN), and is somewhat embarrassed about the whole thing. So, stop being confused, set a clear path of action, and act on it. You create the reality you want, and allow her to join you. That's defining authority.

Oh, and good job paying attention to what DeAngelo and Ross Jeffries have to say. Both are bright guys and know a lot about this attraction game. Successful people study what everyone has to say, not just one person.

On with the fun--

-John Alanis
The King of Let 'em Come to You

PS What if everything you were ever taught about women, dating and relationships was just plain wrong? Imagine how much better off your life would be if you knew for sure what really worked--see http://www.effortlesscommunication.com/enter.htm for details.

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