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June 20, 2006

You, an internet millionaire

Dear friends and subscribers,

Do you have what it takes to become an Internet Millionaire?

Before you say "no"... or even "maybe"... here's something to think about: For the last 8 years, my friend Derek Gehl (yes, *the* Derek Gehl, the Internet marekting guru) has been giving REAL PEOPLE the chance to read 1,000 pages of step-by-step information that detail how he's grown a $25 investment into over $54,700,000 in online sales.

And today, thousands of the people who have read, studied, digested, and *implemented* these secrets are now extremely successful. Many are making $100,000... $250,000... even $500,000 per year.

And even more interesting, many of them are now Internet Millionaires.

So I have to ask you -- if Derek gave YOU all his easy to use personal business plans, secret test results, case studies, and Internet marketing secrets to start and grow your Internet business, could YOU be an Internet Millionaire?

I challenge you to find out.

As a favor to me, Derek has agreed to send the next 500 people who agree to read his brand-new Internet marketing secrets (freshly released from his personal testing labs) a FREE GIFT valued at $137.95! He's *also* going to take all the risk and promise... if this doesn't work out, he'll pay you for your time.

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And good luck with your business!

On with the fun...

John Alanis
The King of Let 'em Come to You

P.S. Whoops, I should clarify... Derek's actually giving the first 500 people to contact him EIGHT BONUS GIFTS valued at over $1,096.00 -- but he's added a special *extra* gift valued at $137.95 to the first 500 people only.

To get all the details, visit: http://www.marketingtips.com/t.cgi/815106

Posted by john at 04:41 PM

The unusual reason men should read romance novels!

Hey guys,

Have you ever read a romance novel? No, you say? Why not? Because you think they're mushy, gooey, sappy and not at all manly? Because you're a "tough guy" like me and can't be bothered with such things? Or maybe you think they're just a stupid waste of time, and you can't believe women actually spend time reading that crap. And you know there'd never be any benefit to you reading one... might turn you into a "sissy."

If that's the case, then you'd be wrong. Dead wrong. Reading a romance novel or three is one of the best things you can ever do when it comes to understanding how women think about attraction.

Consider this: all romance novels are written by women, for women. There are no male romance writers. Men can't write romance novels, because they don't understand how women perceive attraction.

A few nights ago a female "friend" came over to my place, and she was looking at my library of books. I have all kinds of books on business, psychology, persuasion and influence. But on my bookshelf is one, lone romance novel, "Whitney" by Judith McNaught. She saw that one, and said, "Well this one obviously doesn't belong with the others. How did it get here? This is a romance novel, every thing else you have is about 'manipulation'." (People who use the word "manipulation" are usually acknowledging they have no control over their outcomes in life).

She was, of course, wrong. That one does have a place with the others. A prominent place. In fact, it is one of the best books I have ever read that provides insight as to how to create attraction in women.

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Romance novels are often violent. Many times there are "scenes" that border on rape. They are not full of mushiness and soulful gazing into one another's eyes. They are about conflict. Conflict between the hero and the heroine. And they all follow the same story.

The hero is NOT a nice guy. In fact, he is a rogue, a scoundrel-- "rake" as they like to call it. He may be a pirate, a cowboy, a cop, a duke, or any other type of powerful, AUTHORITY DEFINING man. While he is handsome, he usually has a physical flaw--a scar, he's short, or some other thing that makes him less than perfect.

He has also been with, or dare I say "conquered," scores of desirable women... and found them lacking in one way or another. He's already successful with women, and the heroine knows that. Other desirable women approach him, and that makes him even more attractive in her eyes. Women like a man other women find attractive.

When the hero and the heroine meet for the first time, they always hate each other. There is conflict, yet... an underlying sense of attraction. Mix those two together and you get strong sexual tension... what women crave. This is the magic, right here guys: women want a man who makes them feel powerful--yet conflicting--emotions. It's this conflict that brings forth a powerful sense of attraction.

That's why "nice guys" never get anywhere with women. And why if you're "kind and sensitive" ALL the time, women will treat you like a nice guy.

However, there is one more thing the hero always does that "cements" the relationship, and turns powerful attraction into love. Are you ready? He gives her a brief glimpse of the raging emotions, the passion he has inside. Underneath his rough, tough exterior, he's a genuine, passionate guy, just waiting for the right woman to bring out those emotions in him. That's the challenge women love. That's how you create deep connection and attraction: rough and tough on the outside, genuine on the inside, and every now and then, she gets to see the genuine side--IF she's "woman enough."

How do you put these secrets to work for you? Obviously you can't behave like a romance novel hero--in today's world that might get you thrown in jail. But you can create emotional conflict by creating and relieving tension... saying something obnoxious, and then following it up with something funny. Give her a good time in a bad way. Give other women a good time in a bad way in front of her. And then, when you and her have a chance to talk alone, give her a brief glimpse inside you... and then pull it away. She'll fall for you, because few other guys can make her feel that way.

Go to the bookstore and read a few romance novels. Nora Roberts, Judith McNaught and others write some decent books. They won't be easy to get through, but they're not as bad as you think. The modern ones always remind me of an 80's action show... Magnum PI, Airwolf (yeah, I'm dating myself now), even Simon and Simon. You'll be surprised at how much you'll learn by reading these things. Don't worry, they won't turn you into a sissy.

Even if you are a real "tough guy."

On with the fun....

-John Alanis
"The King of Let 'em Come to You"

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