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June 10, 2006

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-John Alanis
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Posted by john at 04:01 PM

Re: the failure of men-- your comments

Hey guys,

A few days ago I told you about an article in Esquire magazine regarding the alarming state of today's boys and young men. I received several very good comments on the subject, so I thought I would share them with you today.

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John -

Right on! Having lived through raising a teenage male (almost 18) in today's feminist-centric education system, I can only say that we've doomed a generation of men.... Thanks for publicizing this issue.

Dave R.

JA: Thanks for the email, Dave--there's a lot of fixing to be done, no doubt. The situation is bad, but I don't think it's impossible. One of the aspects of true male behavior is to succeed in situations with the longest of odds... and this might be one of them. The previous generation needs to get off its butt, stop neglecting its responsibility and start teaching this generation how to be male.

Hi John--

As a community college instructor, I see exactly what you are talking about in the message. It's why I teach my courses the way I do, to teach my guys about things like personal authority and being a man. At least some of us get it.


JA: Good for you Doug... young men need more male role models and teachers in their academic environment, male teachers who espouse, encourage and embrace male behavior. The anti-male crowd tends to collect in academia because it's a safe haven from real world feedback on the cornball ideas many educators dream up. You don't see this anti male attitude in business, sports, or the military (although some try inject it even here)--in those environments you
pretty much get instant feedback on whether an idea is good or not.

Hey John,

Thanks for the comment about the article in Esquire magazine. I am quite disappointed that boys are falling behind in school. The problem is that the education itself has been feminized for a long time. Schools are controlled by women who know little about boys and have a deep prejudice against boys.

I was the product of co-ed school plus single sex school and I would say that boys need their own education guided by male instructors. Honestly, there were some good female instructors who could teach the subjects effectively but they could not turn boys into men. Based on my observation, female instructors were not patient with boys if some boys were quite hyperactive inside the class. Male instructors understood this problem and they let boys walking inside the class and interact more personally as long as they didn't cross the boundary such as throwing things or teasing their friends. I think that's another reason why ritalin is not so common in the boys school.

As a conclusion, I think the education system should be improved by segregating boys and girls. Both of them are capable of learning but with different styles.


JA: Thanks for the email, Adrian. My opinion is, that while it's a good idea to mix boys and girls in school for the most part, there does need to be separate classes for each sex, taught by good, strong role models, men teaching boys, women teaching girls. And by good strong role models, I don't mean idiots with a political agenda... I mean men and women who know what works in the real world for both sexes and are there to share that wisdom.

Thanks for the comments, guys... now it's time for all of us to do our part to end the debacle with boys. Teach, educate, and by all means set the example and standard for being a man. If you don't do it, ain't nobody else will.

On with the fun....

-John Alanis
"The King of Let 'em Come to You"

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