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May 04, 2006

Here's an amazing success story... will yours be next

Dear friends and subscribers,

Here's a great email I recently received from a long time doer, who's taking action and getting results with the secrets I teach:

Hi John---

I haven't written to update you in awhile but I thought tonight's experiences were worth sharing. Does the stuff you teach work? No doubt. I just got back to my hotel room from dinner at the bar at Planet Hollywood in NYC. So, I'm sitting there deciding what to order when two stunningly hot women about 25 start talking to me. The one nearest me said "hey, at least you could apologise." I said "excuse me?" She said "well, you bumped that chair into me" Now, I know I didn't do that. So, I said "well, please accept my apology" and turned back to my menu. A minute later, she said, "well you must be a New Yorker." I said "no, actually I'm from Ohio." Next, thing they pulled me into the seat next to them and for the next half an hour, told me their life story. I could have gone anywhere from there. After they left, a young man came up to me and said, 'wow, you are really good with women. I've never seen anything like that. Could you give me some advice. So, I told him a little about personal authority and what it does for you.

So, why did I blow off those two hot women? You'd have to see the lady I'm dating now. She is 26, blonde, and beautiful by anyone's measure. Not only that, she has a tremendous personality and is very successful in her professional life. Best of all, she chose me and initiated the whole thing. She says I'm the first "real" man she has ever met. John, remember, I'm 50 and only 5'7" tall.

Life just keeps getting better and better. If things keep going with my new g/f, I may be off the market.


JA: Hah, great to hear from you again, Doug. By the way, I'm 5'7" as well, and I have similar experiences all the time... so much for height having anything to do with attraction. Congratulations on your continued success--keep in touch.

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On with the fun...

-John Alanis
"The King of Let 'em Come to You"

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Why "it" is the most dangerous word in the English language

Hey guys,

A while back I did some work in the business opportunity market, selling information to people who supposedly wanted to get rich. What I quickly discovered was this: these people wanted someone to make them rich, they didn't want to pay the price to do it themselves.

The product we were selling them was a good product, and many business people had used it to make a lot of money. But it did require some work (to make money, you have to deliver value to others) and that was a big no no for this crowd. They wanted "it" to do the work for them.

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And when "it" didn't work for them, they'd send the product back with a lengthy note explaining that "it" didn't make them rich. Then they'd be after the next "it," something many of them had been doing for 30 years. If they'd just taken the time to do a tiny bit of work during that time, they could have easily become rich. But no, they wanted an "it" to do it for them.

I occasionally run into the same thing in this business, although not nearly as much as in the opportunity market. The psychology though, is the same--a guy puts responsibility on the "it" instead of the "I" and gets predictable results... none.

When it comes to attracting women, looking for an "it" to create attraction for you guarantees your failure. Why? Because you're putting all the authority on an "it" instead of on you--authority is what creates attraction with women, and if you've given your authority to an "it," then obviously you have none. Read, for example, this man's email, looking for the "it's":


I have read and devoured your information about women and attraction but i really hate to say it.....it fails for me.....i still can't get women to come to me or anything......it is supposed to work on guys like me...bad looks and poor income....but women here in my state go for looks and money....nuttin else.....please help me here...I'M DESPARATE!!!!!!!......

John in PA

JA: How many "it's" do you see in this email? Why would any woman be attracted to this guy--he gives all his authority to an it and says he's "desperate." He has no chance... until he starts looking internally at the "I," changes his beliefs and takes responsibility for making the information he has work for him, information that has been proven to work over and over for thousands of guys.

In fact, one belief he has to get over immediately is the "women go for looks and money and I have none belief." That's one of the most convenient excuses for inaction I hear--it's a limiting belief that kills attraction.

Look, women are attracted to men who make them feel attraction, plain and simple. If you focus on an "it" instead of an "I" they won't feel attraction. When you take back your personal authority and realize it's up to you to implement what works for yourself, that's when you'll begin to succeed.

Otherwise you'll spend you're whole life looking for the magic "it."

On with the fun--

-John Alanis
The King of Let 'em Come to You

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