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May 08, 2006

Why it's always better to be on the inside

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-John Alanis
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They've finally crossed the line...

Hey guys,

Last Friday Bill Parcells addressed the Dallas Sports media after months of silence. This is nothing new--after the season he usually disappears, and resurfaces around this time. During his silence it always amusing to me see the rumors, half truths and outright hopeful lies the Dallas print media indulges itself in.

This year, with the whole TO signing, it's been worse than ever, and the Dallas media has crossed far over the line of reporting and opinions into the land of trying to create news. It is a despicable display, to say the least.

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If you want an interesting exercise on how people, and the media in particular, turn events to their point of view, go to www.dallascowboys.com and listen to Parcells Friday press conference. Then read Mickey Spagnola's excellent column (on www.dallascowboys.com ) regarding the media coverage of the Cowboys this offseason.

After you've listened closely to what Parcells has to say, go to the Dallas Morning News Website and read the column by Tim Cowlinshaw, one of the worst haters ever to write for the Dallas Media. Then go to the Fort Worth Star Telegram website and read any opinion piece by Galloway, Jennifer Floyd-Engel or any of the other opinion columnists.

Then go listen to Bill's original press conference again. If you want to see how the media filters events to go with it's own agenda, this is the perfect example. What is sad about it is, the local media in every city I go to (Philadelphia, DC, Seattle) actually supports their team, even if they engage in criticism. Not so in Dallas--the print media hates (and I mean hates) the team. Not every columnist does, but the majority do and it is a despicable display for any fan. I'm always astounded at the media coverage in any other NFL city I go because it's extremely positive in comparison.

Now, why do I bring this topic up in an "attract women newsletter?" The answer is simple: the same process the local dallas media uses to tear down the team is used by the media in general to tear down the idea of the "manly man." It is important you understand this process so you are able to defeat it in you mind, and make informed decisions for yourself about the results you want in the world.

The media goes out of its way (for reasons unknown to me) to attack what works in the real world. To them getting rich is bad, attracting women is bad, and obviously building a winning football team is bad.

I have no issue with informed criticism, or asking tough, well thought out questions. But I do have a tremendous issue with the pursuit of a warped, self serving agenda perpetuated by today's various media.

In this day and age it is vital to familiarize yourself with how the media creates news, so you can bore through that process and get to the information that really matters. If you want a perfect example of this, go listen to the Parcells news conference, then to what various columnists have to say on the matter. You'll see exactly what I mean, even if you don't give a damn about football. It's the process that's important, not the topic.

On with the fun--

-John Alanis
The King of Let 'em Come to You

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