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April 09, 2006

Are you ready to step up to the Big Leagues?

Dear friends and subscribers,

As you know, there are two types of people in this world, talkers and doers. And there are two things that separate the two. One, is obviously taking action. In order to be a doer and get the results you desire in life, you must take action. There is no way around that.

However, did you know there are lots of talkers who do take action, but never get the results they say they want? They look busy, they appear busy, they "do" things, but they never get any results. Why is this? Why are they really talkers even though they "take action?"

The answer is simple: they do not have the right information to base their action on. And, when their action fails, they do the same old thing over and over and then go talk about the lack of results.

The true doer "calibrates" when he or she takes action and doesn't get the results they desire. They look at what they did, they find out where they lack knowledge, then they go out and get that knowledge. Then, and only then, do they take action again, this time a different action. And they continue to go through this cycle of taking action and acquiring information until they get the results they desire. Sometimes this takes a long, long time and the price is high. But the outcome is ALWAYS the same in the end--the doer gets the results he desires.

If you want to be a true doer and control all your outcomes in life with women and relationships, I can offer you the correct information, information that has been tested and proven through my investment, trial and error. What I can't do is get you to take action. That's up to you. But, if you're an action-taker, and all you need is the right information, I can provide that for you. To get that "right information," and step up to the Big Leagues forever, simply go to http://www.johnalanis.com/ultimate_system.htm right now.

I look forward to seeing you in the Majors!

-John Alanis
"The King of Let 'em Come to You"

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The crucial difference between jerks and naughty boys

Hey guys,

This is the time of year to live in Austin, TX. Everything is green, the humidity is low, the temperature in the mid 70's... and the pool is starting to fill up with naughty girls, looking to get their first tan of the season.

I may be forced to go spend time doing some research for you guys, on how to attract women at the pool. Sounds like a worthy research project to me!

Anyways, I received an email from a man in New York, bringing up an important topic--what's the difference between "naughty boys" and "bad boys?" The answer is below..

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I read your article on "Why good girls like bad boys" First, we have to define what a so-called bad boy really is! I live in New York City and I know a lot of slobs, scumbags, and s--t heads that a misinformed girl may consider "bad boy. Many of these guys are ex-cons, drug-dealers, liars, theives want-to-be thugs and the like. There is nothing an intelligent woman want to do with them, believe me! If a woman's life is so dull and uneventful that she starts taking company with a good for nothing scumbag, then shes got issues.

I see low-lifes every day in New York. Most of these guys don't lead an exciting life. They lead a confused life! Most of these guys are just plain "no good." They have babies all over the place. They are not responsible. They screw every woman in sight. They carry all kinds of diseases, you name it. I know a guy who might be considered a "bad boy, he hustles drugs, make lots of money, drives a nice car, and he gave a friend of my girlfriend "crabs." In essence, I don't understand how any decent, self-respecting, intelligent woman would take time with a going no where scumbag! Maybe you can help me understand. What kind of women are there?

Johnny R.

JA: Johnny, thanks for the great email-- you bring up some very important points, something a lot of guys miss. The guys that you describe do indeed attract women, no doubt about it. And, because "bad behavior" can be so powerful, at times guys like this really do attract bright, sexy intelligent women. However, if you examine their lives closely, you'll find they never keep them, moving on from one to another, leaving a string of unhappy women behind who now hate them. While some of these women are bright and intelligent, simply seduced by feelings in the moment, most of them are as dysfunctional as the guys you describe. Like tends to attract like.

That gets us back to the beginning of your email, the definition of a "bad boy." I prefer the term "naughty boy" because "naughty" has a playful, fun connotation, whereas "bad" can by dysfunctional and mean spirited.

Let's start with what the naughty boy is NOT--he is not like those guys you describe. Those guys are jerks and criminals, whose behavior at times does create attraction... but a very dysfunctional attraction, one that always ends badly. They're not men, they truly are bad boys.

Remember, what women want is a man (with a strong sense of personal authority) who has a naughty boy side. That means he is fun, playful, spontaneous, and while he says and does things he really shouldn't do, those things are not harmful Instead of being a dope dealer, he may take the woman he's with to a movie theater and make occasional rude comments, loud enough where others may hear them, while getting her "excited."

The best way to think of the naughty boy is to think of the class clown in grade school. He delighted in making others laugh, lived in the moment, teased all the girls and did things because they were just plain fun--he didn't have a mean bone in his body, and you
knew if you hung out with him you were going to laugh your ass off. This is the side of you to develop, and if you add a well developed naughty side to a strong sense of personal authority (and have a kind heart) you will be the MAN women are drawn to.

In the end, the boys you describe are nothing more than losers and jerks, not real men. And women always gravitate towards the real men--provided they have an option. It's up to you to be that man.

On with the fun--

-John Alanis
The King of Let 'em Come to You

PS Ready to be the naughty boy women can't resist? Then go to http://www.johnalanis.com/ultimate_system.htm right now before it's too late!

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