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August 10, 2006

Imagine, no more heartbreak ever....

Dear friends and subscribers,

Have you ever had a woman who just broke your heart? I mean, she just ripped your guts out, stomped all over them, and left them in the street for the buzzards to clean up?

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-John Alanis
"The King of Let 'em Come to You"

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Does giving flowers create or kill attraction?

Hey guys,

Before we get started today I want to remind everyone about the free conference call, happening later on today. While this call does involve the subject of attraction, it is about attracting money, not about attracting women. If you're interested (and you should be), then go to http://www.MasterMarketerJohn.com/call

Today I want to touch on the subject of giving gifts to women. It is a very misunderstood part of attraction, and today I want to clear it up. Here's the email that sparked today's lesson:

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Dear John,

I am a girl who enjoys reading your emails (because it helps me to see the guy's side of things sometimes). I agree with a lot of what you write about what attracts women (a man who is assertive and confident and attractive to other women, for one!) However, I just wanted to comment on one of the behaviors that you claim "repel" women:

Flowers themselves don't repel women, some men's actions (or non-actions as the case may be!) do. I love receiving flowers from a man who I am attracted to. Receiving flowers and/or romantic gifts draws me more to the man, because I know with certainty that he is attracted to me then, and that in and of itself is a turn-on to me. As a matter of fact, if I never received flowers or a romantic gift from a man I am dating, especially on my birthday, I assume he is not romantically attracted to me- and this in and of itself repels me. Luckily, I have received romantic flowers and gifts from the men I have dated except for one, and I got rid of him as fast as I could (he treated me terribly and took me for granted, in addition to being inconsiderate and a liar as well!!) What woman with a reasonable amount of self-esteem wants to be with a man who doesn't WANT to give her flowers? Not me!! (If you turn it around, what man with a reasonable amount of self-esteem wants to be with a woman who doesn't want to be naughty with him? Same principle: why would you stay?)

Now, if there is man whom I am not attracted to, then no amount of flowers would make me want him. I just wanted to clarify that!! So what I am essentially saying to men is: don't stop giving her flowers if you know she is attracted to you; but if you aren't sure, then remember that no amount of flowers will "make" her feel attraction!

Thanks John for letting me clear that up. I would hate to think that men are not going to give flowers to women anymore for fear of decreasing attraction!!!


a female reader (who wishes to remain anonymous- sorry!!!)

JA: Thanks for the email--always good to hear from the women on my list. I agree with everything you say, and I have no problems with men giving women gifts or flowers. However, like you say, if you're not attracted to him, flowers won't create that attraction. That's where most men go wrong- they give flowers or gifts hoping that will create attraction instead of engaging in the behavior that does.

Here's what I tell men about gifts and flowers: if you're the type of guy that likes to give a woman flowers or gifts because YOU enjoy doing so, that's fine. But if you do it to create attraction, or in the hopes she will like you because of it, you're barking up the wrong tree. Also, if you continually smother a woman with gifts and flowers, that's a good way to kill attraction as well. But occasionally surprising a woman who's attracted to you with an unexpected gift will reinforce existing attraction.

Thanks for bringing up the subject! Oh, there's also a tradition on the King's list for female readers--sending me a picture so I know what my female readers look like (and I have some very attractive ones on here...!). This picture will remain private, of course.

On with the fun....

-John Alanis
"The King of Let 'em Come to You"

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