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Denver, CO
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-J. Turner, Webmaster
Austin, TX
"These secrets are fantastic. I travel a lot in my business so I don't have time for a steady relationship right now. John's secrets have allowed me to meet women in every city I travel to. I spend time in New York, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Baltimore, as well as here in Toronto. A few days before I arrive, I put John's secrets to work for me online, and always have a date, no matter where I am in the world. If I ever decide to "settle down" I know I can use them to meet that one special lady, but for right now, I'm having way too much fun! Thanks, John!"

-Robert O., Marketing Consultant
Toronto, Canada
"Dear John,
I had purchased your E-book a couple of months ago, and let me tell you, it's truly a God-send! What I love about your instructions is they are very open-ended in how one can implement your techniques. One doesn't have to worry about "Oh shit, am I doing what such and such page instructed me to do correctly?!" - it beautifully managed to conjure up a bigger, practical "what to do" picture by the time I was finished reading it that, frankly, I doubt few other e-books on the matter will be able to pull off in their readers' minds. Needless to say, my results with women have been pretty amazing! The "smile your way through" technique alone is incredibly effective. Definitely smacks of the good ol' "small hinges turn big doors" maxim, and does so beautifully! It amazing how it's small things like this most of us men take for granted, instead trying desperately to put up some fake Al Pacinoesque or Johnny Depp look to attract women (and for the record, two gorgeous ladies I know of like neither of these actors :)! Most importantly, what I REALLY appreciate about your ebook is that the methods you implement can cater for men coming from ALL backgrounds - whether they are your average "free spirited" schmoe in the street, or even religious, spiritually inclined types such as myself. You may find this funny, but to be perfectly honest, before purchasing your product, I went through some trepidation before buying it, thinking it was wholly based on "best ways to flirt with women" in bars and so on - a practice that's strongly shunned by the culture I was brought up in. But upon finishing your book, I realized there are some fundamental truths about male / female dynamics that NO one in their right state of mind can deny... and us "religious" freaks have this thing for "truism" :) haha Once again, thank you very much for this awesome e-book. Two more semesters, and I'll be done with college - so, no more tuition fees! Which means you'll be looking forward to having at least ONE person purchase your Deluxe offer from my neck of the woods ;)"

June 26, 2006

Q and A with the KING!

Hey guys,

It's been awhile since we've done some Q and A (too long, actually) so I want to take a bit of time to clear out the ol' mailbag and answer some of the good questions I've recently received.

Keep in mind I received hundreds of emails and can't possibly answer them all, so I have my customer service manager forward the best ones to me, and I choose from those. Those who are the most relevant to all (and entertaining) are the ones I answer. So, make yours relevant and entertaining, and you might just get featured.

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Hey John,

A lot of really good information is presented regarding how to be attractive to women, how to make 'em come to me, etc. This is not my problem. It might not be your area of expertise, and if this is the case, I'm hoping you might be able to point me in the right direction.

I've been going out with a lady for awhile now (little over a year). We met through Match dot com, and like so many relationships when its new and exciting, everything seems wonderful, etc. . .now I'm starting to see the traits of her personality that annoy me beyond acceptable limits. She has practically no self-esteem, suffers from depression and has a negative outlook on so many things. When I say things, the meaning is often twisted into a negative connotation and wimperingly questioned ("so, are you saying you think I'm fat?")

I've tried being as sensitive in my speech patterns as I can, as supportive and reinforcing of any and all accomplishments as possible, but I still feel the downward spiral everytime I'm with her. I've tried getting into arguments and direct confrontations, in hopes that we might say something about not seeing each other. But before any disagreement escalates, the tears start flowing, she starts apologizing, and I suppose part of my problem might be that I'm just not cold-hearted enough to just blurt right out that I want to see other people.

Do you have any suggestions? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


JA: Thanks for the great email, Rick--a lot of guys struggle with this. Understand that her tears and apologies are just as much tools to disarm you as are arguments and threats. If she's become a bad investment in your life, then you need to get rid of that bad investment or it will continue to dog you in the future. A necessary success skill is the ability to not be afraid of hurting other people's feelings. As Bill Parcells says, confrontation is a good thing because it leads to solutions. What you need to do is simply tell her it's not working for you, and that you're moving on and wish her well. She'll be upset, but she'll get over it and it will be the best thing you did for her. It will give her an opportunity to find someone more suited to her--and you'll build the skill of ending relationships that need ending.

