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February 25, 2007

Are you finally ready to step up to the Big Leagues?

As you know, there are two types of people in this world, talkers and doers. And there are two things that separate the two. One, is obviously taking action. In order to be a doer and get the results you desire in life, you must take action. There is no way around that.

However, did you know there are lots of talkers who do take action, but never get the results they say they want? They look busy, they appear busy, they "do" things, but they never get any results. Why is this? Why are they really talkers even though they "take action?"

The answer is simple: they do not have the right information to base their action on. And, when their action fails, they do the same old thing over and over and then go talk about the lack of results.

The true doer "calibrates" when he or she takes action and doesn't get the results they desire. They look at what they did, they find out where they lack knowledge, then they go out and get that knowledge. Then, and only then, do they take action again, this time a different action. And they continue to go through this cycle of taking action and acquiring information until they get the results they desire. Sometimes this takes a long, long time and the price is high. But the outcome is ALWAYS the same in the end--the doer gets the results he desires.

If you want to be a true doer and control all your outcomes in life with women and relationships, I can offer you the correct information, information that has been tested and proven through my investment, trial and error. What I can't do is get you to take action. That's up to you. But, if you're an action-taker, and all you need is the right information, I can provide that for you. To get that "right information," and step up to the Big Leagues forever, simply go to http://www.johnalanis.com/ultimate_system.htm right now.

I look forward to seeing you in the Majors!

-John Alanis
"The King of Let 'em Come to You"

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All it takes is enough deal flow

One of the biggest reasons men get into a bad relationship with the wrong women is because they have no other options. They meet a woman, are ecstatic that she simply likes them, then get into a relationship that is doomed from the beginning.

What's the best way to prevent this? By having lots of "deal flow"--the more options you have, the better choices you tend to make. But most men have no idea how to increase their deal flow.
Read the below email to discover how one man is using my secrets to dramatically increase his choices with women.

What if everything you ever thought you knew about dating and relationships was just plain wrong? Would you keep doing the same things and getting the same results? Or would you try something new and radically different? To stop dating, and start living, go to http://www.johnalanis.com/ultimate_system.htm before this site is removed.


I'm testing an online dating site technique that I thought of which is posting a profile with the headline "Whats in it for you" without a picture on it. Over the last 20 days I have had 14 women check out my profile 10 of which have actually contacted me. I have no desire to play these women but they all seem like quality girls and I can only imagine what the response would be like if I had my picture posted 'cause I'm a handsome guy amongst other things. But I want to say you are teaching a truth in understanding how to create attraction and I'm getting results like never before. After getting to know these women and deciding who should be friend zoned I'm pretty sure I will wind up with that quality lady after all thats all I need just one but having options is great until I'm ready to enter into something deeper with one of them. Being in this position of authority is cool I feel like I'm finally on the right track to that special lady all us "monogs" crave.


Brian G.

JA: Thanks for the email, Brian, and congratulations on your increased "deal flow." When you know you have more women interested in you than you could ever have time to even meet, it does several great things. First off, it does put you in the position of authority (that women love) because you're the one doing the choosing. Secondly, it gives you the time to make a good choice because you're under no pressure. The more you have to choose from, the better choice you will makes. Thirdly, and most importantly, it does wonders for your self image--when you have 10 women after you, you quickly realize you're an attractive guy, desirable to women. All the fear, doubt and frustration disappear, replaced by certainty, confidence and authority, all three of which are highly attractive to women. That's why I love "deal flow!"
Thanks for the great email, Brian.

To quickly and dramatically increase your deal flow with desirable women, go to http://www.johnalanis.com/ultimate_system.htm right now.

On with the fun...

-John Alanis
"The King of Let 'em Come to You"

PS Are you finally ready to step up to the Big Leagues and lead a lifetime of power, success, and choice with women? Then go to http://www.johnalanis.com/ultimate_system.htm right now

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