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March 21, 2006


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Posted by john at 04:04 PM

Look out for "bad investments"

Hey guys,

Ahhh, the sports media is in full frenzy--at least the Dallas sports media. This TO signing is driving them crazy--one guy even called TO "the devil." Some have already started the drumbeat that this is the end of the Parcells-Jones relationship, something they've been trying in vain to create since Day 1.

Why? I have no idea. The national sports media has done a good job covering the story, the Philadelphia sports media has done a good job as well. But there are some people who just love to hate, some people who get so caught up in hating they lose site of reality.

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One idiot writer for the Fort Worth Star Telegram wrote that he was disappointed Jones didn't take the "moral high ground" and not sign TO. I guess this goofus doesn't remember names like Duane Thomas, Hollywood Henderson, Harvey Martin, and a host of other players who took the moral low road... while bringing the Cowboys championships.

You have to be on the lookout for people like this, both men and women. They're dangerous because they're out of touch with reality, always bleating about the way the world should be.

You can identify them because they love to use words like "ethics," "integrity," "morality," "honesty," and so on and so forth. The problem is, of course, that they take their own definitions of these words (which ALWAYS favor them) and apply them to the rest of the world. If they don't like a way a person behaves, they immediately dub him "unethical," and promote that to the world.

The truth is, people who truly are ethical, honest, trustworthy, etc. don't spend a lot of time talking about how wonderful they are, or about how other people are not. They simply live their lives by their own code, quietly getting around themselves those like them, and removing those who are not.

On with the fun--

-John Alanis
The King of Let 'em Come to You

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