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August 26, 2006

You, the jerk women love?

Dear friends and subscribers,

Many years ago I got hold of a tape set called "How to Be the Jerk Women Love" by a guy calling himself "FJ Shark." What I found unusual was, it taught you how to get the results with women that jerks get without actually being a jerk. Unfortunately this tape set has been off the market for a long time, almost impossible to get.

I have good news, though: a few weeks ago I was contacted by the Shark himself, letting me know he'd taken all the material from that "lost classic," updated it, and then posted it on a website. Turns out he's been on my list for a long time, liked what he heard, and thought that his material would be a good match for my subscribers.

I couldn't agree more. What the Shark has to say is absolute dynamite, and if you're at all interested in attracting women in 2006, you can't ignore what he has to say. So, to discover how to be the jerk women love (without really becoming a jerk), all you have to do is go to http://johna5150.shark169.hop.clickbank.net right now.

However, you must hurry. I can't say for sure how long the Shark is going to leave this website up, and he may take it down anytime. Seems he, at times, can be a bit of a jerk himself. So to make sure you get your hands on his info, go to http://johna5150.shark169.hop.clickbank.net right now, before it's too late.

On with the fun,

-John Alanis
"The King of Let 'em Come to You"

PS To discover how to be the jerk women love, simply go to http://johna5150.shark169.hop.clickbank.net right now

Posted by john at 04:52 PM

You only get one shot

Hey guys,

I received an email from a man today regarding an issue I used to have a real problem with. Although some things in attraction can vary in their application, this is one that never varies. It applies 100% of the time.

Here's the email...

A whole new approach to dating, women, and relationships that allows me to choose my own relationships with women, anytime, anyplace, anywhere, devoid of all heartbreak or misery, and I'm convinced any man can copy what I'm doing, no matter your looks, age, or income. Why would any sane man reveal these secrets if they were true? To discover the answer go to http://www.johnalanis.com/ultimate_system.htm right now.

Hi John,

I recently bought your package of meeting and creating attraction, and it exposed some real myths about being a "nice guy". Now, I believe there's a BIG difference between being a wimpy "nice guy" and being a "good guy" who's in control and can be understanding yet strong with a woman.

But before I bought your system, I screwed up John, BIG TIME, and it just broke my heart. Here's the story...

Met this really beautiful girl at my bank, and we both noticed an immediate attraction to each other. She was engaged at the time, so it's not my style to interfere in others' relationships, but we always had great (but short) conversations and teased at each other whenever I came in. The attraction was there all the time. A year went by and she left the bank for another department, but she asked for my e-mail and phone #.

Later, she e-mailed me and told me she'd moved form the adjacent town where she was living with her fiance', had left him, and moved to my home town!

I hadn't seen her in almost two months when I saw got her car at my old bank one day I left my card on it and wrote "Hope you're doing well! Call me!"

She not only called me later that day, but we started exchanging calls and e-mails almost every other day. The attraction was so thick you could cut it with a knife, so finally, I asked her out.

Before meeting her, I'm 40 years old (but look 8 - 10 years younger), and haven't dated in over 5 years because I am a "nice guy", so I just quit dating because it seemed all women did was play games. I'm 6 foot tall, rugged, muscular build, and a pretty good-looking guy I guess, but the "nice guy" persona was very imminent with me.

The girl and I went to the movies together. We talked, laughed, watched the movie, did all the hand-holding/playing games in the theater, and everything was nice until the next day. She seemed to change, so I know I "nice guy-ed" her somewhere along the way and turned off the attraction triggers. The e-mails and phone calls practically stopped and it was me calling her every once in a while. About a week later during a call, she said she didn't want to get serious because she though that was what I wanted because we held hands!

John, here's the stumper, I never wanted to get serious either. I thoroughly enjoy my privacy and don't want to be in a serious realtionship and responsible to a steady girlfriend right now, but I really wanted to get intimate with this girl but still be good friends with her, as you stated in your package, have a good female friend with the "extra benefits".

I'm incredibly physically attracted to this girl, but I committed all the "no-no's" you mentioned in your package, and now I'm at a loss. I really think this girl would like being "adventure friends" if I could get back to the starting point and start over wit her.

Is there any way to win back her attention and turn her attraction triggers back on and maybe lead us into the type of relationship I'd like?

I'd really appreciate your advice John.



JA: Todd, my man, I hate to tell you this, but you blew it. How do I know this? Because I used to blow it the same way over and over and over. Here's the deal: the reason she's no longer interested is because she was ready to "get physical" with you that night. When you didn't do it, she lost her attraction to you. When she's ready to get physical, and you don't do it, she's gone and there's just about nothing you can do to recreate the attraction.

You've got one shot when it gets to the point of "getting physical," and that's it. She was ready for what you wanted, but you didn't take action at the right moment. Now, don't beat yourself up about this--you did everything else right, you just didn't recognize the situation or know the "law of you only get one shot." But now you do, so next time you'll know you have to take action at the right time. She expects you to, and will be disappointed if you don't. I learned that the hard way over and over--it's one of the most predictable laws of attraction out there.

Oh, and if you're confused about whether or not you should take action to get physical, remember this saying, "When in doubt, just go for it." I learned that one from a good friend of mine, and it's never failed me.

As far as this girl goes, the only thing to do is concentrate on other women, knowing you can create attraction, knowing you need to "go for it." There might be a slight chance this one will be attracted to you again, but it's slight. Best thing to do is move on.

On with the fun....

-John Alanis
"The King of Let 'em Come to You"

PS Are you ready to step up to the Big Leagues and lead a lifetime of power and success with women? Go to http://www.johnalanis.com/ultimate_system.htm right now.

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