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June 01, 2006

You're about to miss out on deal

Dear friends and subscribers,

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-John Alanis
"The King of Let 'em Come to You"

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The truth about women and phone numbers

Hey guys,

Before we get started, I just wanted to give you a quick reminder regarding tomorrow's price increase. While prices do go up tomorrow, you can still get the original prices today, if you take fast action.

On with today's lesson. One of the things that always used to mystify me about women was how they would mysteriously grow cold when I would ask them for their "phone number." Even though the interaction was going great, whenever I said the words "phone number" it always seemed to kill the deal. Today I'm going to tell you why that is, and how to get around it.

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Here's the email that sparked today's lesson:

Dear John,

I've been reading your e-mails and i believe all that you're saying. I am really wondering something, though. And that is exactly WHY it is that women lose their attraction about giving out their phone number. I had a woman show a great deal of reluctance today as a matter -of-fact and so i quickly just asked her out and she beamed over that and accepted. But i still haven't gotten her phone number. In fact i just plan on letting that slide for now. So I'm just curious as to how they actually are feeling about giving out their numbers. I would appreciate any information regarding this and thanks for you informative e-mails.


JA: Thanks for the email, Jack. What I've learned from bitter experience is this: you NEVER want to ask a woman for her phone number. Why? Because it sets off a psychological process that kills attraction, and moves you from an attractive guy in her mind to just another waldo.

See, when you ask, "can I have your phone number?" it does several things. First off, it fires off an "anchor" bringing up memories and emotions of all the losers who've asked her for her phone number. All she knows is, she felt attraction for you, and now she doesn't, so she clams up and the interaction is over. Secondly, the act of asking for her phone number swings authority from you to her, and when that happens attraction is gone. I will tell you something very interesting--I have several doers who are very good at getting women's numbers by TELLING them to fork over the number, and that works for them very well. They maintain authority, and women realize that a waldo would never tell her to give him her number, he would beg and please.

While this works well for some guys, I prefer to avoid the phone number issue altogether. All I say to her is this: "I've got to get going, but you've entertained me somewhat, and I just might allow you to entertain me again. Let's get together for coffee at <

While you can change the language to your own style, the point to get is I'm setting up a future meeting BEFORE I get any contact information, something a Waldo will never do. I'm giving her an opportunity, not asking her out. It's a challenge, and women love challenges.

The next thing I do is say, "Oh by the way, let's exchange contact information so we'll be able to get in touch with each other." Then I pull out a pen and piece of paper, write mine down (cell phone and email), then give her the paper and pen. They ALWAYS write down the same information as I just did, then I tear the piece of paper in half, and give her mine.

I do NOT call "to confirm" and do NOT let her "call to confirm." We set a time and a place for a meeting, and I expect her to be there then.

If you use this technique and this attitude, you'll never have to worry about a woman "going cold" on you again--you'll be the first guy who did this, will have demonstrated you have personal authority, and she will be attracted.

Here's something interesting: I have had discussions with women about the phone number issue, and they always tell me the same thing. No matter how attracted they are to a guy, when he asks for their phone number, it's "like a huge wall suddenly going up" and it kills the attraction. They don't like this any more than men do, but it happens. Luckily, it's very easy to get around--just use the above technique.

On with the fun....

-John Alanis
"The King of Let 'em Come to You"

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