G'day John;

This column has special meaning to me. I left my first marriage and it was painful and expensive. I am ten years into the second marriage and got given the "news". This one was far more painful than the first. I should have considered the rebound aspect of it. I wasn't even out the door and I was being pressed hard by another woman. Not wanting to be lonely I jumped right in. The red flags you and Ms. McMurtry refer to were there. I did focus and started a business and she did not leave. I think she ran into a naughty boy who "flagged " her quite quickly. She is still around and this opens a new situation. I want closure one way or another but am getting cryptic responses. Red Flag.

Hey all you men out there, heed the words of John, Shelley and the Shark. Getting caught on the rebound is so easy as you are hurt and weakened. The anger cripples your ability to make good choices. Think with the brain above the belt. At this point I have set a date for her decision, outlined a personal plan and stated what I want in a relationship and what I do not find acceptable. In the fashion of the Shark. "Jeez guys", her affection seems to rise and fall with the cash flow variances of a business start up. I think I have already made my decision.

BE well and give it hell

JA: Thanks for the email, Bob--I love your sign off, by the way. (Bob is referring to my "getting back in the game" email) This is another good example of getting rid of all bad investments in your life. One of the most important success skills you can develop is quickly identifying and removing bad investments as soon as they crop up. If you don't they will continue to drag you down. But as soon as you remove them, a better one appears.

Understand this: in today's day and age of the wuss, you can very quickly attract another woman if the one you're with turns out to be a bad investment. If you know how to create attraction, and you show some personal authority (see for a discussion on personal authority) you will always be able to attract high quality women on demand. Why? Because so few men know how to do it, and women are starving for a MAN who acts like a man.

I think your decision is a good one Bob, and I think you have an opportunity to replace a bad investment with a good one--no need to wait around on this one.


Since you're emailing the hell out of me and I believe all you're selling is your product (your system might work, it might not) why don't you give me some REAL info on how to make $$$$$ selling YOUR product. Cut me in on a percentage and let me do some internet marketing of my own. What do ya think???

John J.

JA: My system isn't an "it" that works or doesn't work. It's simply good information that is up to the end user to put to use to get results. There are plenty of testimonials from doers who took action and got results at Notice one thing in common with these testimonials: they all use the word "I," as in "I took action with your system and attracted a cute girl." Contrast that with the language of refunders who never get results: IT didn't work for me.

Either YOU work, or YOU don't, John... your success is up to you. So, if'n you think you're a hotshot internet marketer (and I'm personal friends with the best and the brightest so I know a thing or two about internet marketing), go on over to and sign up for the Doer's Only Insider's Club... all club members may also become affiliates. So, put your money where your mouth is, and if you're any good I'll be quite happy to send you a check... as I do to my affiliates who take action and generate sales every month. Every one has the same tools--the only difference is the person.

Thanks for the questions guys, we'll do it again soon!

On with the fun....

-John Alanis
"The King of Let 'em Come to You"

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HOWEVER... having money makes things better all the way around. When you have money you can do things people who don't have money can't. And used properly, money can be a great attraction system.

I've been broke and I've had money, and I'm here to tell you, it's better to have money. Much better. Money isn't everything, but money can buy you freedom and freedom is everything.

Most people have hang ups about money, or think making money is "hard" or "mysterious." The truth is, it is embarrassingly easy, IF you know what you're doing. If you don't, then it can be very discouraging.

Quite frankly, there are very few people I have any respect for when it comes to dispensing money-making advice. Most spend their time talking about things they'd wished done, not anything they could ever do. I hate people like that. I hate talkers. I hate bullshit artists-- you guys know that. I like doers. Listed below are three top-notch doers, people who I know and spend time with personally, both in public and behind closed doors.

They are the same, regardless of the situation, and I can assure you all of them do what they say, and more. Much more. I have great respect for them. And if you know me personally, you know it's tough to earn my respect, not to mention my great respect.

Are these the only people I recommend? No. There are others, and I will put links to their websites up as time and circumstance permit. But for now, I highly recommend you have a look at, and invest in, in what these guys have to offer. Their information can literally make you "life-changing" money.

'Nuff said.

- John Alanis, "The King of Let MONEY Come to You"

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Do You Make These Mistakes With Sexy Women?

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2. "Just being yourself." around sexy women.

3. Buying sexy women gifts, candy, flowers or jewelry to impress them?

4. Being a kind, sensitive, caring guy who caters to her every whim and desire.

5. Thinking that just because she's "with you" she won't dump you in a heartbeat for another guy.

6. Thinking that just because you have money, a fancy car or a big house sexy women will be attracted to you.

7. Going on "dates." with sexy women.

8. Hoping she'll "let you kiss her" at the end of a "date."

9. Buying sexy women drinks, hoping they'll "go home with you."

10. Believing sexy women when they say, "I just wish I could meet a nice guy."

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