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April 02, 2006

Now she's gone-- will she come back?

Dear friends and subscribers,

If you've ever had a woman suddenly leave you, you know it feels like a punch in the gut, even a knife in the back. You may feel all kinds of different things--rage, anger, hatred, even betrayal.

But here's something interesting: if you feel all these things, underneath all of them, you'd really like to have her back. Why? Because if you didn't, you just wouldn't care--you'd be happy she's gone.

Here's an interesting secret: the reason most women leave is because they simply didn't feel attraction for you any more. It's that simple. But there's a silver lining here: if you recreate the attraction, she'll come back IF you want her.

See, when you know how to create attraction, women suddenly flock to you. You have what few men have: choice. Why? Because while women crave attraction like a narcotic, few men know how to create it. If you know how, then you can rule your own world with women and never have to worry about being dumped again.

Burn this into your head: attraction is a skill, not a talent. And if it is a skill, it can be quickly and easily learned by any man, no matter your looks, age, or income.

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On with the fun...

-John Alanis
"The King of Let 'em Come to You"

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When just saying no is a success story

Dear friends and subscribers,

Usually when I receive a success story from a doer, it revolves around him attracting a woman he wanted, or re-attracting one he was already in a relationship with. But, there's a third kind of success story that I feel is just as powerful as those two- and that's when you choose NOT to get the girl.

I've said it many times--the first step in attraction is recognizing and disqualifying those women who are not suited to you. That way you can spend your time on only those women you feel are qualified (what Robert Ringer calls "The Makable Deal Theory").

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Here's a success story from a man who "just said no." Read it carefully and notice he identified noxious meta-programs (patterns of behavior) from the beginning:


Interesting situation.

Met a lady for Monday night football, that I had met on line.

She kept hinting about getting something to drink, I don't drink, so when a waitress came by to take an order, I mentioned to the waitress that I don't drink, she mentioned that she wanted a glass of wine, and asked if I was paying and then started asking for the more expensive wines. In the past I would have probably bought the wine, good guy thing, this time I said I'm not buying and all of a sudden she wasn't interested in anything to drink.

Certainly a red flag to me that I was being looked at as a wallet for her. I left at half-time and realized, that she was way wrong for me. And the truth is I felt a whole lot better not being used to buy drinks.

But the outcome of this was she e-mailed me to say how cheap I was, and that everyone in the restaurant, including waitress felt the same way. In stead of ignoring it, I mentioned that real women, meeting somebody at a Monday night football game, doesn't assume and don't demand that somebody buy them anything. Wished her well, and mentioned that I wasn't her Daddy, and wasn't there to buy her anything.

So, not getting this lady was a plus, seeing the red flags was important, and saying no was a great feeling. In the past I wouldn't have done this, and would have left feeling abused, and out the bucks for drinks. So thanks.


JA: Barry, congratulations on your success! This story is a success, for a variety of reasons. First off you were able to very quickly zero in on a set of her meta programs (the "I expect you to buy me things" meta-program), and make a decision to get rid of her quickly. There is little doubt she would have used and abused you if you'd bought her a drink. It would have been letting her have the authority (because you'd be doing something you yourself don't like to do) and with this type of woman that is disastrous.

Also, you're leaving flushed out another meta program, this one the insidious "entitlement mentality." Her emailing you to tell you you're cheap is conditioned response to her not getting her way--she's trying to invoke social proof to make herself feel better by putting you down.

You handled it perfectly, and as a result, built up your self image where in the past it would have been torn down. Plus, you've now got a skill you can put to use in the future to identify women that can have a negative impact on your life. Congratulations on getting rid of a bad investment before it ever had an impact on you--a powerful skill to have.

Sometimes just saying no, quickly, is the smartest, best thing to do.

On with the fun....

-John Alanis
"The King of Let 'em Come to You"

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PPS Stay tuned for today's afternoon edition, I will be making a very important announcement, something I've never done before.

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