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May 09, 2006

Do you make these mistakes with women?

Dear friends and subscribers,

1. Hoping and praying she'll "like you" because of "who you are?"

2. Just "being yourself."

3. Buying a woman gifts, candy, flowers or jewelry to impress her?

4. Being a kind, sensitive, caring guy who caters to her every whim and desire.

5. Thinking that just because she's "with you" she won't dump you in a heartbeat for another guy.

6. Thinking that just because you have money, a fancy car or a big house she'll be attracted to you.

7. Going on "dates."

8. Hoping she'll "let you kiss her" at the end of a "date."

9. Buying her drinks, hoping she'll "go home with you."

10. Believing her when she says, "I just wish I could meet a nice guy."

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On with the fun....

-John Alanis
"The King of Let 'em Come to You"

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Posted by john at 04:00 PM

Why people will think what they want to think

Hey guys,

A few days ago I sent you an email entitled "a controversial subject." In it, I told you why it was important to "close the deal" with a woman as soon as possible if she was someone you were really attracted to.

What's amusing to me are the responses I received to that email regarding my supposed advocacy of sleeping with as many women as possible.

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No where in that email did I make mention of that. No where have I ever advocated living a lifestyle where you measure success by your number of conquests. Yet when people read my "controversial subject" email, they automatically assume that's what I mean.

Why? Because it makes them feel important to do so. You'll never get any applause in society by agreeing with a "controversial subject" but you sure will by railing against sleeping with lots of women (even if you covertly do it, and publicly protest against it).

Look, I'm not here to comment on anyone's lifestyle--I'm here to give you the information to choose for yourself. Whatever direction you take is up to you. But I can tell you this: whether you want the Hugh Hefner lifestyle, or you want to attract one woman to get married to, have kids, and be a family man, you still have to create attraction with her, and part of that is closing the deal when the time is right, based on reality, not what "should be."

An important success trait is the ability to separate cold, hard reality from emotional attachments to what "should be." People who have the tendency to skim something and draw conclusions that make them feel good (instead of conclusions that get them results) are not people you want to spend much time around.

Results are gotten in the real world, not in the land of "should be."

On with the fun--

-John Alanis
The King of Let 'em Come to You

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Posted by john at 10:03 AM